Chapter 72 – The three heroes of the Demon Sect

Among the ten interviewees, Lu Yang ranked sixth. He noticed that the people who went into the examiner’s room would run out at a hundred-meter sprint speed and then run back and forth several times.

“What kind of strange question is this?”

Lu Yang couldn’t sit still. Although the rules stated that interview questions were not allowed to be asked, they didn’t say anything about going out to take a look.

Lu Yang asked a nearby closed-eyed demonic cultivator who was cultivating: “Do you want to go outside and take a look?”

The demonic cultivator sneered at Lu Yang, gave him a cold smile, and said nothing.

How could demonic cultivators move together? They must be trying to trick him. No way, he wouldn’t go.

Seeing that the other party didn’t respond, Lu Yang felt pity for him. He looked handsome, but unfortunately, he was deaf. What if he couldn’t hear what the examiner said during the interview later?

Seeing that no one paid attention to him, Lu Yang went outside.

Outside was a lively market, selling fruits, eggs, pork… Common foods could be found here, and vendors either set up stalls or pushed carts to sell their goods.

“Give me an apple.” Lu Yang bought an apple, wiped it, and ate it while observing the behavior of the interviewees.

Coincidentally, the third person ran out to see if there were any potatoes for sale. When he saw that there were potatoes for sale, he immediately went back to report to the examiner.

Less than three minutes later, the third person ran out again and asked the old man selling potatoes how much they were per kilogram and how many kilograms he had in total.

Another three minutes passed, and it was still the third person who ran out to observe the quality of the potatoes.

Then it was the fourth person, and the process was basically the same as the third person, except that he ran four times, not as agile as the third person.

Lu Yang ate his apple, lost in thought.

“Next, Fang Hao.” The fat examiner shouted.

Fang Hao was the person Lu Yang asked if he wanted to go out together just now.

“Here!” Surprisingly, Fang Hao was not mute.

“Go to the market and see if there are any potatoes for sale.” The fat examiner repeated his old trick.

Fang Hao hurriedly ran out and took a long time to come back, which made the fat examiner very curious.

Just when the fat examiner was getting impatient, Fang Hao came back and said, “There are no potatoes for sale in the market.”

“How many kilograms of potatoes… Wait, what did you say? No potatoes for sale?” The fat examiner didn’t understand why he had such a big reaction, and nodded, “Yeah, I ran two laps in the market and confirmed that there were no potatoes for sale.””This is impossible!” The fat examiner thought Fang Hao was lying to him, so he hurriedly ran out, with Fang Hao following closely behind.

As soon as the fat examiner stepped out, he saw Lu Yang pushing a cart of potatoes with a sign that read “Potatoes not for sale.”

The old man who was supposed to sell the potatoes was happily counting his silver coins next to him.

When Lu Yang saw the fat examiner, he pushed the cart and ran away. The fat examiner became angry. What would happen to the next interview after the potatoes ran away?

“Stop right there!!”

Lu Yang passed the test.

“This is outrageous!” The deputy headmaster was furious, emitting a violent and terrifying aura that shook the entire hall. The surface of the pool rippled, and the scene was unclear.

His carefully designed test had loopholes everywhere in front of these two troublemakers. It was a great humiliation!

The headmaster calmly covered the deputy headmaster’s aura with his own. He had built the hall in a place that was not easy to find. If the orthodox sects found out about this, it would be a laughingstock.

The headmaster advised, “Don’t get angry so easily. They have forgotten everything now and only remember to find ways to pass the test. We are the Demon Sect, and we believe in killing and reviving immortal beings. How can we kill people over such trivial matters?”

“Moreover, these two are rare talents who have found another way. The Immortal Sect has not made any major breakthroughs since its inception. I think these two are our hope.”

The deputy headmaster thought that the Immortal Sect had no hope.

The headmaster said excitedly, “Speaking of which, this Man Gu, as well as Meng Jingzhou and Lu Yang, are all from Yanjiang County.”

“I didn’t expect three talents to come from such a small county. They are the three heroes of the Demon Sect. With them, we will be invincible!”

The deputy headmaster muttered to himself, “Invincible? Isn’t that just a Qiongqi? Even a Qiongqi can’t beat the orthodox sects.”

The headmaster glared at him. “You’re cultured now, so shut up.”

The deputy headmaster obediently shut up.

Yanjiang Dock.

Eleven stewards were using all their strength to maintain the formation, while nearly a hundred demonic cultivators stood still, their eyes dull and their minds absent, with their thoughts replacing their bodies in the test.

Maintaining the formation was too boring, so the stewards ate their Qi-restoring pills and chatted. “Qin Yuanhao has been missing for so long, he’s probably dead.”

“He must be dead. We just don’t know how he died. I’ve always said that this kid is always calculating this and that, thinking that everything is under his control. He will eventually provoke his enemies and get killed on a dark and stormy night.”

“Qin Yuanhao’s body hasn’t been found yet.””Did his enemy kill him?”

“Otherwise, who else could have killed him? It’s not like we have any benefactors in this line of work.”

“I heard that Qin Yuanhao was having a good time at the brothel with Wang Dazui the night before he died.”

The attendants chuckled quietly, their laughter rising and falling.

Just as Qin Yuanhao had hoped, Wang Dazui had been spreading rumors about how they had fought off all comers at the brothel, and had gone in and out seven times.

And then Qin Yuanhao had died.

So the rumor had spread that Qin Yuanhao had died from exhaustion.

No doubt Qin Yuanhao knew about this even in death.

“I wonder how many of this group will pass the test.”

Despite the large number of people participating in the initiation ceremony, only one out of ten would be considered successful if they passed the test and were admitted to the sect.

Those who became attendants had all gone through similar tests and knew how difficult they were.

This time, the deputy sect leader was personally in charge, and the difficulty level was definitely among the highest of all the tests.

“Only the sect leader knows the results.” The eleven people looked at the meditating sect leader.

The sect leader had also entered the secret space built by the Immortal Sect using a large formation, and all the sub-sect leaders could see the performance of their respective sub-sects in the secret space.

Lu Yang and his two companions had performed extremely well, making the sect leader’s face bloom like a chrysanthemum.

But he wore a mask, so no one could see how happy he was.

He muttered to himself excitedly, “If these three can pass the test smoothly and get a high evaluation from above, the performance of the Yanjiang Sect will definitely be among the best, and if I work hard and improve my cultivation, I might be able to be transferred to a prosperous place as a sub-sect leader next year, or even be directly promoted to a hall master!”

After the three tests were over, the deputy sect leader or the sect leader would give a evaluation to the new disciples who had performed well in the test, such as Qin Yuanhao’s evaluation of “demonic nature in the bones”.

The sect leader believed that the evaluation of Lu Yang and his two companions would definitely be higher than Qin Yuanhao’s.

These three looked like troublemakers!

(End of chapter)

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