Chapter 69 – Incorrect way of clearing the game

The Jin army had lost too many times, even someone like Meng Jingzhou had sunk into despair, feeling that victory was impossible.

“Can I really win?” Meng Jingzhou asked himself in the cave, feeling that the answer to this question was too bitter to say.

“Hmm, a spider?” Meng Jingzhou noticed a spider weaving its web.

The spider’s repeated failures and attempts greatly shocked him.

“If a spider can keep fighting after repeated failures, can’t I do the same?”

Meng Jingzhou was greatly encouraged and reorganized his troops, ready to fight Liang once again!

“Liang’s army is stronger than us, but the gap is not so great that it’s impossible to overcome. And how can we give up after just a few failures? If I give up, what will happen to Jin behind me?”

“I believe that as long as we plan carefully, we have a chance to win!” Meng Jingzhou clenched his fists tightly, already having a plan in mind.

After several failures, he had become familiar with the tactics of the Liang general. The Liang general had won many times, so his mentality must be inflated. He could use this psychology to pretend to fail, flee in a panic, and lead the Liang army to the gorge, then turn around and surround them.

This time, he would definitely catch them off guard and not disappoint the hopes of the people of Jin!

“Thank you for your guidance.” Meng Jingzhou thanked the spider with a fist, for without the spider’s enlightenment, he would certainly have been discouraged, and there would be no hope of victory.

There were many mosquitoes and insects in the cave, and in gratitude, Meng Jingzhou caught a bug and brought it to the spider.

The spider seemed to misunderstand Meng Jingzhou’s intentions and bit him as an enemy.

“It’s a poisonous spider…”

Meng Jingzhou’s head spun, and he passed out.

He didn’t know how long had passed, maybe a few minutes, maybe more than ten minutes, but in any case, it wasn’t long. When Meng Jingzhou woke up, he felt his body was full of strength.

“What happened to me?”

Meng Jingzhou felt that his body had undergone some kind of change. His vision, hearing, and perception were all getting stronger, and his body was more agile than ever, like a rebirth.

His right hand moved unconsciously, and his middle and ring fingers bent, and white silk spurted from his wrist.

“What the hell?”

The white silk stuck to the wall, and Meng Jingzhou pulled it hard, finding it exceptionally tough.

“Why does it look like spider silk?”

Meng Jingzhou put his hands on the wall and was surprised to find that his hands could stick to his arms, and he could easily walk on walls and roofs.

“I remember being bitten by a spider… Oh, right, where’s the spider?” When Meng Jingzhou found the spider, it had already been killed by a mantis.

Meng Jingzhou stepped on the mantis, avenging the spider.

He inherited the spider’s will, reorganized his army, and fought Liang’s army again.

On the eve of the decisive battle, he wore night clothes and, relying on his newly acquired power, carried out a lone assassination mission, directly killing the Liang general.

The Liang general was stunned. They were all generals, shouldn’t they be fighting on the battlefield and having a final battle? Why did a general kill another general directly?

The Liang general had cultivators as guards, but none were as agile as Meng Jingzhou, who successfully killed the Liang general.

The Liang general was a rare military genius. After his death, the Liang army was left without a leader, and Meng Jingzhou led the Jin army to defeat them.

Meng Jingzhou passed the level.

At the headquarters of the Immortal Sect, the sect leader and deputy leader were speechless after seeing Meng Jingzhou’s way of passing the level.

A second way to pass the level had really appeared.The leader rubbed his forehead: “What’s going on with this spider? How can it give people spider abilities when it bites them?”

“Could it be that if I bite a spider, the spider can also transform?”

The vice leader was also confused. After pondering for a while, he seemed to have thought of something and took out a book from his storage ring, pointing to a section of text and saying, “Here it is. As recorded in ancient texts, there was a unique spider in the central mainland. Its strength was the same as an ordinary spider and it never bites people, but anyone who was bitten by it would undergo a mutation.”

“This spider went extinct tens of thousands of years ago.”

The vice leader analyzed logically, “The conflict between Jin and Liang happened a hundred thousand years ago, and we are perfectly recreating that scene now. Therefore, in theory, it is possible for this unique spider to appear in the cave.”

The leader nodded. “It seems that this Meng Jingzhou not only has perseverance and a sharp mind, but also good luck.”

Luck is an intangible thing. Perhaps only the legendary “Fortune Telling” can truly evaluate how lucky someone is.

However, luck can be reflected in other ways, such as Meng Jingzhou, who is the only one among so many people to be bitten by the spider and undergo a mutation while passing this level. This shows that his luck is extraordinary.

Those with great luck will have a smooth cultivation path and a high future achievement.

“Look at everyone else. I don’t believe there is a third way to pass this level.”

Lu Yang looked at the spider that kept failing to weave a web and fell into deep thought.

“Spiders can catch prey by weaving webs, so why did they fail when waiting for prey like a sitting duck? Isn’t it the same thing to stay in one place and wait for prey to come to you?”

“Is it because bugs have no brains and can only stupidly run into the web, while rabbits are smarter and know to avoid trees?”

“If bugs have no brains, then spiders also have no brains. So is the spider’s continuous failure to weave webs and its persistence a manifestation of willpower or just the persistence of a fool?”

“If even rabbits know not to hit trees, why do some people still persist in doing something that is doomed to fail?”

Lu Yang’s thoughts wandered far and wide.

After experiencing failure, he did not become discouraged. He simply took shelter from the rain in the cave and thought about how to defeat the enemy.

Now, seeing the spider weave a web, he thought of many seemingly profound but actually useless questions.

Suddenly, a praying mantis appeared and attacked the spider while it was unprepared. The spider used its advantage of the web to resist fiercely, while the mantis moved nimbly and fiercely. After a few rounds, it killed the spider.

Lu Yang witnessed this process and thought deeply, standing up and recalling the mantis’s movements.

He learned the mantis’s clever use of its two flexible and versatile forearms in technique and its front, back, left, and right flashing and leaping in footwork.

“Imagine myself as a praying mantis…”

Lu Yang murmured to himself. He felt that he had learned something similar before and was very talented in this area.

Lu Yang was like a human-shaped praying mantis, combining softness and hardness, brave and fast, and any opponent would fall under his fists.

The general of the Jin Dynasty in history was in the Foundation Establishment stage, and Lu Yang inherited the cultivation of the general and was also in the Foundation Establishment stage.

In the end, he directly transformed into a large praying mantis, his forearms striking quickly, and he punched the cave to collapse.

Lu Yang exclaimed, “So this is the legendary praying mantis fist in the martial arts world. It has great power, but ordinary people can’t learn it.”

Lu Yang simplified the praying mantis fist, making it easy to learn and promoting it widely in the military. The combat effectiveness of the Jin army directly surpassed that of the Liang army, without any tactics, and pushed forward all the way.

Lu Yang passed the level….

“Whose family passed the level so quickly!” the deputy headmaster exclaimed angrily.

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