Chapter 22 – Who says there is no poison for the skin?

After being hit in the face, Zhang Steward spun around and deflected the attack. However, he couldn’t figure out why the poison he gave to Tao Yaoye didn’t work. It was his masterpiece, and he had no idea how many cultivators had died from it.

Tao Yaoye didn’t answer, but she became more cautious after confirming that the parrot was indeed Miss Shang’s.

Everyone in the village knew that a talking demon bird was flying around. If the Shang family sent someone to look for it, they could easily find it. So, how did things turn out like this?

The Shang family’s actions were illogical and must have some problems!

In addition to Miss Shang’s attitude of keeping people at a distance, it didn’t seem like she was driving them away, but rather warning them that the Shang family was in danger and urging them to leave quickly.

A lazy voice came from behind, answering for Tao Yaoye, “The required course for entering the Seek Tao Sect is ‘1800 Common Poisons and Their Antidotes.’ Do you want to take a look?”

The poison that Zhang Steward was proud of was a joke to the Seek Tao Sect. Even if he could refine poison, could he make a poison stronger than mine from the Dan Ding Peak?

Zhang Steward suddenly turned back and found that Lu Yang was leaning against the door frame, holding an ancient sword and smiling at him.

Zhang Steward realized that Tao Yaoye wasn’t the prey; he was.

He asked in a deep voice, “How did you find me?”

He didn’t think he had revealed his identity. The Shang family was under his control, and no one leaked the secret.

When Shang Yuan and Lu Yang were talking in the room, he was worried that his divine sense would be detected if he projected it outward, so he resorted to eavesdropping and learned that Lu Yang and Shang Yuan were disciples of the Seek Tao Sect.

But at that time, Shang Yuan didn’t reveal his identity.

Shang Yuan had good hearing, and even if he was just drawing, he couldn’t escape his ears.

Lu Yang smiled, “Do you know what the parrot said in the village?”

“What did it say?”

“It said, ‘Who are you? Where is Zhang Guanjia?’”

“At first, we thought the parrot was looking for Zhang Guanjia, but later we found out that it was just repeating. At that time, I was thinking, Zhang Guanjia doesn’t travel around, so where did the parrot hear that sentence?”

“Do you think it’s possible that the parrot didn’t say, ‘Who are you? Where is Zhang Guanjia?’ but ‘Who are you? Where is Zhang Steward?’”

Lu Yang imagined a scene:

Twenty days ago, Miss Shang accidentally discovered that Zhang Steward had been replaced, and she asked in horror, “Who are you? Where is Zhang Steward?” Then she knocked over the birdcage, and the parrot flew away. This was the last sentence the parrot heard, and when it faced Huang Xiangzheng in the tailor’s shop, it repeated this sentence.

Perhaps the parrot’s pronunciation was incorrect, or perhaps Huang Xiangzheng’s first reaction was to contact Zhang Guanjia, with whom he had the most contact. In any case, the parrot’s sentence became “Who are you? Where is Zhang Guanjia?”

Zhang Steward was furious. He didn’t expect that the stupid bird that only repeated words would ruin his plan.

If he had known earlier, he should have killed it!Steward Zhang has been in the Jianghu for a long time. Facing the two people’s siege, he laughed heartily, “As a late-stage foundation building cultivator, if I want to escape, can you stop me?”

Tao Yaoye was a little anxious. If Steward Zhang escaped, they could only report to the sect and let their senior brothers and sisters handle it. Whether they could trace his whereabouts was uncertain.

This made Tao Yaoye feel a little embarrassed. She had completed two tasks, but unexpected events occurred on the third one.

Lu Yang still looked calm and composed, making Steward Zhang uncertain, “Have you ever thought that if you can poison us, we can also poison you?”

Steward Zhang relaxed and sneered, “I thought it was something serious. Poison? What use does that have for me?”

At this point, Steward Zhang’s skin became loose like a snake shedding its skin. The skin separated from his flesh, revealing a complete human-shaped skin that stood in the center of the room, with hollow facial features and a standing posture that made people’s hearts palpitate. The body without skin then fell to the ground with a thud.

A skin-changing ghost.

Tao Yaoye’s expression became serious. She understood why Steward Zhang said that poison was useless.

Poison usually targeted the physical body, specifically the organs, muscles, and meridians. Steward Zhang was a skin-changing ghost. His true form was just a piece of skin. Who would poison the skin?

Moreover, how could there be poison specifically for the skin? At least Steward Zhang had never heard of it.

But Lu Yang did.

Steward Zhang was about to show off his body when he suddenly found green bean-sized blisters growing on his feet, layer by layer shedding his skin. The chickenpox was swollen and itchy, and scratching it caused yellow liquid to flow out.

“What…what is this?!” Steward Zhang’s tone was a little panicked.

He had never encountered such a thing before. When did he get poisoned?

“Athlete’s foot.”

“What?” Steward Zhang thought he had misheard.

“Do you think I’ve been talking to you about family matters? No, I’ve been waiting for you to get sick.”

“I predicted that you would come to find Tao Yaoye and left poison in this room in advance to trigger athlete’s foot!”

Steward Zhang turned pale.

Tao Yaoye’s face turned black.

Lu Yang grinned and approached Steward Zhang step by step, frightening him into retreating and sitting on the ground.

“How…how did you know I’m a skin-changing ghost?!” If he hadn’t known in advance that he was a skin-changing ghost, how could he have poisoned him so specifically?

The most important thing was that Steward Zhang had never heard of a skin-changing ghost getting athlete’s foot!

Now his feet were itching like crazy, almost driving him mad. He even had the idea of cutting off his feet, forcing him to devote most of his energy and mana to suppressing the poison, making it impossible for him to escape.

Suddenly, Steward Zhang’s eyes blurred, and Lu Yang disappeared out of thin air.

“How is this possible!” Steward Zhang was furious. Even if Lu Yang had just built his foundation, his body technique couldn’t have escaped his eyes.”It’s an illusion!” Zhang Steward suddenly realized and quickly rolled away from the spot.

But it was too late. A cold light flashed by like thunder, and a thin line shot out from Zhang Steward’s forehead and ended at his crotch. Lu Yang sheathed his sword, and Zhang Steward was cut in half, the wound as smooth as a mirror.

“Nicely done,” Lu Yang gave Tao Yaoye a thumbs up.

Earlier, Tao Yaoye had used the Mirage Umbrella to trap Zhang Steward in an illusion. But the illusion was not perfect, and Zhang Steward had been in the jianghu for many years, so he could easily see through it.

What Lu Yang needed was that moment of confusion. He drew his sword, swung it down, and sheathed it all in one breath.

As a ghost who was known for being tricky but not good at defense, the Painted Skin Ghost met his match in the strongest sword cultivator. And with the moment of confusion, he had no chance to defend himself, and the outcome was clear!

The advantage of the Painted Skin Ghost disappeared the moment Lu Yang saw through his identity.

The Painted Skin Ghost couldn’t believe it, staring at Lu Yang with his mouth open and closed, as if asking, “How did you recognize my true form?”

Tao Yaoye also looked at Lu Yang, wanting to know the answer.

Lu Yang remained silent and swung his sword again, cutting the Painted Skin Ghost into four pieces, dousing it with spirit wine, and setting it on fire. The ghost wailed in pain as it burned to ashes.

Who knows if this ghost had any tricks up its sleeve. Better to kill it first and explain later.

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