Chapter 102 – Your mission is to infiltrate the Seek Tao Sect

“Since Li Shouyi is dead, his promotion is no longer a consideration.”

“The government may suspect that there is a demonic cult here based on his identity, so everyone here should be honest for a while.”

Tang Yunsheng quickly made a decision. He had also climbed up step by step and was decisive in his actions.

“As for you three, bring out your bone cards.”

The three handed over bone cards with the words “executive” written on them. Tang Yunsheng came to the immortal statue and bowed three times before it. He then emitted a golden light from his hand and muttered something quickly and indistinctly. With a swipe of the three bone cards, the words “executive” changed to “leader.”

As a patrol inspector, Tang Yunsheng was authorized by the higher-ups to arrange promotions and demotions for leaders and subordinates.

Making Lu Yang and the others leaders was not Tang Yunsheng’s idea, but the idea of the higher-ups. Tang Yunsheng didn’t know which higher-up it was, but he heard that it was a decision made by the vice sect leader or even higher. He was just following orders.

“Which county are we going to as leaders?” Meng Jingzhou had the intention to show off his skills.

Tang Yunsheng shook his head. “What are you thinking? You guys are only at the Foundation Establishment stage. How can the people under you accept you as leaders? Even Yanjiang Dock cannot be managed by you.”

“A leader will be parachuted into Yanjiang County. This is not something you need to worry about.”

“What about our identity as leaders?”

“Making you leaders was not my idea, but the idea of the higher-ups. They want you to be promoted to the level of leader without giving you any duties, only rank. This way, you will have many of the rights that only leaders have and fewer restrictions.”

“The higher-ups have given you a confidential mission that no one except the four of us can know!”

Lu Yang and the others stood at attention, ready for anything.

“The higher-ups have given you one year to find a way to infiltrate the Seek Tao Sect. I am your contact person!”

Lu Yang and the others were stunned by this mission.

“I know this mission is extremely difficult. The number of people in the Suspended Temple of the Five Immortal Gates in the Central Continent is too small, making it difficult to insert people. The Seek Tao Sect has a very unconventional way of thinking and is difficult to infiltrate. Even if you manage to enter, your identity may be discovered due to your lack of conformity.”

“You three have a high degree of compatibility with the Seek Tao Sect. You may be able to enter smoothly.”

“I am not asking you to become disciples of the Seek Tao Sect. According to intelligence analysis, the Seek Tao Sect has a rich entertainment industry and recruits people every year. You can use this opportunity to infiltrate the Seek Tao Sect!”

“Of course, what I said is only one way. The sect will not interfere, and you can freely explore and find other ways. The deadline is one year. If you fail to complete the mission within a year, the higher-ups will arrange a new mission for you!”

Tang Yunsheng shook his head and laughed at Lu Yang and the others’ confident expressions. They didn’t know how difficult it was to infiltrate the Seek Tao Sect. Many people had already died there.

He took out three talismans and handed them to the three. “The Seek Tao Sect is full of danger. This is a far-fledging talisman. If you fail the mission, use it immediately to escape!”

Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou were rare talents of the Immortal Teaching, and the master naturally wanted to give them full protection.

The Seek Tao Sect is full of danger? Meng Jingzhou thought to himself that going back to the Seek Tao Sect was like going home. Where is the danger? There is only one danger, the senior sister.

“There is one more thing. Did Xiao Chu tell you how to resurrect the Immortal?”

Lu Yang shook his head. “Master Chu only told us the first step, which is to kill someone to please the Immortal. As for the second step, he said that our position is too low, and he cannot tell us according to the rules.”Tang Yunsheng said, “Now that you are disciples of the helm level, you have the qualification to know how to resurrect the immortal. This is also the duty of every helm-level disciple. Come, let me demonstrate it to you.”

Tang Yunsheng knelt in front of the immortal, raised his hands high, and shouted loudly, “Miao Mu Zhen, the immortal, your most devout believer is sincerely calling for you. Please come down and bless the human race!”

After bowing three times, he stood up, and the ceremony was completed.

The three were confused. Is that all?

Man Gu was even more puzzled. Why does the name of the immortal sound like a name from the Man tribe?

Tang Yunsheng said, “You must strictly follow the words I just said to call the immortal, but you cannot say Miao Mu Zhen.”


“Because Miao Mu Zhen is not the true name of the immortal.”

The three were even more confused. If it’s not the true name, what’s the point?

Tang Yunsheng explained, “To resurrect the immortal, you must pronounce his name and fairy name. The first step of killing to please the immortal means that when the immortal is happy, he will guide us to say his fairy name in the netherworld.”

“We have learned his name as the immortal, but his fairy name was not recorded in the ruins. Before the immortal hints at it, our Immortal Sect can only try again and again.”

“Out of respect for the immortal, the time interval for calling his fairy name must be one month!”

Tang Yunsheng took out a tattered “Da Xia Dictionary” and said, “Most of the names have been tried. Recently, I suspect that the immortal is from the Man tribe, so I am trying with Man tribe names.”

The ancient Man tribe was once an important force in guarding the human race, which also fits the identity of the immortal.

Tang Yunsheng took out three thick notebooks and handed them to the three. The title of the notebooks was “Fairy Names Already Called (Version 120).”

The number of fairy names recorded above made Lu Yang suspect that the Immortal Sect had already said all the names they could think of.

“We will count the fairy names we have pronounced every few decades to avoid repetition. This is the latest version of the statistics. You all take a look and try to call it once, but don’t be the same as the notebook.”

Lu Yang shouted, “Archimedes, the immortal, your most devout believer is sincerely calling for you. Please come down and bless the human race!”

Meng Jingzhou shouted, “Li Goudan, the immortal…”

Man Gu shouted, “Yelv Salade, the immortal…”

Obviously, there were very few names left for the immortal.

After the three called, the immortal did not come down and resurrect himself.

“Okay, I have told you all the tasks that the above has given me to tell you. Pack up your things and find a way to enter the Seek Tao Sect.”


Back at the barbecue restaurant, Lan Ting was already sitting in the lobby waiting for the three. Lu Yang and Lan Ting matched their stories and briefly explained what happened afterwards, as well as the task Tang Yunsheng gave them. Lan Ting looked at the three strangely.

The Immortal Sect is probably going to be finished sooner or later.

“Since you are leaving, the little girl should also go back to the fairy palace to explain the task. It has been a pleasant ten days of getting along. Thank you three for your help. Although the little girl did not join the Demon Sect, helping you kill the helm is also a great achievement, which can earn a lot of contribution points.” Lan Ting smiled sweetly and said goodbye.

The word “fate” is really wonderful. She only helped Lu Yang kill the tiger because they were both from the Immortal Sect. She also had a mission to infiltrate the Demon Sect. Who would have thought that in the end, she, who had a mission, did not join the Demon Sect, while Lu Yang and the other two who did not know about the Demon Sect at first joined it.Now that Tang Yunsheng is still in the county, if they have too much contact with each other, it is possible for Tang Yunsheng to find out and cause trouble.

“The road of the martial world is long, we’ll meet again if fate allows!”


“Take care!”

After bidding farewell to Lanting, the three of them began to pack up their things. Meng Jingzhou suddenly remembered, “Where’s our horse?”

(End of this chapter)

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