Chapter 10 – The Dan Ding Peak is fragrant even in the air

Lu Yang said goodbye to Zhou Lulu and came to the Dan Ding Peak. As soon as he arrived at the foot of the mountain, he smelled a strong medicinal fragrance.

“No wonder it’s Dan Ding Peak. Even the air is full of fragrance. The legendary immortal mountains and islands are nothing compared to this.”

Lu Yang couldn’t help but take a few more breaths, feeling light and fluttery, as if he was going to ascend to immortality.

“Don’t breathe in, junior!”

A voice came from nearby, and the owner of the voice was anxious when he saw Lu Yang taking a few more breaths.

“Junior, quickly use the Turtle Breathing Technique. Oh, you seem to be a mortal. Then cover your nose quickly. This smell is the poisonous fragrance emitted by my failed pill refining…”

This was the last thing Lu Yang heard before fainting.

“What kind of place is this? Even the fragrance is poisonous…” Lu Yang muttered, feeling unstable and dizzy. Then his eyes went black and he fell to the ground with a thud.

It turned out that whether the fragrance was fragrant or not had no necessary relation to whether it was poisonous or not.

When Lu Yang woke up, he saw a big face blocking his view, which scared him awake.

The person smiled awkwardly and said, “Junior Lu, are you awake? Does it still hurt?”

Lu Yang’s identity was clearly written on his jade pendant.

Lu Yang blinked and felt sore all over, as if he had been kneaded into a ball and flattened with a rolling pin.

This was a pill refining room, with a strong medicinal fragrance and a temperature much higher than outside. In the middle of the room was a huge pill furnace, and around it were shelves with bundles of herbs and white porcelain bottles, which should contain successfully refined pills.

On the ground were stacks of sketches of pill refining methods and small white mice locked in cages. People who were not familiar with the place would not even know where to step.

There was only one bed in the pill refining room, which was the one Lu Yang was lying on.

“I’m Wu Ming. Sorry, junior. When I was refining pills, I was lost in thought and lost control of the fire, turning the pills into poison.”

“But don’t worry, I’ve never poisoned anyone, even though I often accidentally make poison pills.” Wu Ming was very proud.

…That just makes me even more worried.

Lu Yang struggled to sit up and moved his butt to lean against the corner of the bed and the wall, which was more comfortable.

His head was itchy, so he touched the back of his head and asked after a moment of silence, “If I only inhaled the poisonous gas, why is there gauze wrapped around the back of my head?”

Wu Ming explained apologetically, “I accidentally lost my focus when I was carrying you, and you hit your head on the ground. But don’t worry, as long as you’re alive, I can heal you at Dan Ding Peak!”

“The medicinal power of the pills I have on hand is too strong for you to take. Look, during the time you were unconscious, I specially refined pills that mortals can take.” Wu Ming offered Lu Yang two pills like a treasure.The pill was golden in color and had three circular patterns on it. Lu Yang knew that these were pill patterns, representing that the pill was made to near-perfection.

Lu Yang still didn’t dare to eat it.

He just wanted to come to the Dan Ding Peak to ask for a few pellets of the Qi Dispelling Pill. But before he could do anything, he was already lying in bed with his head wrapped in gauze.

If he ate anything else, even the King of Hell would praise him for not knowing the severity of the situation.

“No poison, really.” Wu Ming assured.

Seeing that Lu Yang didn’t believe him, Wu Ming found a small white mouse to demonstrate.

The small white mouse seemed to know that its death was near. When it was picked up by Wu Ming, it was still squeaking and screaming, bidding farewell to its wife and children.

After taking the pill, the small white mouse fell to the ground and stopped breathing. Its wife and children cried miserably, as if they had seen their own future.

Lu Yang: “…”

Wu Ming: “…”

“It’s an accident, all accidents. The small white mouse is small in size and died from just a little poison. It’s different for humans. I know where the problem is. Wait a moment, I’ll refine another batch for you.”

Lu Yang quickly diverted Wu Ming’s attention. “Senior Brother, you said you’ve been distracted by thinking about a problem. What problem were you thinking about?”

Wu Ming really shifted his attention. He summarized his words. “Pills, the key is the word ‘medicine’ at the end. Pills can naturally cure diseases and save people, but the Qi Dispelling Pill is not for patients. Why is it still considered a pill?”

“If the Qi Dispelling Pill belongs to pills, then pills are not just for curing diseases and saving people, but also for eating like meals.”

“If the Qi Dispelling Pill doesn’t belong to pills, then what does it belong to?”

Lu Yang felt that he couldn’t come up with such a problem without taking his brain out and roasting it in the alchemy furnace for three days and three nights.

“Speaking of the Qi Dispelling Pill, the only pill that Senior Brother can give to mortals is the Qi Dispelling Pill. It comes in strawberry, apple, and watermelon flavors. Do you want some? It’s not poisonous.” Wu Ming took out a handful of colorful candy beans.

Thinking of the earnest expectation of the King of Hell, Lu Yang did not choose to accept Wu Ming’s gift. There are many people in the Dan Ding Peak who are practicing refining the Qi Dispelling Pill. Whoever it is, their safety is higher than that of Senior Brother Wu Ming.

“Younger Brother, if you need to refine pills, remember to find me. It’s free.” Wu Ming warmly said goodbye when Lu Yang left.

Lu Yang limped away quickly.

The next day, the seven elders of the Dan Ding Peak learned of Lu Yang’s tragic experience and sent him pills that could truly cure mortals, as well as a bottle of Qi Dispelling Pills.

Lu Yang recovered.

In the following month, Lu Yang lived a fulfilling life, circling around the Scripture Pavilion, Oral Transmission Peak, and Cave Dwellings, greedily absorbing the knowledge of cultivating immortality that he had never encountered before, like a traveler in the desert who had found a clear spring, thirsting for knowledge.

A month later, everyone successfully worshipped under the elders. Meng Jingzhou worshipped under the third elder, Man Gu worshipped under the fourth elder, Li Haoran with the Fire Spirit Root worshipped under the fifth elder, and Tao Yaoye with the Feather Transformation Immortal Body worshipped under the sixth elder…This made Lu Yang quite puzzled. He thought Man Gu would follow Meng Jingzhou and worship under the Third Elder. The Third Elder was a famous body cultivator in the world of cultivation, and no one dared to fight him. As an ancient barbarian with superior bloodline, Man Gu was most suitable to be taught by the Third Elder.

On the other hand, the Fourth Elder was a Confucian cultivator with extensive knowledge and not known for his strength. Lu Yang didn’t know why Man Gu chose the Fourth Elder as his master.

The Fifth Elder was good at refining tools, and Li Haoran had the fire spiritual root, which was also suitable.

Lu Yang had never seen the Sixth Elder, but he heard that she was a breathtakingly beautiful woman with a similar fairy body to Tao Yaoye.

Man Gu’s choice of the Fourth Elder as his master was not the most eye-catching. The most eye-catching was Lu Yang himself, who worshipped under the mysterious sect master.

It was said that the sect master had not taken any disciples for over a hundred years and lived a carefree life. The disciples were discussing why the sect master, who was still in seclusion, would take Lu Yang as his disciple.

Under the envy of everyone’s gaze, Lu Yang was brought by Master Yun Zhi to Tianmen Peak, where the sect master was located.

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