Chapter 46 – Born with nine fingers


With tears streaming down her face, Little Duo once again pressed her finger against her throat.

She looked at me, a faint smile appearing on her face.

I knew.

This smile was a mournful farewell.


I commanded in a deep voice.

Even if I were made of stone,

I couldn’t possibly remain indifferent to this scene.

“I won’t gamble with you. But I can help you, on one condition…”

Little Duo’s previously despairing eyes flickered with a glimmer of hope.

“Master Chu Liu, speak!”

Staring at Little Duo, I said coldly:

“From now on, your life is mine. If I don’t allow you to die, you can’t die!”

Tears welled up in Little Duo’s eyes again.

At this point, she was already a crying mess.

But she still nodded firmly, sobbing:

“Master Chu Liu, rest assured. Although Little Duo is of humble origin, she understands the principle of keeping her word. From today on, Master Chu Liu’s matters are Little Duo’s matters. Little Duo’s life is Master Chu Liu’s. Master Liu can take it whenever he wants!”

Keeping one’s word, this kind of principle in the world.

In this era, it has long become a joke.

But I still chose to believe her.

After all, the world is eternal, and righteousness lasts forever!

I must say, this girl is definitely a good knife.

But this girl is both resolute and rebellious.

Without some thunderous measures, her wild nature cannot be tamed.

Three hundred thousand.

This is not a small sum.

Some people might think.

I’m a professional swindler, go gamble and win.

Can I do it?


But should I do it now?


The reason is simple.

When a swindler looks for a game, he must be careful and cautious.

Either it’s a familiar game, or it’s a game with familiar people.

If you win in a strange game,

This money is not so easy to take away.

And now, Old Niu’s situation is very urgent.

The fastest way for me to raise money is to borrow.

The only person I know who can lend me this much money seems to be Su Mei.

I had Old Hei drive me back to the bathhouse.

When I got to the door, I called Su Mei.

As soon as the call connected, I could tell from Su Mei’s tone that she was very unhappy.

“What’s up?”


I was a bit surprised, she was fine just now.

How come she’s unhappy all of a sudden?

“What are you doing?”

It would have been better if she hadn’t said anything.

When she did, Su Mei got even angrier.

“What do you think I could be doing? My foot hurts, I’m getting a foot massage!”

I suddenly realized.

At the same time, I couldn’t help but laugh and cry.

The bet I made with Zou Xiaoxian was that if she lost, she had to walk back.

But I overlooked one thing.

Zou Xiaoxian is Su Mei’s boss, and they are good friends.

If Zou Xiaoxian walks back,

Su Mei would definitely accompany her.

No wonder Su Mei was so angry with me.

I went straight to Su Mei’s office.

I saw her sitting in a reclining chair.

A technician was giving her a foot massage.

Next to the chair, there was a pair of high heels and a pair of sneakers.

These sneakers were probably specially delivered by someone for the two of them.

Otherwise, if they had been wearing high heels, their feet would probably be crippled by now after walking for so long.

When I entered, Su Mei gave me a fierce look and dismissed the technician.

Looking at me, Su Mei immediately complained:

“Chu Liu, Chu Liu, you really are my master, my Master Chu Liu. What were you thinking, making a bet with Xiaoxian? Were you trying to win against her, or against me?”

Su Mei vented her dissatisfaction.

It seemed that the walk today had indeed given her a hard time.

Seeing that I didn’t say anything, she glared at me and asked:

“Also, do you always have to win when you gamble?”

I shook my head.

“Not necessarily, I can lose too. But most of the time when I lose, it’s on purpose!”

I’m not arrogant.

I also understand that there are always people better than me.

But since I started my career,

I haven’t met a swindler who’s better than me.

Su Mei gave me another look.

Then, she started applying skincare products to her feet.

Although I had once held Su Mei and slept with her for a night,

I never paid attention to her feet.

Her feet are beautiful.

Delicate and fair, with a slight arch, and just the right width.

I don’t have a foot fetish.

I’m just amazed that a top-notch woman like Su Mei,

Seems to have no flaws on her body.

I was about to bring up the matter of borrowing money with Su Mei.

But before I could open my mouth,

The phone on the table suddenly rang.

The person on the other end only said one sentence before hanging up.

Su Mei immediately hurriedly put on her shoes, stood up, and said to me:

“There’s a situation at the casino, come with me to check it out…”

I took the elevator downstairs with Su Mei.

On the elevator, Su Mei specifically instructed me:

“Xiaoxian is also there. If you get a chance, show off your skills so Xiaoxian can see. Otherwise, what will you negotiate with Xiaoxian?”

I nodded in agreement.

I can’t demonstrate the swindler techniques like magic.

But if it’s at a regular card table,

I’m willing to let her see my skills.

When we got to the casino lobby,

I deliberately kept my distance from Su Mei.

To give the impression that I was just a gambling customer who came to watch the excitement.

There were quite a few people gathered around the scattered tables on the right.

Gao Zhiqiang, who knew Ghost Six Fingers and once asked me to bet on both hands, was also there.

And the so-called scattered tables,

Are different from regular gambling tables.

They are provided by the casino to ensure fairness, for gamblers to form their own tables.

When there aren’t enough people, the casino will provide staff.

If someone cheats, or if an expert shows up,

The casino’s open and secret lights will come into play.

The scattered table that everyone was watching,

Was playing dice.

The one-on-one kind.

The rules are also very simple.

It’s just shaking the dice with a dice cup and comparing the points.

The two people at the table, one was the casino’s open light.

He was the third person the casino had changed after I came in.

Obviously, the previous ones had all lost.

The other was a man in his fifties.

He was of average height and slightly overweight.Looking at him, he seemed like an ordinary, harmless person.

But there was one thing that set him apart from the average person.

He only had nine fingers.

The missing one didn’t look like it had been chopped off.

Instead, it seemed like he was born with nine fingers.

They were playing big, with each round worth a hundred thousand.

The chips in front of Nine Fingers were all of high value.

I took a glance, estimating that there must be at least one and a half to one and six hundred thousand.

Another round began.

The bright lights in the gambling den started to sway.

He picked up the dice cup and shook it up and down.

After a short while.

With a thud.

The dice cup landed on the table.

Then, it was slowly opened.

As the dice cup was opened, the surrounding people couldn’t help but gasp.

The three dice in the cup were all sixes.

18 points, the highest possible score.

When it was Nine Fingers’ turn.

He looked relaxed, with a faint smile on his face.

He picked up the dice cup, but only gave it a light shake.

Then he placed the dice cup on the table.

When it was opened.

It was also three sixes, 18 points.

This round, it was a draw.

Although it was a draw.

But judging from their techniques.

This Nine Fingers was much better than the casino’s bright light.


The bright light said.

But Nine Fingers just shook his head leisurely and said:

“We’ve already rolled two leopards with sixes. If we continue like this, when will we be able to determine the winner? How about this, let’s add more dice and roll six. What do you think?”

The people in the casino couldn’t help but frown.

Those who have played dice know.

Rolling dice is much harder than throwing dice.

And for most people, whether they practice rolling or throwing.

They usually practice with three dice.

Because when gambling normally, two to three dice are usually used.

Very few gambling rounds would use six dice.

As soon as Nine Fingers finished speaking.

The bright light couldn’t help but turn to look at Su Mei.

You could tell, he was scared.

Su Mei’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, and she asked Gao Zhiqiang in a low voice.

“What’s his level?”

Gao Zhiqiang answered seriously.


The expert mentioned here.

Is different from cheating with the swindler dice.

There are many types of swindler dice.

Like coded dice, mercury dice, magnetic powder dice, chip dice, etc.

These are used to cheat and roll the desired points.

But an expert relies on hard-earned skills.

And they use ordinary, universal dice.

“Can you beat him?”

Su Mei asked again.

Gao Zhiqiang shook his head slightly.

“Hard to say, let’s give it a try!”

As soon as they finished speaking, Su Mei walked up.

Looking at the man with nine fingers, she smiled and said:

“Sir, there are too many people in the hall, it’s a bit noisy. Why don’t we continue in the VIP room…”


Nine Fingers agreed very readily.

He picked up his chips, followed the waiter, and headed towards the VIP room.

Su Mei immediately came to my side.

Taking advantage of the fact that the people around weren’t paying attention, she whispered:

“You go in too. If Gao Zhiqiang can’t handle it, you’re up!”

I nodded slightly.

I was also a bit excited.

Because, this Nine Fingers. He was the most skilled swindler I’ve encountered since I started my career.

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