Chapter 40 – Self-righteous

Although Glasses Guy could barely be considered a swindler, he was more of a genuine fool.

When He Huan slapped him, he thought that He Huan hadn’t noticed his cheating.

Not only did he act very angry, but he also started cursing.

However, He Huan was all smiles.

She even deliberately winked at Glasses Guy.

“Such a handsome Glasses Guy, why are you so angry? I just wanted to see how you switched the cards…”

With that sentence, Glasses Guy’s face turned pale.

A thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

He was guilty, nervous, and scared.

But he still put on an angry face and said indignantly:

“Stop talking bullshit, when did I switch the cards? Which eye of yours saw me switch the cards? Ask them, did I switch the cards?”

Except for Gold Chain, the others at the table were all looking at He Huan in confusion.

They still didn’t know what was going on.

Seeing that these people didn’t speak, Glasses Guy slammed the poker cards down.

“Damn, I can’t play this round! So many onlookers are talking nonsense here, I’m not playing anymore…”

With that, Glasses Guy got up to leave.

And He Huan didn’t stop him.

Normally, when catching a cheater, you must catch them in the act.

After all, you need evidence to catch a thief.

But Glasses Guy was different.

Although he had thrown the cards away.

The tools in his sleeve and those two cards were still there.

So, He Huan was not in a hurry at all.

“Don’t leave, let’s play a little longer…”

He Huan still had a smile on her face.

But Glasses Guy had already reached the door.

He had only one thought now, to leave here as quickly as possible.

He even felt that as long as he stepped out of this door, he would be safe.

The door of the tea room was successfully opened by him.

But before he could step out,

He stood there like a fool, not daring to move.

At the door,

Several burly men in black stood like grim reapers, blocking the door with cold faces.

And in their hands, they were all holding gleaming machetes.

“Why aren’t you leaving, my handsome Glasses Guy?”

He Huan crossed her arms and smiled.

Glasses Guy’s face turned pale, and his legs were trembling.

Large beads of sweat dripped from his face.

Glasses Guy looked back at He Huan and Gold Chain.

Suddenly, with a “thud”,

Glasses Guy knelt down straight.

He knew that the other party had been prepared.

And the mechanism in his clothes, as well as those two cards,

Could never disappear.

The only thing he could do now was to beg for mercy.

Hoping that the other party would spare him once.

But, was that possible?

“I was wrong, please be generous, I won’t dare to do it again. I will return all the money I won, please spare me once…”

Glasses Guy was crying and begging.

But He Huan just sneered.

She walked slowly to Glasses Guy in her high heels.

She reached out and yanked Glasses Guy’s coat down.

She turned his sleeve inside out.

Inside the sleeve was a simple slide.

On the slide, there were two poker cards.

“You bastard, you really did cheat…”

“No wonder he’s been winning every day, it turns out he’s a cheater…”

“Damn it, you dead swindler, give back the money…”

Several gambling customers immediately exploded.

They had been confused just now.

It wasn’t until now that they knew Glasses Guy really did cheat.

Gold Chain, who had been silent all this time,

Now walked up to Glasses Guy.

Without saying a word, he lifted his foot.

And kicked Glasses Guy’s face with a “bang”.

The kick was very powerful.

Bright red blood flowed from Glasses Guy’s nostrils and the corners of his mouth.

“Damn it, I’ve lost five or six hundred thousand in the past few days, I knew something was wrong with you. You dare to cheat me, you want to die!”

With that, he kicked him again.

Glasses Guy covered his head and lay on the ground.

Apart from begging for mercy, he didn’t dare to move.

“Wait, you kneel there for me. I’ll deal with you later…”

With that, Gold Chain turned to He Huan and asked:

“Did anyone else cheat in this round?”


He Huan shook her head.


Gold Chain was adamant and shouted angrily.

His shout made the other gamblers look at each other.

Everyone was suspecting each other, was there really another cheater?

Suddenly, Gold Chain turned his head, pointed at me, and asked He Huan.

“What about him? Did he cheat?”

He Huan and I were both stunned.

I did cheat.

But I just used the method of shuffling and dealing cards to cheat.This method of cheating, even when they held my hand down, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Because he couldn’t spot any flaws, let alone have any evidence.

He Huan glanced at me.

She knew I was The Swindler.

A swindler appearing in such a game, it’s impossible not to cheat.

But she still shook her head and said:

“He didn’t cheat…”

The man with the gold chain snorted coldly.

“Bullshit! I don’t believe it! The guy with glasses cheated, and he beat the guy with glasses. You’re saying he’s not a swindler, who are you trying to fool?”

The reasoning of the man with the gold chain seemed to make some sense.

But in reality, it was just wild speculation.

Because the guy with glasses only knew how to switch cards, he didn’t understand the techniques of shuffling and dealing cards.

That is to say, apart from switching his own cards.

He had no idea what the other players’ cards were.

Even if he switched cards, he couldn’t possibly win every hand.

He was just using five cards to gamble against our three.

The probability of winning was just higher.

This couldn’t prove that I cheated as well.

He Huan couldn’t help but frown, and whispered to the man with the gold chain:

“Brother Yin Wu, you’re just suspicious, you don’t have any evidence. Besides, I really didn’t see him cheat. Brother Yin Wu, let’s deal with the guy with glasses first. You know, Eighth Brother doesn’t allow you to gamble. You called me over today, I didn’t dare to tell Eighth Brother…”

He Huan was trying to persuade him softly.

Unexpectedly, the irritable man with the gold chain glared at He Huan angrily.

“Don’t use Eighth Brother to pressure me! I’ve been in jail for three years, what’s wrong with me gambling a few hands after I got out? Let me tell you, He Huan. You’re just a bitch that Eighth Brother keeps to watch the game. Don’t you dare to boss me around here, got it?”

I thought that this He Huan must have a high status with Eighth Brother.

But it seems that’s not the case.

At least this Yin Wu didn’t treat her as a person.

He Huan’s expression was awkward, with a hint of resentment.

She glanced at me and didn’t say anything.

Yin Wu didn’t bother asking He Huan, but asked me directly.

“Kid, I’m asking you, did you cheat or not! If you dare to lie today, you won’t be leaving here!”

I looked at Yin Wu coldly, about to speak.

Suddenly, Old Hei’s naive voice came from the side.

“Really? I’d like to see how you’re going to stop him from leaving.”

As he spoke.

Old Hei’s hand was always holding a chair.

I knew that as soon as something went wrong.

Old Hei’s chair would definitely swing up.

Yin Wu obviously didn’t expect Old Hei to interrupt.

He waved his hand towards the door, and four men carrying machetes walked in quickly.

These guys looked like they were used to fighting.

They were very experienced.

When they got close, they stood in a “品” shape.

Surrounding Old Hei and me in the middle.

Old Hei didn’t show any fear.

He held the chair, staring straight at Yin Wu.

And I was still sitting in my place.

I glanced at Yin Wu and said lightly:

“So according to you, anyone who wins must be cheating?”

Yin Wu’s expression was somewhat hesitant.

Although he suspected me, he had no evidence after all.

He was a man of the world, and he cared a lot about face.

In front of so many people, he didn’t want to be seen as a sore loser.

Yin Wu slowly raised his hand.

He signaled his men to clear the way, wanting to have a chat with me.

Before I could get to him.

Suddenly, the guy with glasses who was kneeling on the ground shouted:

“He did cheat! I saw it! His cards were hidden in his clothes! Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly beat me…”

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