Chapter 22 – The sparrow is behind

Of course, this was all part of my plan.

I intended to let everyone, except Centipede, win this round.

In this way, no one would suspect that I was cheating.

Giving Old Hei a Leopard 3 was my way of intentionally transferring the money to him.

After all, in such a place teeming with all sorts of people, it was much safer to keep the money with Old Hei, who was as solid as a black tower, than with me.

However, what happened next proved that I was wrong.

Looking at Old Hei’s Leopard 3, Centipede’s eyes were filled with more than just envy, there was also a strong sense of resentment.

Two rounds of zero points.

He had lost fifty thousand yuan.

Centipede gritted his teeth, holding back for a while.

Then he turned to Old Hei and said bitterly:

“Old Hei, you’ve got a Leopard, you’re the dealer, I’ll keep betting!”

Centipede was out of money.

But in such a big gambling den, there were definitely loan sharks around.

I guessed that he was so angry and frustrated from losing that he was considering borrowing money at a high interest rate.

I didn’t want to continue playing this game.

Fifty thousand yuan, Centipede wouldn’t cause a scene over it.

But if he lost more, it was hard to say how things would develop.

Master Liu once said.

In a card game, a good swindler isn’t defined by how much he can win or lose.

But by knowing clearly when it’s time to withdraw.

Now, it was time for me to withdraw.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given Old Hei a Leopard and handed over the dealer’s position.

I was worried that Old Hei would impulsively take the dealer’s position, and was about to hint at him.

But Old Hei had already taken the initiative to speak.

He laughed heartily, stuffing money into his pockets.

One pocket was full, so he put it in another.

At the same time, he said to Centipede:

“Don’t laugh at me, Centipede. I’ve been playing cards for so long, and this is the first time I’ve won so much money. It’s fucking awesome. I’m definitely not playing today. You love being the dealer, right? Now I’m giving you the dealer’s position for free, you take it…”

As he spoke, Old Hei laughed heartily again.

Old Hei might be a bit simple, but he wasn’t stupid.

We had won fifty thousand. If we didn’t leave now, we would be real fools.

Centipede’s face turned pale with anger, and he suddenly stood up.

Pointing at me and Old Hei, he said viciously:

“You can’t leave! Neither of you can leave today, keep playing!”

Old Hei sneered, glancing at Centipede.

“You say I can’t leave and I just can’t leave? On what grounds? What, you want to fight? Don’t say I, Old Hei, am bullying you, I don’t even need Master Chu Liu to make a move, I can take on all three of you, dare to come?”

Old Hei used to be a bouncer here.

Although he wasn’t a well-known figure in the world, his fighting power was well known to these people.

Hearing Old Hei’s challenge, Centipede didn’t dare to accept.

But he couldn’t swallow this insult.

He gritted his teeth, silent for a long time, before finally saying:

“Tomorrow, let’s have another round tomorrow! Do you dare to come?”

“No time!”

Old Hei’s answer was crisp and clear.

“Then don’t blame me for finding him!”

Centipede’s triangular eyes were staring at me menacingly.

Of course, I didn’t care about his threat.

After collecting the money, I left with Old Hei.

When we reached the first floor, the restaurant was still open.

Old Hei was in high spirits, and he excitedly said to me as we walked:

“Chu Liu, you’re not my Master Liu, you’re my Old Hei’s God of Wealth! I won twenty-nine thousand today, it’s the first time I’ve won so much money since I was a kid. Here, this ten thousand is your lucky money…”

Old Hei was very generous.

I had already won money.

And he didn’t know that it was because I cheated that he won the money.

But he still wanted to give me ten thousand as lucky money.

I was planning to tell him the truth when we got outside.

But Old Hei had already started to take out the money from his pocket.

As he did so, Old Hei’s face suddenly changed.

“Fuck, where’s my money?”

Old Hei’s twenty-nine thousand was divided into two pockets.

One pocket had nineteen thousand.

The other pocket had ten thousand.

But now, he only had nineteen thousand left.

The ten thousand had vanished.

There was a small slit in the pocket.

It was obviously cut by a knife.

Clearly, Old Hei had been robbed.

“Could it have been Centipede and his gang?”

I couldn’t help but ask.

Old Hei turned around, ready to go upstairs, and said:

“No, they don’t have the skills or the guts to steal from me…”

As we were talking, we had already reached the second floor.

Although it was already midnight, the mahjong tables on the second floor were still full.

We were planning to go to the fourth floor where we had just played.

But before we could get to the stairs, I casually looked back.

And saw a familiar figure, lingering around a mahjong table on the second floor.

It was the little beggar who had been hanging around our card game earlier.

Because I had observed him for a while and confirmed that he didn’t know the swindler techniques, I didn’t pay attention to him afterwards.

When I saw him, he was also looking at me.

Our eyes met, and the little beggar immediately looked away, not daring to meet my gaze.

I stopped.

Looking at him, I slowly walked over.

Although the little beggar didn’t look at me directly.

But I knew that he was using his peripheral vision to glance in my direction from time to time.

Just as I was about to reach him.

And could reach out and grab him with one stretch of my hand.

Suddenly, the little beggar turned sideways.

With a swift movement, he slipped right past me.

His movements were so fast, like a rabbit escaping, that I didn’t have time to react.

Afraid that he would run away, I quickly shouted to Old Hei:

“Old Hei, catch him!”

Old Hei was already at the staircase.

Hearing my shout, he stepped forward and reached out.

His broad palm grabbed the little beggar’s collar.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going!”

Despite being caught, the little beggar didn’t show any panic.

He didn’t even turn his head, just raised his hand and waved it backwards.Following that, I heard Old Hei let out a dreadful scream.

He involuntarily let go of his grip.

I hurriedly stepped forward, trying to stop the little beggar.

But I saw him lean on the railing, and with a leap,

He jumped straight from the second floor to a table on the first floor of the restaurant.

With a roll, he dashed out of the door.

His movements were as smooth as flowing water, done in one breath.

In my heart, there was only one word to describe it, graceful.

Turning back to look at Old Hei, his hand was dripping with blood.

The wound was neither long nor deep.

What frustrated Old Hei the most was that he had no idea how he got injured.

But I saw it clearly.

Between the little beggar’s fingers, there was an extremely sharp blade, with the edge facing down.

When he pulled back his hand, the blade had already cut Old Hei’s hand.

His movements were extremely fast. Even the experts of The Swindler Sect, with their card-switching speed, might be inferior to him.

After treating the wound briefly, Old Hei and I went downstairs.

He was still fuming.

Muttering curses under his breath, he insisted on catching the little beggar.

The chef from the kitchen, who knew a bit about the little beggar, came out.

He told Old Hei that the little beggar lived under the bridge at the east market entrance of the old street.

Without a word, Old Hei dragged me straight to the bridge at the east market.

It was already midnight.

Apart from the scattered lights, the old street was shrouded in darkness.

There was some light in the bridge at the east market.

Having learned his lesson, Old Hei had deliberately brought a rolling pin from the restaurant when he came out.

One corner of the bridge was covered by a broken wooden door.

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