Chapter 20 – Fated enemies

Lifting his head, a young man with two tattooed underlings walked up to the card table.

The man had triangular eyes and a shaved head.

A long, glaring scar on his head, like a centipede, rested on top of his head.

Just looking at it sent chills down one’s spine.

His eyes were fixed directly on me.

As soon as he appeared, several people at the card table greeted him.

“Brother Centipede is here? Please, have a seat…”

I could feel their fear of this man they called Centipede.

The man named Centipede sniffed, ignoring the others, and stared at me, saying:

“Stop shuffling, let me take over. I’ll be the banker tonight, and win you some lucky money…”

This Centipede was clearly a thug.

He must have been used to throwing his weight around here, trying to take my place as the banker.

But I had been waiting for hours to be the banker. How could I just give it up to him?

I glanced at Centipede and said calmly:

“No need, I still want to shuffle. If you’re not in a hurry, wait until I’m done. If I win, I’ll give you some lucky money…”

Centipede was taken aback.

He clearly didn’t expect anyone here to talk to him like that.

His triangular eyes flashed with a threatening glare.

One of his underlings immediately cursed:

“Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? Brother Centipede is giving you face. Be sensible and give up your seat, or don’t blame us for being rude!”

It seemed that this place was just like Old Hei had described, a mix of all sorts.

But I guessed they were only so bold because they didn’t know me.

If they did, the boss would probably step in to resolve the situation.

Before I could speak, Old Hei stood up with a thud.

He glared at the underling and cursed:

“Who the fuck are you being rude to? Come on, show me how rude you can be!”

The underling clearly recognized Old Hei and immediately shut up when he spoke.

Old Hei then turned to Centipede and said:

“Centipede, this is my friend, I brought him here. If you want to play, sit down and play. If you’re trying to intimidate my friend, don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

Centipede’s face darkened.

He probably hadn’t been confronted like this before in this gambling den.

But he seemed to be somewhat wary of Old Hei.

After hesitating for a moment, he pulled a gambling customer to his seat.

He reached out his hand, and one of his underlings immediately handed him a bag.

Centipede pulled out several stacks of money from the bag and slapped them on the table.

“Come on, we’re just playing, right? I’ll join you. I’m betting fifty thousand on this round! Kid, show your money…”

According to the rules of the game, the banker must have at least ten times the maximum bet in cash.

For example, if our current maximum bet is one thousand, the banker’s money cannot be less than ten thousand.

This is to prevent the situation where someone bets one thousand, gets a Leopard, and the banker can’t afford to pay ten times the bet.

Centipede said he was betting fifty thousand and asked me to show my money.

That meant I had to show at least five hundred thousand.

Not to mention five hundred thousand, all the money I had on me, plus what I had just won, was only a little over twenty thousand.

I knew Centipede was just trying to regain face after being confronted by Old Hei, and was deliberately picking a fight with me.

I remained calm and said:

“Sorry, our limit is one thousand. I only have a little over twenty thousand here. I can’t accept a bet of fifty thousand. If you want to bet two thousand, I can accept that!”

“Fuck, you’re just a poor bastard. You dare to be the banker with this little money…”

Centipede cursed and looked disdainful.

Then, Centipede turned to Old Hei and deliberately said:

“Old Hei, isn’t this your friend? Why don’t you lend him some money?”

Centipede knew Old Hei didn’t have money, and he was deliberately provoking him.

Old Hei’s face hardened, and he glared at Centipede, saying:

“I don’t have money. We’ll just play with this much. If you think it’s too small, there’s a bigger game over there. Go play there and stop bothering us…”

Centipede sneered, looking at the cash in front of me, and said leisurely:

“Or let’s do this, I’ll cover all the money you have. We’ll play a single round, no doubling. Winner takes all…”

The so-called “cover all” meant that he would bet as much money as I had.

No matter how many points we had, even if it was a Leopard, there would be no doubling, and the winner would take all.

I didn’t say anything, but looked at Old Hei.

The reason I looked at Old Hei was not that I didn’t want to gamble with Centipede.

But I wanted to see Old Hei’s attitude.

I needed to confirm that if I won, I could take the money away.

After all, this Centipede was probably a local bully.

If I couldn’t take the money away after winning, there was no need for me to agree to his proposal.

Old Hei might have misunderstood my intention, thinking that I was afraid to play big and was hesitant.

He immediately stood up, full of passion.

He threw all the money on the table into my pile of money.

“Master Chu Liu, let’s do this. Count me in, this is all the money I have!”

Seeing Old Hei’s confidence, I felt reassured.

I checked Old Hei’s money, a total of four thousand five hundred.

Together with my twenty-three thousand, the total was twenty-seven thousand five hundred.

Since it was just the two of us in this round.

I quickly shuffled and dealt the cards.

As soon as the cards were dealt, Centipede pointed at me without looking at his cards and said:

“Come on, stop dawdling, show your cards first!”

In this kind of game, it doesn’t really matter who shows their cards first.

After all, when comparing cards, there’s no order.

So I casually flipped over my three cards.

As soon as the cards were revealed.

The surrounding gamblers couldn’t help but let out a sigh of regret.

Old Hei even started slapping the table.

“Fuck, what the hell kind of luck is this…”

I also frowned.

I put on a regretful look.

The three cards in front of me were Q, 10, K.

All three cards were zero points.

This was the smallest hand in the game.

Centipede and his two underlings burst into laughter.

In their eyes, they had already won.Centipede was even more arrogant, beckoning me with his fingers, and said smugly:

“Come on, hand over the money. Do you still need to see my cards?”

Before I could speak, Old Hei immediately glared and said:

“Why wouldn’t we look at your cards? What if you also have zero points?”

“Dream on!”

As Centipede spoke, he slapped his three cards on the table, revealing them.


The surrounding gambling customers couldn’t help but let out a surprised gasp.

Old Hei, on the other hand, widened his eyes, his face full of surprise.

Centipede and his two underlings, however, looked incredulous.

It turned out that Centipede’s three cards were 10, 10, and Q.

Just like me, he also had three zero points.

According to the rules of Nine-Drag, if the points are the same, the banker wins by half a point.

This neck-grabbing game of Fated Enemies was, of course, deliberately dealt by me.

There were two reasons for this.

First, I wanted to disgust Centipede. I usually despise these so-called social people who show off and bully the weak.

Second, I wanted to provoke him. Whenever such a hand is lost, especially with a large bet, few people can maintain a calm mindset. I wanted to get him riled up. That way, he would be more envious and place even larger bets.

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