Chapter 74 – Explorer

Asho and Sonia sat on a small boat, reading the leather-bound Sorcerer’s Manual intently.

Just like the previous manuals, this one also didn’t contain any personal information about the sorcerer. They referred to him as the “adventurer.”

Why did they call him that? Because his greatest hobby was exploring various natural landscapes, and the contents of this manual were about the different places he had visited in the past.

“Lava Cave”

“After more than a year of construction at the construction site, the three-phase project finally ended. Before the team leader took on a new job, I should have enough time to visit the Lava Cave.”

“I arrived at the village closest to the Lava Cave, but the team leader said they received a new project. Sigh.”

“After a few months, I found time to explore the Lava Cave again. This time, I was lucky. I spent a lot of money and hired a local to guide me in.”

“It’s so amazing. The lava flows on the ground, and the pollen from the blooming flowers can ignite explosions. But inside the Lava Cave, it’s a cool and refreshing underground river… a marvelous wonder!”

“I’m so lucky and scared at the same time. I actually encountered a female Emerald Fire Dragon. It must have escaped from the Virtual Realm a long time ago and created a nest in the Lava Cave! Haha, I took some photos, and the payment I received for submitting them is enough for me to visit the Lava Cave again!”

The general format was like this. Adventurers often faced many obstacles before embarking on their journeys, and sometimes they had to interrupt their travels due to work. They took care of the present while still pursuing their dreams and exploring the unknown.

“He’s probably a civil engineer,” Sonia said, and Asho nodded in agreement.

Living on construction sites, continuously working when there were projects and resting without income when there were none, and traveling alone, adventurers like him would probably remain single for life… It seemed that civil engineers were the same in any world.

The first half of the manual described the various places the adventurer had visited in the real world, while the second half focused on the locations in the Virtual Realm’s Knowledge Sea. For adventurers, the Virtual Realm was also a tourist destination.

If they encountered a sorcerer who enjoyed fishing, Asho had no doubt that they would be fishing in the Knowledge Sea. However, fishing in the Knowledge Sea was extremely risky and had low returns. Either the sorcerer would be attacked by the aerial forces or the knowledge creatures would have no aerial forces.

There were many locations in the Knowledge Sea, including the “Whirlpool,” “Sea Waterfall,” “Great Road,” and “Sky Bubbles,” which were permanent attractions. Many of them were unknown to Sonia because, unlike the “Whirlpool,” they didn’t provide any benefits to sorcerers and were not taught at the Swordflower University.

The “Sea Waterfall” was as its name suggested, a waterfall that suddenly fell from the sea surface. The “Great Road” was a land route that traversed the entire Knowledge Sea. The “Sky Bubbles” were huge bubbles floating in the sky, and when they appeared, the surrounding white mist would become much lighter.

These three were locations the adventurer had personally witnessed. He had jumped into the Sea Waterfall to see what was below, but it led him straight to his death in the Virtual Realm. He had run a long way on the Great Road until he collapsed from exhaustion. He had watched the Sky Bubbles float by, but they were too fast for him to catch up.

The words in the Sorcerer’s Manual were filled with the adventurer’s joy and excitement when he witnessed the wonders of the world. Even Asho and Sonia couldn’t help but smile.

Finally, they turned to the chapter about the Golden Fish.

“Golden Fish”

“I searched for a lot of information and visited many scholars in an attempt to find the location of the Golden Fish. But the Golden Fish truly lives up to its reputation as the biggest secret in the Knowledge Sea. There is very little information available. So, I went to see someone who might have found the Golden Fish and secretly hid the truth due to the desire to show off. I think this is very likely.”

“Most sorcerers and scholars believe that the Golden Fish should be in the most dangerous core area. But I have a different view. The Golden Fish carries the Time Continent on its back. Can the core area really accommodate such a large fish?”

“But until now, no sorcerer has explored the core area completely. Perhaps the Knowledge Sea is much larger than we imagine.”

“Only a sorcerer with fully unfolded Silver Wings can find the Golden Fish. It’s very likely. I should complete the long journey as soon as possible.”

“I have already unfolded my Silver Wings and been to the core area, but I still can’t find any trace of the Golden Fish. Could it be that it spends most of its time submerged in the sea and only occasionally surfaces?”

“Very likely. I have decided to dive into the sea. I died.”



“I should retire too… My friends have advised me not to go to the Virtual Realm anymore. If I die in the Virtual Realm at my age, the damage to my soul will drastically shorten my lifespan. The last time I died in the Virtual Realm, I almost suffered brain death.”

“But I really want to catch a glimpse of the Golden Fish… Even if I die immediately after seeing it, I’m willing to…”

“Where is the Golden Fish…”

“I think I have found the Golden Fish.”

Damn it!

Asho and Sonia almost wanted to drag the elderly sorcerer they had just encountered and beat him up again – you didn’t leave behind the most crucial information! We want to know how you found the Golden Fish!

Here, take two coins and complete the missing part for me!”If it’s true, then the Golden Fish is too big. How could a normal person possibly climb up? Fortunately, I am an Earth Artificer. I can keep piling up the soil non-stop. This height won’t trouble me. It seems that I will be able to see the true face of the Golden Fish in my lifetime.”

“Ten layers… fifty layers… one hundred layers… No, I need to lay the foundation again. The Golden Fish is too high.”

“Two hundred layers… three hundred layers… five hundred layers…”

“Sigh, if only I could fly.”

“When the height exceeded eight hundred layers, the pile of soil under my feet collapsed. If I fall from this height, I’m afraid my entire soul will shatter… The tombstone I prepared for myself can finally come in handy.”

“Although there are some regrets, at least I found the Golden Fish before I died. This way, I can rest in peace… Wait, I haven’t cleaned up my collection at home!”

The Sorcerer’s Manual ended here. The Golden Fish was the last sight the explorer pursued in his life.

“So how did he find the Golden Fish?” Sonia was puzzled, “He had been looking for it for so long without finding it, how did he suddenly encounter it?”

“Could it be because he was too old?” Asho guessed, “Does the Golden Fish only appear in front of Artificers who are about to die of old age?”

After discussing for a while and not getting any answers, Asho and Sonia put this matter aside. After all, their Silver Wings hadn’t fully formed yet, so they weren’t in a hurry to find the Golden Fish.

The three Sorcery Spirits dropped by the explorer were all Earth Artificer Spirits, which could form a miracle. But Asho and Sonia were not interested in Earth Artificer. After discussing, Asho took them. The job positions corresponding to the Earth Artificer faction were not well-paid, so the value of Earth Artificer Spirits was not high. Even if Sonia sold them, she wouldn’t make much money.

As for the Sorcerer’s Manual, Asho felt that the skills of a civil engineer would not be of much help to him, so he gave it to Sword Girl.

After all, he had already consumed three Sorcerer’s Manuals, and it was the first time Sword Girl encountered one she could consume. It was her turn both in terms of emotion and reason.

In fact, the skills given by the Sorcerer’s Manual were rarely useful. ‘Anti-reconnaissance’, ‘Joy Secret (only effective for females over two meters)’, ‘Skinning Mastery’ – all were some boring little tricks that didn’t improve the quality of life or add points to the resume, unless the interviewer was a large vehicle over two meters.

It was Sonia’s first time absorbing a Sorcerer’s Manual, and she seemed a bit nervous, “By the way, what does the last sentence ‘I haven’t cleaned up my collection at home’ in the manual mean? Why would he care about his collection at home before he died?”

“Well, the explorer is an elderly single man after all, so there must be some unspeakable collections at home.” Asho shrugged, “As the saying goes, fear not the shattering of your body and bones, but keep your innocence in the world.”

While talking, Sonia had already absorbed the Sorcerer’s Manual and was looking at Asho with a strange expression.

“What skill did you get? Fire making or wilderness survival? Or a single’s recipe?”

“No, it’s a very useful skill.”

“What skill?”

“Eye Insight. It allows me to understand others’ thoughts more easily by looking into their eyes.” Sonia said quietly, “It seems that because the explorer met many different people during his travels, plus he was old and had experienced too many stories and seen through too many hearts in his lifetime, this skill naturally formed.”

Asho was so angry that he almost fell into the water.

This was the skill he needed for his jailbreak!

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