Chapter 54 – Interactive moment

The prisoners quickly stopped cursing because they found that when they cursed, the executioner behind them would quickly inflate and grow larger.

So only people with poor brains would become death row inmates. They forgot that hundreds of thousands of people in Camon City were watching them curse.

The audience was delighted and rewarded them with a ticket to die early and enjoy death!

When the scene quieted down, Nagu said leisurely, “The pain you feel is not our arrangement, but your own problem. I have said that as long as you sincerely repent, you will not be affected by the flames of purification. The flames of purification burn sins and disasters.”

“Moreover, not everyone will feel pain. Look at Mr. Asho Heath and Mr. Wakas Ur. They are not affected by the flames of purification. Learn from them.”

The people in pain then realized that Asho and Wakas were almost attached to the executioners. The boiling flames of purification passed through their bodies, but they still stood straight.

“If you feel pain, you should take this opportunity to accept the cleansing of the flames of purification, repent and reform, and start a new life.” Nagu did not seem to mock them, but rather genuinely urged them to repent. “The Blood Moon Sovereign and the people of Camon City will see your sincerity.”

“I admit my mistake, I ad… Ah ah ah ah!”

Harvey cried out in pain, tears and snot streaming down his emaciated face. More than half of his body hung outside the platform, and his hands gripping the steel wire were marked with deep wounds that exposed the bones.

But even such danger and torment couldn’t compare to the flames of purification that burned him in an instant!

“You must fully realize how unforgivable your past mistakes are, and completely separate yourself from the sinful self of the past in order to obtain the forgiveness of the Blood Moon.”

Nagu smirked, “Of course, there is also a convenient way: as long as you continue to endure the burning of the flames of purification, your sinful soul will be burned to ashes, leaving behind a good soul.”

Although it sounded absurd, Asho didn’t think Nagu was lying, at least not in this live broadcast program watched by the entire nation.

This meant that the flames of purification had a split personality effect, splitting a good personality from the death row inmate through immense and continuous pain, and then painfully killing the original personality!

Upon hearing this, almost all the death row inmates wished they were hanging on the steel wire.

Compared to death, they couldn’t accept the complete destruction of their souls!

“I understand… I understand…”

Asho looked at Harvey murmuring beside him, and the latter choked and twitched his mouth. “We’re done for this time…”

Curiously, Asho asked, “What are you afraid of? Didn’t they say only one person will die in the Blood Moon trial? Just endure it for now, and it will be over soon.”

“Not all Blood Moon trials have the same result, and what we encountered this time is an occasional exception.” Harvey laughed like he was crying, “I remember, Old Man Rain said that important figures in the Andlem faction will die recently, and a large number of government officials will be purged…”

“What does political turmoil have to do with the Blood Moon trial?”

“Which do you think is more interesting in the Blood Moon trial, a serial killer or a government official exposed for corruption?”

Asho understood.

The more interesting the execution, the higher the social status of the condemned.

“Political struggles in the Blood Moon Kingdom are the cruelest. Which government official or legislator who can rise to power doesn’t have blood on their hands? The winner takes all, and the loser faces trial, squeezing out the last drop of social value. It is not only an account to the people, but also a warning to other bureaucrats: warning them to be more secretive and leave no evidence…”

“You know a lot.”

“What do you think the corpses I dealt with before were?”

“But even if we are about to welcome new cellmates, what does this have to do with the sudden rain of the Blood Moon trial?”

Harvey looked frustrated, “There’s not enough space in the dormitory.”

Asho was stunned, and countless plants grew in his mind.

That makes sense!

Since there isn’t enough space in the dormitory, they have to kill some people to make room for the future fallen bureaucrats. This reason is so realistic that it’s both laughable and cryable.

Because there are too many people in the prison, they have to die.

How ridiculous, how cruel, how straightforward.


At this moment, Harvey gritted his teeth and hung himself on the steel wire, swinging forward towards the main platform.

Every time he swung, his palms would be cut and bleed by the steel wire. Soon, the flesh of his palms was worn away, revealing the bone that made people’s teeth soft and tremble. But Asho clearly saw that his bones were not the usual pale color, but shimmered with a silver light!

Is it an artisan?

An artisan to enhance bone defense?

Other death row inmates also grabbed the steel wire to escape. Some had strong skin defense, leaving only a red mark on their skin from the steel wire; some were agile and ran along the steel wire; the most outrageous was the ogre, who was actually a temperature faction sorcerer. It rapidly cooled down, causing a thick layer of ice to form on the steel wire, and then it slid over.

There are indeed talents in the prison, with eloquent speech and various acrobatic skills.

Compared to these hurriedly escaping death row inmates, Asho, who was unaffected by the flames of purification, naturally had more time to think.

He turned around and looked at Nagu standing on the observation platform behind him.

Nagu noticed his gaze, folded his hands behind his back, and smiled slightly, “Good idea. Instead of struggling with the Blood Moon rules by stepping on the steel wire, why not break the rules and escape back into the prison?”

“Oh, right!”

The customers in the Red Mist Wine Cafe suddenly realized, “If we jump back into the prison, can’t we avoid these arrangements and escape the Blood Moon trial?”

“Are there no other traps?”

“So the death row inmates can escape the torment? What is going on with the Shattered Lake Prison? How could such a fun trial have such a big flaw?”

“A bunch of bastards! Give me a refund!”

Lawrence keenly noticed that Asho Heath’s odds suddenly dropped from 1.65 to 1.45, indicating that Mr. Snake Boss felt that Asho’s chances of ‘winning’ had greatly increased, so he adjusted the odds in time to avoid losses.

The fishman quickly understood why the Shattered Lake Prison was set up like this.

The popularity of the “Blood Moon Trial” activity for decades was not only due to its excellent entertainment value but also its strong interactivity.

Obvious loopholes like this were intentionally left by the prison to allow the audience to have a satisfying interactive moment—to let them personally extinguish the hope of the criminals!

Is there any entertainment more thrilling than giving people a sense of despair?

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