Chapter 48 – Awakening Battle Record: Water Moon


In this chaotic and noisy combat arena, in this tense moment of battle, Sonia suddenly heard a melodious sigh.

Then her vision split into two.

On one side were the faces of the other students in the combat arena, some sneering, some expectant, some envious, a myriad of expressions.

On the other side, she saw a woman who looked very much like herself.

Although she looked like herself, she was certain that it wasn’t her.

The woman stood on the surface of a lake under the moonlight, and suddenly, a huge horned monster charged towards her from a distance. The monster caused a storm-like dark surge as it charged, destroying everything in its path. When it approached, it even blocked out the moonlight, as if darkness was collapsing!

Compared to it, the woman was so small and fragile!

However, she didn’t dodge at all, but stood in place, summoning her Artisan, and then…

A sword!

The darkness was torn apart, and the brightness shone through the monster’s cracks, illuminating her violent and elegant swordsmanship!

Sonia couldn’t see her movements clearly, nor could she see what Artisan she summoned, but for some reason, she felt that she could imitate it.

The desire to imitate was so strong that Sonia’s body moved on its own!

“Not giving up on the sword, huh…”

As Sonia showed no signs of giving up, Leonie, who was dancing in the air, couldn’t help but give her high marks. Surrendering in a losing battle was a rational choice, but only by stubbornly persisting could miracles happen.

If one didn’t even have the courage to challenge the strong in such a safe environment, how could they develop the resilience of a Sorcerer to face the dangers of reality?

Truly worthy of being the Hidden Hand Sword Saint. She has found herself a good disciple…

Although she admired her in her heart, Leonie wouldn’t go easy on her.

Not only to maintain the reputation of the Rhythm Swordsman, but also because only through a full-fledged battle could the Swordsman be truly respected!

Miracle · Rhythm Melody · Third Movement!

Just as Leonie launched her attack, she noticed that Sonia suddenly made a strange movement – she sheathed her sword.

At the same time, many moonlight threads appeared around Sonia, each one connecting to her body, as if turning herself into a trap.

A trap?

A mutual destruction?

Many thoughts flashed through Leonie’s mind, but she still struck with her sword – when faced with an unfamiliar change, the Swordsman only had one way to respond, and that was to use the sword to break through all obstacles!

Forward, forward, forward, keep moving forward!

This was the way of survival for a Swordsman!

The golden sword light once again shone in the arena, but just as the sword light touched the moonlight threads, Leonie suddenly felt that something was wrong – the Rhythm Melody couldn’t cut through the threads!

No, it wasn’t just moonlight threads!

Upon closer inspection, she saw that there was flowing water on each thread. The water not only dissipated the impact, but also gave the moonlight threads an unparalleled toughness!

No, the water wasn’t dissipating the impact!

Leonie widened her eyes and found that when the sword light entangled the threads, all the energy flowed towards Sonia, who was in the sheathed sword state. The threads and Sonia formed a spring system, so when they were hit, Sonia, connected to the threads, would counterattack with the greatest force!

Water flow… moonlight threads… and fluctuating sword…

This was a counterattack miracle!


As Sonia swung her sword, creating a sword aura that was almost invisible, Leonie finally revealed herself. Her feathered dress was revealed, and her hands were empty.

Clap, clap.

When the broken training wooden sword fell to the ground, the people in the combat arena still hadn’t reacted.

“Leonie… lost?”

The speaker’s voice trembled, as if afraid of fabricating facts, distorting the truth, and taking responsibility.

“Lost… Leonie the Orange Dancer lost!”

“Leonie lost to Sonia!”

“What move was that? I’ve never seen such a miracle… a new miracle!?”

“Sonia, who just became a Sorcerer a few days ago, defeated the complete Silver Sorcerer Leonie!”

“A first-year student overturning a fourth-year student!”

“Oh my god, am I witnessing the rise of a new Sword Saint!?”

Amidst the cheers and applause of countless people, Leonie looked at Sonia, who was soaked in sweat and barely able to stand, and smiled, asking, “What is the name of this miracle?”

As if the woman who danced with a sword under the moonlight appeared in her eyes again, Sonia blurted out a name without any thought:

“Water Moon.”

At this moment, Yingu Lite, who was watching the duel with excitement and flushed face, suddenly raised her right fist and shouted, “Sonia!”

The first-year students of the Swordsmanship Department cheered in unison, “Sonia! Sonia! Sonia!”

The supporters of the Orange Dancer didn’t want to be outdone, “Leonie! Leonie! Leonie!”

For a while, there were only two names in the combat arena: Sonia and Leonie!

“After today, you will become one of the brightest gems of Sword Flower University.”

Leonie raised an eyebrow, “Just like me.”

Sonia tugged at the corner of her mouth, unable to hold on any longer, and her body swayed, about to fall.

Leonie reached out to support her, their eyes met, and they smiled at each other, causing the crowd to cheer.

At the same time, on the other side.

Felix and Loran, who were fighting fiercely and gasping for breath, also slowly stopped as they saw this scene. They felt as if all their strength had been drained from their bodies.

They looked at each other and showed the same wry smile, shaking their heads helplessly.

This battle, which was caused by them, didn’t turn out to be about them in the end.

For naturally talented geniuses like them, nothing was more painful than being ignored.

Loran suddenly threw away his wooden sword, “Stop and let me throw a punch.”

Felix was taken aback, but Loran walked over and punched him in the face, sending him flying.

“Remember this punch, Felix. Not all women can be trifled with.” Loran said and walked away.

Felix sat on the ground, watching the two figures in the arena who were attracting everyone’s attention, and sighed softly, “Yeah.”

At this moment.

Felix didn’t realize it, and neither did anyone else, but two shadowless spectators suddenly appeared behind Felix.

They were invisible to everyone in the arena, and when they spoke, everything else was automatically blocked out of their vision, as if the whole world only existed for the two of them.

“I remember, losing to the ‘Orange Flash’ Leonie must be one of your few humiliations, right?”

In the face of the spectators’ ridicule, the Sword Girl remained calm, “Not really, I defeated her three years later, so I didn’t care anymore.”

“To be able to remember for three years…” the spectator muttered, turning to look at Felix sitting on the ground, taking out a manual from his pocket and flipping to a page.

“But I didn’t expect that the infamous Duke of Malice, who was once a sword prodigy, didn’t record this experience in his manual.”

“As a member of the Fusoya family, it’s not surprising that he is a sword prodigy.”

“Could it be that because of this learning experience, the Duke of Malice learned how to counter and restrain Swordsmen, laying the foundation for his future achievement as the ‘Sword Saint’s Burier’?”

“Who knows, no one knows what impact their current choices will have on their future selves. All Sorcerers are the same, using their own hands to dig the future they desire on the land called fate, but inadvertently digging their own graves… We are all fools who dig our own graves.”

“Why are you suddenly so sentimental? This doesn’t seem like the Dead Crazy Sword Girl I know.” The spectator laughed, “Just by having a brief encounter with the current Sonia, you have changed so much?”


The frosty blade kissed the spectator’s neck, and the Sword Girl said coldly, “Don’t take me for a fool, you are just a loser under my sword. Watch your attitude.”

The spectator raised his hands in surrender, “Sorry, I lost control. If you’re really angry, you can take it out on Asho, I don’t mind.”

The Sword Girl snorted and sheathed her sword.

“By the way, the Water Moon miracle I saw before wasn’t like this. Could it be that you, as the Sword Girl, still have the ability to improve the miracle in this state? I thought we could only diminish, not increase.”

“You’re wrong, this is not a new improvement, but an outdated remnant.”

The Sword Girl shook her head, “What you saw was the most perfect ‘Mirror Flowers and Moon’, but before that, I created many different versions. The combination of ‘Moon Threads’ and ‘Raging Streams’ is one of them. Although it is not powerful, fast, or strong in defense, it is the most suitable for the current Sonia.”

“Indeed.” The spectator nodded, “There is no best miracle, only the most timely miracle. Hehe, I am becoming more and more curious about what Sonia, who has a deep grudge against you, will be like.”

“You’d better worry about Asho. Today is the day of his Blood Moon Judgment.”

“Why should I worry?”

The spectator chuckled, but his cold and emotionless fake smile made the Sword Girl instinctively grip the hilt of her sword.

“The Four Pillar Gods are watching him.”

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