Chapter 46 – Regulatory Status

Jianhua University, Combat Hall.

Looking at Sonia pointing her sword at Leonie, everyone in the audience had only one thought in their minds:

What is she doing?

Felix, Celia, Yingu Lite, and others were also thinking the same thing:

What is Sonia doing?

Even Sonia herself was lost in thought:

What am I doing?

On the other hand, Leonie was stunned for a moment, then couldn’t help but cover her mouth and stomach, her laughter almost bursting out from between her teeth. It was clear that she was holding back very hard.

After a while, she took a deep breath, her face still showing traces of wild laughter, and asked as seriously as possible:

“Sonia, are you serious? You want to challenge me, Leonie Victor?”

Fake! It’s not serious! The audience controlled me just now!

Audience, you shameless little horn that controls a girl’s body!

Sonia was almost roaring and cursing in her heart, but she couldn’t say the reason. She also believed that the audience would never appear again – at least not until she finished this practical training.

It was natural for everyone to react this way because Sonia was challenging Leonie.

At Jianhua University, Leonie was arguably the most famous student. Her talents, her award-winning experiences, and her various scandals were all topics of great interest.

On her first day of school, she defeated all the new students in the swordsmanship department.

In her second year, she was promoted to one-winged silver and was apprenticed to another sword saint at Jianhua University, the “Rhythm Sword Saint” Nidara.

In her third year, she joined the Abyss Adventure Team and formed a team with geniuses from the Truth University. They had many achievements and adventures in the abyss.

Even Truth University wanted to recruit her. Leonie was considered by many to be a sword saint seed and a candidate for the Holy Domain!

What’s more, Leonie participated in high-intensity abyss adventures six months ago. Everyone knew that she wanted to break through the realm of swordsmanship in battle and then be promoted to two-winged.

This meant that Leonie had completely spread her silver wings and was a fully-fledged one-winged sorcerer!

In comparison, Sonia and Felix had only entered the virtual realm for a few days. They hadn’t even condensed a single silver feather, let alone silver wings. The gap in their sorcery power was even greater than that between children and adults.

Although sorcery power was only an energy resource, the specific combat still depended on the sorcerer’s level. But no one thought Sonia had any chance of winning, not even Sonia herself.

Leonie definitely had more sorcery spirits than her, and Leonie definitely knew swordsmanship miracles. Plus, Leonie had a wealth of experience in abyssal combat.

The more she compared, the more desperate Sonia became – why did the audience have to harm her like this!

She might as well fight Lorin!

Even if she lost to Lorin, others would only think that Lorin was bullying her. But if she lost to Leonie, it would be different. Others would think that Sonia was arrogant and didn’t know her place!

Not to mention that Sonia had just said such arrogant words.

If she lost badly, she wouldn’t even have the face to see Professor Teluozan.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. It was the same last time. The audience made her challenge Felix for no reason, which caused trouble today. She didn’t expect the audience to do the same thing again and make her provoke Leonie!

However, the audience was not wrong.

Sonia didn’t really feel unhappy now.

Because she only wanted to strangle the audience in the virtual realm tonight.

But the words had been said, and Sonia couldn’t take them back. She could only grit her teeth and nod: “Yes.””Good, courage is commendable. As a senior in swordsmanship, I have no reason to refuse your challenge, junior sister,” said Leonie.

“But,” Leonie smiled, “As a disciplinary committee member, I cannot allow such a mismatched battle to happen on campus, so…”

She walked over to the weapon rack and casually picked up a training wooden sword, saying, “Although I said I will try to hold back, anything can happen in a fight, so let’s just establish a fair victory rule -“

“My sword, even if it touches your body once during combat, I will consider it my loss.”

“As long as your sword drops, it will be my win.”

“Of course, if you can make my sword drop, then naturally you win.”

Laughter erupted around them – no one believed that Sonia could make Leonie’s sword drop, and Leonie’s words seemed like an unrealistic demand.

Leonie turned to Loran and Felix, “This rule also applies to both of you. Loran, you either guarantee that you can defeat Felix without hurting her, or you give up…as a third-year student, you shouldn’t lack even this much confidence, right?”

“You can make the rules even stricter,” Loran said coldly, “I don’t mind.”

Felix calmly said, “I have no reason to refuse such an easy victory condition.”

As Leonie looked at herself, Sonia suddenly realized the connection.

Leonie did not appear by chance, she and Loran had planned this in advance, and Celia’s matter was just a coincidence.

Leonie was an apprentice of the Rhythm Sword Saint, and she and Felix were apprentices of the Hidden Sword Saint…was this a duel between the two sword saints of Sword Flower University, or was Leonie testing their character?

But no matter what, Sonia had no reason to back down. And after Leonie proposed such “generous” rules, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of determination…and the shame of being underestimated!

Sonia took a deep breath and tightened her grip on the wooden sword. “I have no objections, senior sister Leonie.”

“Then I declare, the battle…begins!”

Blood Moon Kingdom, Shattered Lake Prison.

Asho looked at the empty cafeteria while eating braised Lalafell, wondering if today was a holiday or something.

Why couldn’t he see any other prisoners all morning?

The Deathmatch Society, the Central Hall, the Reading Room, the Gym, the Audio-Visual Room…there were no people anywhere, only a few prison guards idling around playing with screens, as if everyone had agreed to stay in their rooms all day today.

But they still had to eat, right? It couldn’t be that everyone was using their contribution points to have the cafeteria deliver food to their rooms?

The feeling of unease grew heavier and heavier, and Asho felt like he was seeing farmers dragging their homes and roots while fleeing from a disaster, knowing that a catastrophe was about to strike but having no way to do anything about it.

When he was halfway through his meal, Asho suddenly stiffened.

The screen automatically popped up, and a cold, red message was reflected in Asho’s pupils:

“Dear Mr. Asho Heath, prisoner number 4001623. Shattered Lake Prison officially notifies you that you are now in a state of supervision. Please keep your emotions clear and comply with the instructions of the supervisor.”

He stood up suddenly and walked to the door of the cafeteria, standing there with his body straight, without any deviation or trembling, like a statue.After a while, seven prisoners walked to the entrance of the dining hall one after another. Their movements were as stiff as if they were controlled by puppet strings, standing side by side with Asho.

There was a fist-sized gap between each person, standing in a straight line like a military training team.

The elf swordsman Wakas Ur, and the “gourmet” Langna’s little boyfriend, were among them!

The expressions in everyone’s eyes were extremely complicated, with fear, relief, despair, and relaxation. But no matter how Asho looked at it, he could only see one message:

Save me!

Another minute passed, and a tall and burly prison guard arrived at the entrance of the dining hall. He smiled slightly at the prisoners, revealing his ferocious and pale fangs.

“Hello everyone, I am your supervisor for today, Nagu MacMillan. Nice to meet you all. Now please introduce yourselves from left to right.”

“Aqiborde Harvey.”

“Wakas Ur.”

“Ronat Wade.”

“Ludo Enfield.”

When it was Asho’s turn, he found that he couldn’t control his mouth at all, and mechanically opened it: “Asho Heath.”

After the eight people had reported their names, the prison guard Nagu nodded in satisfaction and said, “So today’s schedule is to finish lunch first, and then in the afternoon I will take you to watch a movie, go to the sea-viewing platform to breathe the sea breeze… Well, due to the recent proposal of the human rights organization, we will give you an hour of external communication time, allowing you to contact your friends and family outside.”

“After dinner, there is nothing special to say about the arrangements. If you have any suggestions or questions, you can raise them now.”

Asho immediately raised his hand, and the prison guard Nagu looked at him: “Please speak.”

With the restriction on his mouth lifted, Asho swallowed and asked the most important question, “I want to ask, after dinner… what are the arrangements?”

Although he had some expectations in his heart, he still held on to a fluke.

The prison guard Nagu smiled, as he had seen many death row inmates who deceived themselves and others, but he did not dislike crushing their hopes personally.

Giving despair is the responsibility of the supervisor, and it is also the pleasure of the supervisor.

“My dear Asho, the arrangement after dinner, of course, is to take you to the live broadcast of the Blood Moon Trial.”

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