Chapter 41 – Recommendation Guide

On a small island in the Virtual Realm’s Knowledge Sea, the battle was reaching its final moments.

“The difference between swordsmanship and slaughter lies in precision.”

Professor Teluozan’s teachings echoed in Sonia’s ears as she tried to maintain steady breathing and prevent her movements from distorting. She held the wooden sword tightly in her hand, Artificing her Artificing to the boiling point before thrusting it with all her might.

The wooden sword pierced Asho’s back and went through his chest!


Asho groaned in pain, the intense sensation almost making him lose grip of his hands. The Virtual Realm did not shield Artificers from pain, and in fact, pain was even heightened by 10-20% due to the direct contact of souls. Artificers could even die from excessive pain in the Virtual Realm, causing them to die in reality as well.

The wooden sword that pierced Asho’s body emitted a faint purple light from its tip before-

“Wave Sword!”

With Sonia’s cry, the sword energy on the wooden sword exploded!

The green-skinned orc that Asho had grabbed by the shoulders and Sonia had pierced in the waist with the wooden sword let out a hysterical roar. Its burly body burst like a punctured balloon, and its lower half even flew off.

However, its fierce gaze grew even more intense as it tightly gripped Asho’s throat, almost twisting his neck like a wet towel-

Sonia quickly drew out the wooden sword and made a swift strike, slicing the orc’s neck that was almost impossible to cut before like a cake. As the orc’s head flew off, Asho sat on the ground panting heavily.

“Are you okay?”

“Besides briefly recalling my life in my consciousness and hearing what sounded like a call from a loved one, I’m fine.”

Asho coughed twice and looked down at the spot where Sonia had pierced him. Naturally, his windbreaker was not even damaged, and his injury had healed instantly.

He had known since the first battle that injuries sustained in the Virtual Realm were illusory and could be healed almost instantly as long as he did not die on the spot. However, all miracles came at a cost, and Asho noticed that the transparency of his palm had decreased significantly, indicating that he had consumed a lot of soul energy.

If he were to suffer such a serious injury again, he would probably have to give up the first blood of the Virtual Realm.

He looked at the orc’s head that was about to disappear, feeling a little scared.

This green-skinned orc was the strongest enemy they had encountered in the Virtual Realm, and if Asho had not sacrificed himself to taunt the orc and Sonia had not seized the opportunity to attack, it was still unknown who would have won.

To be honest, in terms of combat power, this green-skinned orc was not much different from the gunner they had encountered before, both being low-level Artificers with very shallow combat modes.

It was precisely because of this that the “Virtual Realm Exploration” judged it as an adventure worth taking and gave Asho a false sense of security.

Then the Virtual Realm immediately taught Asho a lesson: everything in the Virtual Realm had risks, and the water in the Knowledge Sea was deep, and if you couldn’t grasp it, child.

Even low-level Artificers could have a gap between them that might be greater than the gap between races.

Asho and Sonia were able to easily defeat the gunner but were defeated by the green-skinned orc, mainly because the orc’s specialized faction was the most weak against them! Its entire body was covered in green skin with a tree-like texture, making it as hard as if it had its own armor!

Not to mention Asho, even Sonia could only scratch it, unable to harm it at all.

More importantly, the orc had very rich combat experience and seemed to have learned boxing. Whenever Sonia wanted to severely injure it with the Wave Sword, it either fought Asho or charged directly at Sonia, causing her to be cautious and helpless.After a long battle, the two of them were getting exhausted while the orcs were getting stronger. They felt uneasy about the situation and decided that Asho would distract the orc and create an opportunity for Sonia to attack.

The tactic was successful, the orc died, Sonia’s skills improved, and Asho experienced a rare “carousel” effect. Everyone grew stronger after the battle.

After the battle, it was time to search for loot. The orcs left behind two wolf tooth ornaments, each with an artisan:

“Oak Skin”

“Winged Artisan”

“Limitation: The sorcerer must have skin tissue that wraps around the muscles.”

“Basic Effect: Transform the skin into a bark-like material. When on the ground, 10% of the kinetic energy impact on the skin can be transferred to the ground.”

“Passive Effect: The skin can be transformed into bark through daily exercise.”

“Note: Wind, frost, sun exposure, and all the natural hardships will make you more indestructible.”

Both artisans were “Oak Skin”. Asho found it strange and asked, “Why does it have two identical artisans?”

Sonia explained, “Because the ‘Suffering and Weakness’ faction values the passive effects of artisans, which can be stacked. Therefore, in order to quickly train their body to the limit, suffering and weak sorcerers often try to obtain multiple identical artisans to accelerate their training.”

“Do you need them?”

“No, Oak Skin is not valuable, and it is not suitable for me. Even if I want to use suffering and weak artisans to enhance my physique, there are better options. Besides, Oak Skin is too ugly.”

The key point is that it’s too ugly… Asho remembered the orc’s skin, which looked like a crumpled piece of paper, and felt a bit resistant.

He didn’t care much about his appearance, but it was too ugly to affect the city’s appearance.

Therefore, these two artisans naturally went into Asho’s bag as a reserve of rechargeable money.

Sonia picked up a scroll that the orc left behind, looked at it, and threw it to Asho with a disgusted expression, muttering, “Can you even absorb this kind of sorcerer’s manual?”

Asho took a look and was suddenly shocked.

The scroll left by the orc was actually… how should he put it, elegant as “The Book of Flowers”, serious as “Research Materials on Customs in Another World”, and vulgar as “Recommendation Guide for Getting Hard”.

There were about ten orc portraits at the beginning of the scroll. Although the aesthetics were rough, Asho hadn’t seen any erotic pictures for two or three days, so he could appreciate the wild beauty.

It became more exciting in the middle. There were humans, elves, ogres, furry ears, scaly ones, winged ones, horned ones, and even spiders. No wonder this orc was a suffering and weak sorcerer. Who else had the ability to conduct such a detailed and diverse investigation besides the suffering and weak sorcerers?

But one thing Asho was not satisfied with was that the orc’s aesthetics were too singular, only pursuing “big”. Big was good, big was beautiful, and there wasn’t a woman in the scroll who was under two meters. They were all big cars that Asho could only look up to.

“If you like it, do you want to take it back and read it slowly?” Sonia crossed her arms, her eyes full of disdain. “Ha, men…”

“I’ll finish it soon, wait for me.” Although he said that, the scroll was very long, recording at least hundreds of women, more than Asho knew. It was really a case of “when it rains, it pours.”

When Asho flipped to the end of the scroll, he saw an ordinary female orc who was very special – she was the only one in the entire scroll who was wearing clothes.

Based on the previous information, this probably meant that the suffering and weak orc sorcerers did not reproduce with her.In the photo, she was holding two beastman cubs, with a wooden house in the background. She was a bit short and plump, but she looked very kind. Even when she laughed and showed her ferocious fangs, people didn’t feel threatened by her. She wore a dirty apron, looking like a typical beastman farmer’s wife.

Since there was no text introduction, Asho could only guess: did this weak beastman Artificer fall in love with this beastman farmer’s wife? But why didn’t they become a couple? Was it because the beastman Artificer was dying, or because he got some disease from frequent health care?

What a strange beastman Artificer…

As the scroll turned into smoke and dissipated, Asho gained two new skills.

“Pleasure Secret (Effective only for females over two meters tall)”

“Wild Instinct”

Asho looked at “Pleasure Secret (Effective only for females over two meters tall)” and was a bit confused.

How to put it, although he had no driving experience, he had obtained a large vehicle A1 driver’s license. From today on, he was a licensed cloud driver.

The second skill “Wild Instinct” was quite useful. It was not a racial characteristic of beastmen but a combat skill honed by beastman Artificers in years of fighting. It could effectively dodge sudden attacks from outside the line of sight in close combat.

After absorbing the Sorcerer’s Manual, the inheritance island was about to sink again. Sonia sat at the stern of the boat, looking at him, and raised her eyebrows: “You can really absorb that Sorcerer’s Manual… It seems that your values are quite broad…”

“It’s not like that, I just have a more flexible set of values.”

In fact, Asho also had a vague feeling that something was wrong. Both of the Sorcerer’s Manuals could not be absorbed by Sword Girl, but he could absorb every one he saw. Obviously, the problem was not with the conservative Sword Girl, but with Asho, who was as open as a bus.

Asho thought it was a hidden feature of the game “The Sorcerer’s Manual of Orola”, but the game didn’t pop up any relevant prompts, so Asho could only fool Sword Girl.

“Let’s go to the next area. I hope we can encounter an island with a Swordsman’s inheritance… or an island with a sword art Sorcery Spirit… Just not a weak Artificer’s inheritance island.” Sonia leaned against the boat, lazily complaining.

Asho nodded, finding it hard not to support this suggestion – encountering such an enemy that would bounce off with a single hit was a terrible experience. It would be better to have a mudfish dragon instantly kill them.

He opened “Virtual Realm Exploration” and checked the surrounding area prompts. Suddenly, he saw an orange prompt he had never seen before in the area to the right –

“Wait a moment.”

Sonia waited for tens of seconds and found that the boat had not moved at all. She couldn’t help but wonder, “Why aren’t we going?”

“We have to wait a while before we can go.”


“I don’t know.”

“How long do we have to wait?”

“I don’t know.”

“…Fine, let’s wait.” Sonia stretched lazily, “Speaking of which, I have something to discuss with you, I just forgot about it.”

“What do you want to discuss?”

“About my daily training.” Sonia folded her arms, “Can you cancel my compulsory training schedule?”

Now the paper people are like this, they are unwilling to create surplus value.

This is the laziest group of paper people I have ever seen.

I never encountered such a thing when I played mobile games before.

Many thoughts flashed through Asho’s mind, but on the surface, he crossed his fingers and put on a posture of listening to the people’s opinions: “Of course, there is no problem. I respect your wishes, Sword Girl – but I would like to hear your reasons.”

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