Chapter 39 – Sword Girl’s mother

“What do you take me for? A call girl who comes and goes as you please?”

Sword Girl crossed her arms, lifted her chin, and said, “Do I need to report to you where I am? Do I need to fill out an application every time I go to the bathroom?”

“I don’t mind, but do you need to go to the bathroom? Do you prefer squatting or sitting?”

“I didn’t say anything about the bathroom!”

Sword Girl suddenly stood up and approached Asho, who was pushed back by her sharp gaze until his back was against the wall. Sword Girl stared at him intently, pressing her finger against his collarbone.

“Although you promised to respect me before, it seems that you don’t really think so in your heart. You still think I’m just a hologram made up of data streams, a paper person created because of you, and I should serve you as a matter of course… Even though we’ve communicated for so long, even though we’ve gone on virtual adventures together, you still haven’t changed your… condescending attitude towards me.”

Asho didn’t refute, and couldn’t refute.

Sword Girl wasn’t asking, she was stating.

With Sword Girl able to hear his thoughts, all lies were meaningless.

“I can’t change what you think in your heart. I just need you to remember one thing – I’m also a person.”

Sword Girl said slowly, “I have my own life, my own hobbies, my own pursuits, and my own world… You’re not everything in my life, just an unexpected part. Even without you, I can still live well in places you don’t know. Understand?”

“I help you, you should be grateful. I don’t help you, you can’t blame me. Got it?”

“Got it, thank you Sword Girl Mom for all your help!”

“Don’t call me that!” Sword Girl poked Asho’s forehead hard. “Who wants to be called Mom at such a young age?”

“Who said that? I don’t mind if you call me Dad…”

Asho felt like Sword Girl was about to poke him again, so he quickly changed the subject. “So Sword Girl, can you tell me about anything interesting that happened to you today?”

Sword Girl sat back on the bed and looked at the water cup on the table next to her, falling into a long silence.

Just when Asho thought she didn’t want to reveal her whereabouts to a stinky man, she spoke again.

“I showed off my Torrent Artisan at the entrance of the Meditation Tower this morning, and by the afternoon, the whole school knew that I had obtained a Torrent Artisan from the Virtual Realm. Ha, even my roommate, who has high standards, asked me if I was selling the Torrent Artisan…”

“So you had a good day today, right?””Boring!” The Sword Girl gave him a disdainful look. “What’s so worth being happy about this superficial vanity? What’s there to care about the praise and jealousy of strangers? Only little girls in their teens would be so pleased with themselves.”

“But I remember you were a little girl in your teens…” Asho thought to himself, but he was glared at fiercely by the Sword Girl before he could finish the thought.

Gosh, can’t I say you’re young? The Sword Girl is really strict.

“The air in the single men’s dormitory is so stuffy and foul, I’m leaving.”

“You apologize to the air purifier hanging from the ceiling right now! And I haven’t done anything these past two days, I’ve been exploring the Virtual Realm with you at night, where would the stuffy and foul air come from!”

“Maybe it’s because you’re breathing, or maybe your heartbeat is too strong.”

Asho decided not to argue with her. “So we’re continuing our exploration of the Virtual Realm tonight?”

“Of course.” The Sword Girl paused. “Unless there’s a special situation, I won’t be around. If you have anything to discuss with me, save it for the Virtual Realm. The night in the Virtual Realm is our leisure time together.”

Asho had no objections, or rather, he had already vaguely expected that the Sword Girl would not continue to provide 24-hour personal service when she emphasized her human rights and freedoms just now.

“But if something urgent happens and I need to find you, will you show up?”

“I already told you, you’re not my whole life.”

Asho nodded in understanding and looked away.

“But you’re a surprise in my life,” the Sword Girl glanced at him. “If something really happens to you, I’ll show up as soon as possible – and then I’ll rush to the scene to mock you.”

“So don’t expect me to show up and chat with you when you’re feeling lonely and panicky. I don’t provide that kind of service.”

“I’m a mature social person, I won’t be lonely.”

Asho retorted, patting his chest, but the joy in his pupils was almost impossible to conceal.

Ha, it’s really ridiculous…

At this point, the End Watcher is still afraid of loneliness, afraid of the unfamiliar prison, and even treats me as a life-saving straw. He panics when he hasn’t seen me for a day, like a child…

It turns out that he’s not naturally like that…

But fortunately, his mind is not working well at the moment, otherwise I thought it would be very difficult to hide it from him…

The Sword Girl had many thoughts in her mind, and then disappeared from the dormitory, returning to where she should be.

Star Kingdom, Training Hall.

“Sonia, can you still walk?”Yingu Lite watched as Sonia almost melted into the ground. She couldn’t even lift her up despite exerting all her strength – she was exhausted from increasing her training intensity.

“No, I have no strength in my legs. Let’s rest, rest…”

The two girls sat down on the grass by the side of the road, panting heavily while holding their sword bags.


“What’s up?”

“My underwear is soaked.” Sonia loosened her collar to cool off. “It feels a bit chilly when the wind blows…”

“Hehe, I recommend Physesta sports underwear. It’s quick-drying and breathable.”

“Really? Let me see.”

After discussing underwear selection for a while, Yingu Lite exhaled a puff of hot air. She twisted open her own water bottle and found that it was already empty. She turned to Sonia. “Sonia, where’s your water bottle?”

“What water bottle?”

“Don’t you bring a water bottle when you come to train?”

“I…I just came with my sword bag. I forgot to bring water.”

After being reminded by Yingu Lite, Sonia couldn’t help but gulp down her dry throat. “Do you have any water left?”

“None!… There might be a drop or two left?”

Yingu Lite raised her head and waited a few seconds for a drop of liquid to fall from the water bottle. She licked her lips and exclaimed, “Why is this water so sweet?”

“Let me have some too!”

Sonia also poured a drop of water into her mouth like Yingu Lite and let out a melodious sigh. “This isn’t just water, it’s a rare brew that even palace banquets can’t compare to!”

“Have you ever tasted palace banquet wine?”

“I haven’t, but saying it makes me sound impressive, doesn’t it?”

“I have!” Yingu Lite giggled. “My father has a bottle of wine in the basement that he never opens. He said it was the wine that the Empress gave him as a reward when he attended a palace banquet… When I was a child, I was very curious and secretly went to the basement to drink a sip. To avoid being caught by my father, I added water to the bottle. But I was still caught, and that was the most beaten I’ve ever been by my father.”

“How did he find out?”

“My footprints were too small. When my father went to the basement, he saw my footprints leading all the way to where the wine was stored.”

“What did it taste like?”

“I forgot, but it was probably very unpleasant. Because if it was good, I wouldn’t have added water. I would have turned the whole bottle of wine into water.”

“Hahaha, you were mischievous as a child.”

“Of course, I once beat all the boys in town when I was a child.” Yingu Lite proudly lifted her chin and touched her sword bag. “I can still do it now.”The sky above was full of shining stars, and the grass beneath was green. In front of them were students coming and going from the training grounds, but the two girls were sitting there chatting and laughing, letting the sweat from their training drip down their faces and onto the ground.

In the distance, the sound of an engine could be heard, and a silver luxury car slowly drove up to them and stopped.

“Need a ride?” Felix poked her head out and calmly asked, “It’s no trouble for me.”

Yingu Lite shook her head. “No, walking back can effectively relieve leg fatigue, and we’re both covered in sweat. Sorry for dirtying your car.”

“Did Celia not come to pick you up tonight?” Sonia asked.

“We broke up.”

“Oh.” The two girls didn’t know how to react, so they just said “oh.”

Felix didn’t say anything and just drove off in the car.

Watching the silver car gradually disappear, Yingu Lite stood up and patted her butt. “Rested enough? We should go back now. The water pressure in the bathroom has been low after 10 PM recently, so if we come back too late, we won’t be able to shower.”

“You go back, I’ll go straight to the meditation tower.”

Yingu Lite wasn’t surprised. “Trying to avoid Lois? Have you figured out how to deal with the Torrent Artisan?”

“Yeah.” Sonia sighed. “It’s not that I haven’t figured it out… I just want to exchange it for a swordsmanship artisan.”

When news of Sonia having a Torrent Artisan got out, her roommate Lois immediately approached her to ask if she could buy it. Lois wasn’t trying to take advantage of her, and even offered to pay 120% of the market price. Sonia couldn’t sell it for that much on the school trading platform, so selling it to her wouldn’t be a loss.

If it were the old Sonia, she would have sold it without hesitation and then counted the money in her bed at night, thinking about how to use the “huge” sum of money to make more money.

But under the guidance of Professor Teluozan, Sonia’s horizons had broadened, and she realized that the artisan was the root of an Artificer’s strength, and money was only a secondary resource that could add to it.

Therefore, she hoped to exchange artisans with others to gain the swordsmanship artisan she wanted and increase her own strength, so that she could better explore the Virtual Realm.

However, “artisans exchange” was not always available. Ordinary artisans were easy to exchange, but for rare ones like the Torrent Artisan, she would have to exchange it for a rare swordsmanship artisan. Even though Professor Teluozan promised to keep an eye out for her, it wouldn’t be easy to find a buyer right away.On one hand, there was Lois, who could take out a large sum of money at any time, and on the other hand, there was the yet-to-appear seller. Sonia was a bit indecisive and planned to hide for a few days to think carefully about how to choose.

“Actually, you have a third option, to use it yourself.”

Sonia turned her head and found that the onlooker was sitting right next to her.

She suppressed the slight joy in her heart and asked nonchalantly in her mind, “When did you come back?”

“Just when you were discussing lingerie.”


“Don’t buy Physesta brand lingerie, Physesta is specifically for medium and small-sized women. With your size, I recommend Thordan brand, the shaping effect is very good.”

“Alright, I don’t intend to discuss this topic with you.”

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