Chapter 36 – Blood Sorcerer

Since coming to this world, Asho has heard the term “Blood Moon Judgment” more than once.

At first, he thought it was an execution program.

Then, he thought it was a live broadcast execution program.

Then, he thought it was an online guessing game where a lucky audience member would be randomly chosen for execution.

Now, Asho thinks that Blood Moon Judgment should be an unrestricted combat variety show.

“Yes, when a death row inmate participates in Blood Moon Judgment, the prison will lift all restrictions on you, and you can use Artificing to activate your Sorcery Spirit.”

The medical practitioner reached out her hand, and a kind-looking old lady Artisan appeared in her palm.

“If you ask if there’s a chance for trading in Blood Moon Judgment, theoretically, there is, but no one can actually do it. I don’t need to explain why, right? You’ve seen Blood Moon Judgment before.”

“I haven’t!”

“Don’t think you can fool me that easily!” The medical practitioner almost roared, “I won’t believe such a stupid lie! “

Now the medical practitioner refused to leak any more information. Asho’s poor lie made her feel insulted. It’s bad enough to lie, but to use such a childish lie to deceive people, who does he think he is?

Asho was also very wronged. He really hadn’t seen Blood Moon Judgment, but everyone here assumed it was common knowledge and didn’t need any further introduction.

Since he couldn’t get any information by lying, Asho was ready to go eat, but the medical practitioner wouldn’t let him go.

“Why did you ask about that elf’s situation just now? Are you worried about him?”

“To say I’m worried is a bit embarrassing, I’m just a little concerned.”

Asho scratched the white and tender new flesh on his shoulder, “After all, he is the first person I killed. Isn’t it said that criminals will return to the scene of the crime to observe? I have a similar mentality.”

“Is it true that he was your first time?”

“Your phrasing is really misleading…”

“You’re a death row inmate who can stay in the luxury suite of Shattered Lake Prison! For you, destroying lives shouldn’t be as simple as getting dressed and eating, torturing the soul should be as habitual as breathing, right?”

“Although I’m not a good person, I’m really innocent!”

“I’ll believe the first half of what you said for now.”

The medical practitioner looked down at her Sorcery Spirit in her hand, seeming to be considering her words.

“Well, I’ll believe you that it’s your first time killing someone. Why do you care about the life and death of that elf? Do you hope he won’t survive, or do you hope he can’t die?”

“Both sides.”

“Both sides?” The medical practitioner couldn’t help but laugh, “You hope he’s both alive and dead?””To be honest, my grudge with him hasn’t reached the point where I want him dead. If possible, I would prefer to use a soft stick in the shape of a clam to beat him up to vent my anger. Plus, I have some questions I want to ask him, so I don’t really want him to die,” Asho shrugged.

“But if he really dies, I might just reflect on the fact that life is like an ocean and only those with strong wills can reach the other side… So even if he dies, I won’t care too much,” he added.

“I kind of believe this is your first time killing someone,” the doctor said. “Your way of thinking won’t please either side. If you say you’re merciful, you’ll get the attention of human rights organizations. If you say you’re ruthless, you’ll get the support of extremist organizations. But this kind of ambiguous and indecisive statement will be despised by all organizations.”

“It seems that the outside world is not easy to survive in either,” Asho sighed. “But in this world, how many people are really extreme and decisive? Most people are like me, indecisive.”

The doctor raised an eyebrow and shrugged. “Indecisive people exist, but they need the capital to be indecisive. For example, being good-looking!”

The doctor took out an album and flipped it open in front of Asho. “Look, these are the most popular handsome templates in the past five years. Do you want to choose one as your new face? I highly recommend this number one face. It’s very trendy and looks nine points similar to the popular singers nowadays. You’ll definitely like it…”

“You’re the one who likes that face!” Asho retorted.

“So what if I like it? If you get this face, you’ll be the one who benefits!” the doctor replied.

“Who said that? I don’t look at myself in the mirror all the time. I can’t even see my face most of the time. What’s the use of being good-looking? On the contrary, others will stare at me all the time and enjoy it, while I have to accept their creepy looks. Do you think I would want to do such a stupid thing of sacrificing myself for others?” Asho made a convincing argument, even convincing the doctor. The doctor’s crow mask drooped down, and she said dejectedly, “Okay, you’re right…”

“But,” Asho changed the subject. “You’re willing to listen to my grievances and chat with me for so long. That’s the only warmth I’ve felt in this cold prison. Since it’s a friend’s request, I can’t refuse…”

“What, are we friends?” the doctor asked.

“If not, then I’ll leave…” Asho threatened.

“Okay, okay, so you’re willing to let me do the surgery for you?” the doctor asked.

“Well, not really…” Asho hesitated. “I actually quite like my current face. After all, I’ve been looking at it for so many years, and I have some feelings for it…””So…?”

“You need to pay more.”

“No problem!”

The medic breathed a sigh of relief. “When will the surgery start? Wait, there are some techniques I’m not very familiar with. Wait for me to review them these two nights… don’t worry, it’s very safe. My sorcery spirit can effectively prevent malignant problems like flesh and blood decay!”

Asho tugged at the corner of his mouth. “I’m, I’m very reassured. I’ll leave first. Take your time and don’t rush!”

Sorcery power is the Artificer’s versatile energy source, and money is society’s versatile energy source. Although Asho has not seen any hope of escape, he still needs to find a way to make some money for backup. As for the death row inmates, they are all a group of poor people who eat the country’s food, so Asho feels that he only has the option of exchanging his face for money.

But now it seems that the price is a bit high, and the probability of getting a bad face is very high. Asho feels a bit scared.

No wonder medics do not allow themselves to reveal their names. Maybe they are preparing to run away anonymously – after creating many medical accidents in prison and honing their skills, they can just leave. The death row inmates cannot find anyone to blame even if they want to curse.

Asho walked to the door and suddenly looked back at the treatment room.

“I’ve been wanting to ask – are you being excluded by your colleagues?”


“Why do I see only you twice when I wake up? Where are the other medics?” Asho guessed, “Did they give you the most difficult work and then leave after patting their butts?”

“No – but you are the most difficult work, that’s true.”

“Really? If you are excluded by your colleagues, remember to tell me.”

The medic looked at Asho and chuckled.

“Why should I tell you?”

“Aren’t we friends? Friends are people who can gloat when the other is in trouble.”

“Get lost!”

Asho waved goodbye. “Then, Doctor 222, see you next time. Apples are delicious, thank you.”

The treatment room returned to silence. The medic packed up her toolbox, pushed open the door to the common lounge – the medic’s area of activity had nothing in common with the death row inmates – and then she saw a group of medics wearing crow masks waiting outside the door.

The medic was startled and almost thought they were here to seek revenge.

But when she took a closer look, she found that one person in the group of medics was not wearing a crow mask. Judging from his body shape and work badge, he was the tall medic 176 who always scolded her. He had the appearance of a blue-scaled fish man, but his eyeballs were all red, shining like rubies.Chapter 176: The man was not only without a mask, but his hands were tied behind his back, and there were clear signs of purging on his face. Around his neck hung a dark green foam necklace.

The medical staff knew exactly what it was.

Miracle · Venous Foam.

This was the most commonly used offensive miracle by blood sorcerers, combining trapping and killing in one, and capable of being cast for an extended period. Once a target was affected by the venous foam, their entire body’s veins would be connected to the foam. If the foam were to shatter, it would mean that all the veins in the body would burst simultaneously, causing the heart to rapidly lose blood supply and die.

As long as one was a sorcerer, even the weakest sorcerer had the ability to instantly kill living creatures.

Being subjected to the venous foam was a treatment reserved for criminals.

“What did he do?”

“He peeked at your treatment technique, Miss.”

A medical staff member with the badge number 201 bowed and reported, even the voice changer in the crow mask couldn’t hide his respect.

“Attempting to steal the knowledge achievements of the Blood Tear Research Institute without permission violates the constitutional principle of ‘the sanctity of individual and collective property shall not be infringed,’ which is undoubtedly a crime.”

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