Chapter 32 – The elf with the mouth wiped with glycerin suppository

Igura felt puzzled.

After Asho Heath asked him a question that was stupid beyond belief, he suddenly fell into deep thought.

But Asho was certainly not stupid, and Igura would not admit that he was defeated by a stupid question.

“Have you guessed why Wakas challenged you?”

Asho came to his senses and asked tentatively, “Because of that child?”

Igura nodded.

“I thought so too.”

“Wakas has been well-behaved in prison for five years, almost never challenging anyone. Just harvesting the contributions of those who he doesn’t like is enough for him to live comfortably. This time he suddenly came out, and there is no other reason except for that child. The fact that he dared to risk his reputation and go to jail to raise that child is enough to prove how much he values that child.”

“That child has already received education in the orphanage, and there are many people who can come into contact with that child. However, there is only one ‘key figure’ who can link that child, Wakas, and you together.”

“That is Xilin Dor.”

Facing Igura’s confident gaze, Asho vaguely felt that this was a name he should know.

But he just didn’t know.

“Who is Xilin?”

Igura stared at Asho’s eyes and suddenly said, “Don’t move.”

He pointed his finger and poked Asho’s face, “Ask again.”

“Who is Xilin?”

Igura hesitated for a moment, sighed, and withdrew his hand.

“Xilin Dor is a professor of the History Department of Camon Comprehensive University, and also the president of the Elf Race Rights Association. He has many titles, but those have nothing to do with you. The most important thing about him is that he is the consultant teacher of the Ancient Relics Research Society of Camon Comprehensive University.”

The Ancient Relics Research Society?

Asho blinked and realized a possibility.

“Was I a member of the Ancient Relics Research Society?”

“To be precise, you are still the president of the Ancient Relics Research Society. Although I have no evidence, Xilin and you should have interests beyond those of ordinary teachers and students.”

Four Pillar God Heresy!

Is it possible that Heath has bewitched so many heretics with his own strength and established the Four Pillar God Heresy, a criminal organization with mafia characteristics, based on his personal charm and leadership?

There is indeed such a possibility, but it is more likely that Heath has accepted someone’s gifts and help!

Xilin Dor is likely to be one of Heath’s helpers behind the scenes!

“I have given you my sincerity, so are you willing to answer my question? Although I have guessed the answer.”

Igura interrupted Asho’s thoughts.

“If you have guessed it, why ask me… go ahead.”

“How did you deceive me with your heart voice? Last night on the ring, I foresaw your attack direction by listening to your heart voice. This trick has almost never failed me because no one can deceive themselves.”

Asho was slightly startled.

“What, can you listen to my heart voice?”

“Only on the ring, I can hear the whispers of your soul through your turbulent emotions.”

Igura explained, generally speaking, he would not say such a weak statement. He even hoped that others would suspect and fear him because of this.

But for some reason, he felt that the skill of bluffing would not work on Asho, so he didn’t bother to pretend.

“I didn’t deceive you with my heart voice.” Asho scratched his head. “I just found out now that you could cheat like this. No wonder I couldn’t even land a punch on you earlier.”

“Then how did you manage to say ‘you look pretty good’ in your heart while punching me in the face?”

Translated by: otakutrad (”You can say someone is good-looking and still want to hit them!”

Igura couldn’t help but interject, “Generally speaking, I can hear the true desires in people’s hearts, so those false thoughts on the surface can’t deceive me. If you want to hit me, then I can definitely hear the thought ‘I want to hit your face’, rather than hearing the praise ‘you look good’.”

“Oh, I think I understand what you mean now.”

Asho tilted his head.

“I was probably daydreaming at that time.”


“Yeah, when I daydream, I think about finding some erotic pictures to feast my eyes on, so I really thought you were good-looking.”

“Then why did you suddenly hit me?”

“Because after daydreaming, I snapped back to reality, and naturally entered work mode.” Asho shrugged, “Erotic pictures only slow down my work speed.”

It sounded reasonable, but how could someone like Asho, the leader of the Four Pillar God Heresy and a genius warrior who could quickly grow in battle, daydream during a fight?

Moreover, when they talked about Xilin Dor earlier, Asho pretended not to know him at all. Igura was more inclined to believe that Asho had mastered the perfect disguise technique!

“It’s impossible. Even if you daydream, I can definitely hear your true thoughts!”

“Don’t be so sure, maybe your ability is limited…”

“Since you say so, let me test it!”

Igura reached out and touched Asho’s face, “I can tell if you’re lying by the temperature changes on your face. Say something true or false! If my ability is limited, I can still distinguish the truth of your words!”

Asho blinked.

“The sentence I just said is false.”

Igura was stunned.

Wait, was that sentence true or false? If it was true, but he said it was false, then it was false. If it was false, then it meant the opposite, and it was true…

The nested logic confused Igura, and he sat in the audience seat in a daze, like a broken toy, muttering about truth and lies.

Asho spread his hands. He had encountered too many brain teasers like this during job interviews. It seemed that the children in this world had never seen this kind of puzzle.

At this moment, there was a commotion outside the Deathmatch Society.

“Oh, isn’t that our elf lord?”

“Lord Ur, we humble orcs offer you our most precious blessings. Do you need me to lick your shoes?”

“Make way, make way, don’t dirty the clothes of the young elf lord. You lowly races are not worthy of getting within five steps of an elf!”

Although the chip prohibited prisoners from speaking ill of others, it was only “speaking ill of others”. The chip was not intelligent enough to recognize what was meant by “insinuations”.

Asho was quite surprised that these people were so united in boycotting someone.

It wasn’t that he had high expectations for the intelligence and morality of death row inmates, but in this world, you couldn’t physically conflict with others, nor could you verbally bully them. You couldn’t even hurt a hair on their body. Insinuations were already the limit.

But in the adult world, this level of bullying was similar to a girlfriend punching your chest with small fists. It was both embarrassing and uninteresting, and ordinary people would soon tire of it.

Since they hadn’t tired of it, it could only mean…

“Thank you for your concern.” Wakas bowed slightly and made a very polite gesture, “You all speak so nicely, I’m sure you wiped your mouth clean before leaving the bathroom, right?”

“Wakas, are you calling us shit eaters?””No, I just wanted to praise those who clean their mouths after eating shit. Why did you jump out yourself? Do you also eat shit?”

“Wakas! Ur! Kas!”

“Hey, your tone is a bit loud, and there’s a smell of urine. Looks like you have a wide range of recipes.”

“Wakas! Ur! Kas!”

“Why are you so excited? I’m not insulting you. Speaking of which, I remembered a joke. I accidentally hit a dog when I threw garbage downstairs before. The dog must have barked, right? So, when you hear a dog barking while throwing garbage, it definitely means you hit a dog.”


“I didn’t expect there are so many people who clean their mouths after going to the toilet. I used to hear rumors that prisoners in the Broken Lake Prison eat shit with their rice. I will definitely clarify this for you in the future. It’s not a rumor.”

Igura couldn’t help but laugh.

“Such a wonderful verbal battle can only be seen in the Broken Lake Prison.”

Asho nodded. He fully understood why Wakas could suppress more than ten people just by opening his mouth – because swearing was not allowed. Once you wanted to swear, the chip automatically blocked your throat, leaving your foul language to ferment in your stomach, essentially silencing you instantly.

So, after those people shouted Wakas’s name, they couldn’t say anything.

Then Wakas turned to point at them, looking like they were asking for trouble.

How to insult someone without using dirty words and how to make someone lose their mind and be silenced by the chip are the two key elements that must be mastered in a prison verbal battle.

It was obvious that Wakas’s mouth was like he had just applied some laxative, and the other death row inmates were no match for him, driven to insanity and silenced by his insults.

Some people wanted to attack, but the chip directly took over their control, making their bodies stiff and falling to the ground with a snap.

“Dismissed, step back.”

Wakas raised his chin and elegantly stepped over them. The losers of the verbal battle were all waiting for Wakas with their eyes on fire, but they couldn’t swear or fight back. It was truly a scene that demonstrated what it meant to be powerless and furious.

No wonder these prisoners hadn’t grown tired of their strange and sarcastic remarks. With Wakas as an expert in poisonous tongues, they had a very intense interaction. They were probably going to lie in bed tonight thinking about how to retaliate.

“Asho Heath?”

“Wakas Ur?”

Wakas looked at Asho from afar, his thin face returning to indifference.

He pointed to the ring, “If there’s no problem, let’s start.”

The gaze of the Deathmatch Society gathered, some were expectant, some were mocking, some were curious, and some were crazy.

Igura glanced at Asho.

Now that Asho knew that Wakas was related to Professor Xilin, this deathmatch was bound to have problems. If he were Asho, he would definitely refuse to participate in a fight that he wasn’t sure of winning.

“Sword Girl?”

Igura was slightly startled. He heard Asho whisper a name, but no one was called Sword Girl here, and Asho’s gaze didn’t look at anyone.

“A bit lonely…”

Asho murmured softly, turning to look at Wakas.

For some reason, Igura couldn’t help but say, “Wakas is much stronger than me. He’s not an opponent you can defeat with just a little cleverness. And the destructive power of the sword is much stronger. It may decide the winner with just one strike.”

“Thank you.” Asho smiled. “I’m not planning to use any cleverness this time.”

“Then what are you going to use?”

“My life. I’m betting my life that he won’t be able to kill me with his first strike.”

Watching Wakas step onto the ring, Asho also stood up.”As long as the first sword can’t kill me, the second sword will be my opportunity.”

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