Chapter 30 – Celia

“Good morning, Sonia.”

Sonia turned around and saw Celia, her senior, coming out of the meditation hall, raising an eyebrow slightly.

Although she didn’t want to have anything to do with Felix, in reality, it was hard for her to avoid her because Felix was also a student of Professor Teluozan.

Only a swordsman genius had the possibility of being seen by the ‘Hidden Hand Sword Saint’.

With more contact with Felix, Sonia naturally also got to know Celia. In just a few short encounters, Sonia knew that Celia was the same type of person as her, a female hunter who would do anything to climb to the top.

Therefore, Celia naturally held hostility towards Sonia. After all, Felix was her prey, and now Sonia’s appearance was like finally catching a rare animal, only to find a fully armed pet trainer next to the trap. If you weren’t cautious, you would be in trouble.

Although Sonia said she looked down on Felix, if Felix, the young master of the Fusoya family, was willing to be her lapdog, she could give her a chance. So, she was a bit indecisive and decided to wait and see.

Celia looked at Sonia and took a step back, covering her nose, “It seems like the junior is very excited about entering the Virtual Realm for the first time.”

Is your step back a serious one?

Although Sonia didn’t take a shower after training last night, she wiped her body with a towel and changed her clothes. She couldn’t have any odor. However, just coming out of the meditation hall without washing her hair or makeup, compared to Celia’s fully armed ‘natural look’, she naturally looked as messy as a stray dog.

Sonia knew at a glance that Celia’s ‘natural look’ wouldn’t be able to be done in less than an hour.

“Hello, senior Celia.” Sonia nodded slightly, “Is senior here to borrow the washroom in the meditation hall?”

Sonia didn’t have the habit of being beaten without fighting back. If she sarcastically said that Celia came to meditate and not to put on makeup, there would be no flaw, and it could be said to be cursing without dirty words.

“Of course, I’m here to meditate and enter the Virtual Realm.” Celia forced a smile and stretched out her hand, “This is the legacy artisan I found last night. What do you think, junior?”

A small boy artisan holding a sword sheath appeared in Celia’s hand. Sonia glanced at it and raised her eyebrows. She recalled the information about this artisan.

‘Sword Sheath’

‘A level artisan’

‘Restriction: Artificer must use a sword’

‘Basic effect: When combined with other sword artisan artisans, the first activation every ten seconds will cause 150% effect.’

For a swordsman, Sword Sheath was a very useful artisan and could even extend a swordsmanship branch: Assassination Swordsman.”By using ‘Sword Sheath Radiance’, ‘Gathering Energy’, ‘Breaking Sky Sword Qi’, and other miraculous techniques, a Swordsman can only release a sword qi that can break through all defenses of the same level, and their might surpasses all other Artificers. Those who are hit by it will surely die.

For a moment, Sonia even thought about trading her Sorcery Spirit of Torrents with Celia.

Although on the trading platform, the Sorcery Spirit of Torrents was more expensive than the Sword Sheath Sorcery Spirit, most of the time Sorcery Spirits were priceless. It was difficult to find a suitable Swordsmanship Sorcery Spirit, and even if one did, it was not necessarily obtainable.

But when she saw Celia’s playful eyes, she understood everything – this lady was showing off on purpose.

“Hey, do you think Felix will like it?”

Sonia suddenly felt a little guilty – her appearance in the dormitory last night must have been as annoying as Celia’s expression now. She was really grateful to her roommates for not killing her.

“I envy your boyfriend,” Sonia forced out an ugly smile. “For a Swordsman, this is a precious Sorcery Spirit.”

“Is that so? Since you, my junior, said so, then I believe it.”

Celia laughed and covered her mouth, still wary in her heart.

After the Swordsmanship competition the night before, Celia thought Felix would abandon her and pursue Sonia, but unexpectedly Felix did not have such thoughts and still treated her well. He just wanted to compete with Sonia again.

Celia did not think Felix wanted to have his cake and eat it too. He was not the kind of person who would conceal his emotions. If he wanted to cheat, he would break up directly and not deceive her. Therefore, Celia believed that Felix really had no interest in Sonia, he was just obsessed with winning.

But even so, Sonia was still Celia’s rival in her heart. After all, sparks between men and women were often created by friction. Now Felix had no thoughts, but what about the next second? Tomorrow? Next week?

As long as Felix was breathing, there was a possibility that he would change his mind.

Therefore, Celia could only keep a close eye on her boyfriend and not let him have the opportunity to contact Sonia privately, such as now.

Moreover, she had to increase her own bargaining chips and try to intimidate Sonia to prevent any future problems.

“Junior, you have to work hard too,” Celia encouraged. “I heard that your family background is not very good. Compared to us locals of Garlean, your ability to enter the Sword Flower University through the national examination is much stronger. You will definitely be able to stay in Garlean in the future and bring your family to live in the big city.”

Here it comes, the disdain and encouragement of wealthy people towards the poor… Sonia showed a friendly smile. “Thank you for your concern, senior.”

“Alas, you were a bird that could fly higher, but unfortunately your family held you back.”Celia’s words were both sincere and insincere, and she did feel a bit sorry for Sonia. Even if Sonia came from a middle-class family in Garlean, she would have had better opportunities, but unfortunately, she was just a farm woman from a poor agricultural town on the border.

Sonia didn’t notice that her expression had changed.

“What you said is true, senior.”

Sonia paused for a moment and showed a helpless smile. “Often, where one starts in life determines where they end up. Birth is our first lottery ticket, and I only won a consolation prize.”

Celia wondered if she had been too harsh and made Sonia feel defensive. She thought about what to say to comfort this younger student.

“I’m just a country girl at heart, and I can’t change that. I’ve been chatting with you for so long that I forgot to wash my face. It’s impolite to talk to you with this dirty face.”

“It’s okay…”

Just as Celia was about to say something to comfort Sonia, she saw Sonia summon an artisan and a ball of water appeared in her hand, which she splashed on her face.

“I washed my face and feel much better now.”

Celia stared at the artisan in Sonia’s hand. “What is this…?”

“Ah?” Sonia was taken aback and started to stutter. “This, this is…I got it from the Virtual Realm last night! Um, this is the Torrent Sorcery Spirit I obtained from the Adventure Island! You see, I’m lucky, right?”

Celia thought to herself, “I don’t believe it!”

How could someone encounter Adventure Island on their first day in the Virtual Realm?

And she even obtained one of the most precious sorcery spirits in the water sorcery faction, the Torrent Sorcery Spirit!?

Are you trying to fool me?

Could she have bought it? But how could a farm woman afford such a precious sorcery spirit? And the Torrent Sorcery Spirit was priceless. Celia had been wanting to buy it for a long time but couldn’t find a seller!

Since she didn’t buy it, someone must have given it to her.

At Sword Flower University, there weren’t many people who could easily produce a Torrent Sorcery Spirit…

Celia forced herself to compose her expression and forced a smile. “This is a very important sorcery spirit in the water sorcery faction. Do you have any thoughts about switching to the water sorcery faction, junior?”

“Well, although I have talent in swordsmanship, I am also interested in the water sorcery faction…” Sonia saw Felix coming out of the meditation tower and waved goodbye in a hurry. “Senior, I have something to do, I’ll see you later!”

Celia was puzzled by Sonia’s haste and turned to see Felix coming out of the tower.

“Are you waiting for me, senior?” Felix smiled. “The Virtual Realm is really an interesting place…I want to go to the library and read more about the Virtual Realm. Do you want to come with me?”Celia glanced at the direction where Sonia left, and then at Felix. She felt she understood something and was enviously itching to say something.

But thousands of words surged in her throat, only turning into a sweet response.

“Alright.” She smiled and reached out her hand: “This is the Sword Sheath Sorcery Spirit I got from the Virtual Realm last night, but I don’t practice swordsmanship… Junior brother, what do you think I should do with this Sorcery Spirit?”

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