Chapter 1 – I have been arrested

“The great observer of the end, Asho Heath! Good follows you, evil admires you! The light desires you, and the darkness also hopes for you! You are an existence beyond all, the color that God has painted for all things!”

“The great observer of the end, Asho Heath…”

Asho sat on a cold stone seat, watching a large group of people in black robes kneeling and bowing to him in prayer. Under his stern face, he felt uneasy.

It was not his fault, after all, he was contributing to the value of the remaining game company until dawn the previous second, and suddenly he came to this strange underground hall to accept the worship of the people. Anyone would not react.

What’s even more strange is that Asho can understand their language, as natural as his mother tongue, without the need for translation. When he calmed down, he quickly concluded that he had crossed over, and his soul had crossed over to a person with the same name.

Many people have said that his name sounds magical since he was young, but Asho did not expect that he would really encounter such a strange world one day.

But he did not have the surname Heath, and it was precisely because of this that he quickly judged that he was not dreaming.

Not only was the name the same, but even the appearance seemed similar. Asho found that the body felt no different through basic parts such as fingers and toes. It was as if this was his original body, and everything was so agile and natural that Asho had to doubt whether he had crossed over to his parallel world.

For the sake of convenience, and because everyone had the same name, Asho secretly called the original owner of this body “Heath”.

But these thoughts were meaningless to the current situation, because Asho found that Heath had not left the most important thing to him.

That is memory.

Yes, memory!

As if the memory of Heath was also formatted when he crossed over, Asho had no idea what to do next. He even maintained a calm and charming expression, afraid that others would see his flaws.

Despite the fact that the group of people under the stone seat was extremely respectful to him, if Asho showed any flaws, they would turn cruel after turning their faces. After all, in their eyes, Asho, the “evil soul from another world”, wiped out the soul of Saint Heath, occupied the body of Saint Heath, and was the real sinner. In addition to their strong religious color, Asho could not expect to gain their understanding by saying “I am also a victim”.

But sitting like this is not a solution. Asho’s face is starting to be unable to hold up the faint smile that seems to exist and not exist.

Boom boom boom –

The underground hall suddenly shook, and the people in black robes were overjoyed, bowing down, and shouting in unison:

“Pray for the coming of the Lord!”

Asho thought he was going to stand up during the earthquake, but he found that his butt seemed to be stuck to the stone seat and he couldn’t stand up. Suddenly, a dazzling rainbow light shone in his eyes. He looked up and saw four dazzling rainbow lights floating in the air, bringing color and endless warmth to the hall.

“The great observer of the end, Asho Heath!”

They said in unison, as if millions of people were speaking at the same time: “The only pure person in the dark and turbid world, the last brave person in the heavy land, you shoulder the heavy responsibility of saving the world and the mission of rescuing all beings!”

“We will pass through the silver sky wheel to give you strength, and we will break the golden balance to protect your glory! Your name is holy, your will is our will, and your country is the land of happiness for all beings!”

“Asho Heath!”

Unconsciously, Asho found himself kneeling on one knee, bowing his head respectfully, waiting for the moment of glory to come.The red light on the far left said, “I am the lord of countless glories, in charge of battle, courage, and honor! I give you the power of the angel to clear all enemies for you!”

A female angel with a spear and wings flew in front of Asho. She wore red armor and was only the size of a finger, but her aura was overwhelming. Asho could almost see a sea of corpses and blood in her eyes.

The blue light on the second left said, “I am the lord of wind, rain, and snow, in charge of wisdom, change, and fate! I give you the wisdom of the angel to help you achieve all your goals!”

A female angel with a blue hat and a notebook flew in front of Asho. She was also only the size of a finger, with deep and profound eyes that seemed to hold endless knowledge.

The green light on the second right said, “I am the eternal heart of burning flames, in charge of life, equality, and sharing. I give you the life of the angel to help you stay healthy forever!”

A green and translucent female angel, like a little girl, flew in front of Asho. She was very cute, with a circle of green light surrounding her, making people feel warm and relaxed.

The pink light on the far right said, “I am the soul of dreams and freedom, in charge of love, pleasure, and art. I give you the joy of the angel to help you charm others!”

A beautiful pink female angel flew in front of Asho. She had a graceful figure and captivating eyes, and even though she was only the size of a finger, she seemed to be the most beautiful existence in the world.

The four angels danced around Asho, adding a dazzling brilliance to him. At this moment, Asho felt a continuous surge of power, his body full of energy, his mood extremely happy, and his mind thinking of countless plans. Everything was perfect!

The lord of countless glories, the lord of wind, rain, and snow, the eternal heart of burning flames, and the soul of dreams and freedom all said, “Brave one favored by destiny, observer of cause and effect, please go and create miracles, save the world!”

As the voices of the four descending gods shattered like bubbles, the four angels gradually disappeared. However, the underground hall remained bright, and Asho, with the protection of the four gods, was like a walking rainbow.

Asho clenched his fist, his mouth curled up, revealing a confident smile.

He never thought that this sudden crossing was a big pit, but instead it was a blessing. He actually became the hero of this world, with the protection of four gods, and the support of countless believers. What a wonderful script!

Next is to defeat monsters, save the world, marry the most beautiful princess, become the king of this world, and reach the pinnacle of life!


There was a loud noise from the ceiling, and the black-robed believer in front said, “Hero, the Bloodthirsty Hunter has found us! Now we can only rely on you to repel them!”

The Bloodthirsty Hunter? It sounds like an antagonist. Asho guessed that they were just novice mobs for him to gain reputation and familiarize himself with skills, so he boldly drew his long sword from his waist and said arrogantly, “My sword is invincible! Let this group of Bloodthirsty Hunters become the first group of souls under my sword! Come on, lead the way!”

“No need, we’ll come down ourselves.”

With a loud bang, the ceiling of the underground hall exploded!

Asho looked up and saw a group of enemies wearing silver windbreakers and hats, holding blood-stained long swords, jumping down from above!

“Good timing!”

Asho shouted:





The four angels together added their protection to Asho. At this moment, Asho felt that he could cut the enemy in half with one sword! He was fearless, shouting and jumping up, slashing at the Bloodthirsty Hunter in front, even cutting out a sword aura!

With the blessing of the gods, I have become so powerful!

Now I have the protection of a defense barrier and a continuous supply of stamina. I wonder who can defeat me now!As Asho secretly felt proud, he heard the Bloodthirsty Hunter opposite him scoff.

“Is that all?”

The Bloodthirsty Hunter’s face showed a sinister smile as he casually swung his longsword. The longsword instantly turned into a chain sword several meters long, slashing out a blood-red sword qi that spanned several meters!

Asho’s sword qi was instantly swallowed up, and the defensive barrier on his body was shattered in an instant. The entire underground hall was split by the Bloodthirsty Hunter’s sword, and a huge crack opened up beneath Asho’s feet!

Seeing the opponent easily defeating himself, Asho couldn’t react for a moment: “How is this possible…”

“With only four two-winged Chaos Artisans, and not even your own, where do you get the courage to fight me, a three-winged Holy Domain warrior?”

A gust of wind rose with a rustling sound, and three wings sprouted from the back of the Bloodthirsty Hunter. They were the Silver Wing, the Golden Wing, and the Rainbow Wing!

He retracted the chain sword back into its longsword form, and like a flying dragon, he broke into Asho’s embrace, piercing his chest with a single sword and nailing him to the stone seat!

Asho had no choice but to sit down again.

He vomited blood, staring blankly at the Bloodthirsty Hunter as he took off the small lantern from his waist. Somehow, the lantern suddenly emitted a dazzling white light.

The angels who were trying to continue giving power to Asho let out desperate and hateful screams under the illumination of this white light, their forms no longer able to maintain their previous beauty, becoming incredibly ugly!

The Power Angel turned into an ugly mantis,

The Wisdom Angel transformed into a rotting fly,

The Life Angel melted into pale maggots,

The Joy Angel turned into a foul-smelling gas!

Courage, wisdom, joy, and life protections quickly faded from Asho’s body, and he was completely awakened by the severe pain in his chest, showing a bewildered expression on his face.

What just happened?

He was just an ordinary person who had just crossed over, knowing nothing about any intelligence. Why did he suddenly become so arrogant and domineering, participating in a war that had nothing to do with him?

This was not something a normal person who had been beaten down by society for several years could do.

As Asho was in a daze, the battle in the underground hall had already ended, and the black-robed believers were no match for the Bloodthirsty Hunter.

The Bloodthirsty Hunter standing in front of Asho took out a scroll from his chest and unfolded it in front of Asho, revealing the red seal document inside:

“I am Jielade Weisiminsite, Bloodthirsty Hunter of the Falconer’s Hall, hunter number 307791. The Falconer’s Hall now suspects you of being involved in the Four Pillar God Heresy spreading case, multiple kidnapping cases, murder cases, robbery cases, and other heinous crimes. This is the arrest warrant signed by the Camon City Falconer’s Hall. If you have any opinions on our law enforcement, you can complain at the front desk of the Falconer’s Hall Camon branch at 233 Civilian Boulevard or directly to the Mayor’s mailbox.”

“Now then,” the Bloodthirsty Hunter put away the arrest warrant, took out a pair of silver shackles, and personally put the exquisite bracelets on Asho. The corners of his mouth curled up, revealing his pale fangs:

“Four Pillar God Heresy leader, Asho Heath, you are under arrest.”

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