Chapter 32 – First case of the Ten Nations

Upon waking up, Fang Yun felt a slight itch on his face. As he opened his eyes, he saw that his servant, who should have been in the bamboo basket, was lying next to him with the new soft pillow as a bed. The servant was covered by its tail, lying elegantly on its side.

Fang Yun smiled slightly, touched the servant’s head, and got up to wash up.

He took Zhou Zhubu’s hand order and went to the Wen Hui Tang and the printing workshop. The 50,000 books took up a lot of space, so Fang Yun did not take them out. He planned to wait until April 1st to take them out and sell them to those who came to buy “The Path of the Saints” or “Wen Bao.”

Fang Yun refined his sales plan and everyone began to prepare intensively to make Three Flavors Bookstore famous.

After leaving the bookstore, Fang Yun let Fang Daniu go home and he drove to buy all the writings of the three Semi-Saint examiners this year. It cost him a total of sixteen silver, equivalent to his income for the past three years.

He then went to the academy and bought the bound volumes of “Wen Bao” and “The Path of the Saints” for the past ten years, which cost him sixty-two silver.

Fang Yun calculated that just buying all the “The Path of the Saints” and “Wen Bao” would cost nearly 4,000 silver. If he were to buy one copy of all the books in the Jing Kingdom Academy, which amounted to one million copies at 100 texts each, it would cost him a hundred thousand silver.

“The road is long,” Fang Yun thought.

He drove the carriage to a secluded place, put the newly bought books into the Strange Book Heaven, and then went home.

That day, Fang Yun discussed with the head of the Fang family and decided to teach the children in the school. However, these children had already learned “Thousand Character Classic” and “Hundred Family Surnames.” They would not start learning the classics of All the Saints and how to take the Child Scholar exam until three months later in the autumn. So, Fang Yun did not have to teach too much during this period. He only needed to teach one class a day, which was very relaxed.

Although Fang Yun was grateful for the arrangement made by the head of the Fang family, he did not want to receive twenty silver for doing nothing. Therefore, he decided to teach something else and began to compile “Three Character Classic.”

“Three Character Classic” included education, history, astronomy, geography, morality, and many other aspects. It was easy to remember and read, and was a popular reading material for schools, on par with “Thousand Character Classic” and “Hundred Family Surnames,” and had an irreplaceable position in ancient times.

The original “Three Character Classic” had a lot of content that was not suitable for the thoughts, characters, or history of the Holy Origin Mainland, so it had to be removed. At the same time, Holy Origin Mainland’s unique history had to be added.

Based on the history of the Holy Origin Mainland, Fang Yun rewrote a “Three Character Classic” of about 1,500 words, which he planned to use as tomorrow’s teaching content. If the response was good, then he would continue teaching it and print the book as soon as possible to spread his reputation and earn silver.

The more widely his poetry and literature spread, the greater Fang Yun’s talent would grow, and the brighter his star would shine in the academy.

The next morning, Fang Yun went to the Fang family, met with the head of the family, and then went to the Fang family’s clan school with the head of the family personally introducing him.Fang’s family school is located on the outskirts of the prefecture, with a large area and a scale comparable to that of a small academy.

The student identities here are very complex, including Fang’s family members, relatives, the sons of Fang’s family servants, and the descendants of some comrades who had fought and died with Fang Shouye. All the sons of martyrs were adopted by Fang Shouye and considered his sons.

Everything in the family school is free, and free lunches are also provided.

Fang Yun estimated the cost and realized that it would cost at least one thousand two hundred silver coins a month. He respected Fang Shouye even more in his heart. This is benevolence, this is righteousness.

There are four hundred students in this family school, divided into three parts: Mongolian school, elementary school, and child scholar class.

There are more than twenty teachers in Fang’s family school, and the lady of the house introduced them to Fang Yun.

Only four of these teachers are accomplished scholars, and the rest are child scholars. Most of them are very enthusiastic about Fang Yun and praise his poetry, but a few are indifferent to him and even to the lady of the house.

One of them, a young accomplished scholar, has the hardest tone and claims to be a “double A child scholar in the prefecture,” quite pleased with himself.

Fang Yun couldn’t be bothered to deal with such a person.

The number of child scholar candidates in the prefecture is twenty times that of Ji County, but the number of admissions is only ten times that of Ji County. Therefore, although some rich merchants and officials’ sons study in the prefecture, their school records are in other counties.

The competition in the prefecture is far more intense than in other counties, so they mostly look down on those small counties, even if Fang Yun is a double A child scholar, this accomplished scholar does not think he is much weaker.

However, when they encounter students from the capital, people from all states will unite because the admission rate in the capital is the highest among the four states and the capital, even though it is just one city, the number of child scholars is more than that of a state.

When introducing the accomplished scholar, the lady of the house specially mentioned, “He is your second aunt’s nephew.”

Fang Yun immediately understood what was going on.

After sending away the lady of the house, Fang Yun returned to the classroom, sat at his desk, put the things he brought on the table, and sorted out the teaching content once again.

Soon, the old dean of the family school, Fang Jingtang, came to the classroom.

All the teachers immediately stood up.

Fang Jingtang smiled and said, “Sit down, there are no outsiders. Fang Yun, you will teach the A class in the Mongolian school from the second lesson every day, from 8:15 to 9:15, okay?”

Many people looked at Fang Yun with envy. There are five classes in Mongolian school, and the A class has always been the best. The proportion of child scholars in the A class is much higher than in other classes. If these students have a bright future, the teachers will inevitably have qualifications, or they can teach in the academy, or they can expand their networks through this.

Fang Yun immediately said, “Everything is up to the dean’s decision, and the junior will obey.”Fang Jingtang nodded with satisfaction, but the talented scholar Lu Yingnian beside him spoke up, “Dean, he’s just a child scholar this year. Although he’s a double champion, we can’t compare to him, but he still lacks experience. Is it appropriate to let him teach the A class? I’ve been an accomplished scholar for five years and have been teaching here for three years. It’s not tiring for me to teach the child scholar class. Why don’t I take charge of the A class?”

“Yingnian, are you questioning my arrangement?” Fang Jingtang asked with a smile.

Lu Yingnian’s face changed slightly, and he hurriedly said, “No, no, Yingnian isn’t questioning Uncle’s arrangement, but questioning Fang Yun’s ability.”

Fang Jingtang smiled and asked, “Yingnian, how old were you when you became a child scholar?”

“Nineteen,” Lu Yingnian answered.

“What about you, Fang Yun?” Fang Jingtang asked.


Fang Jingtang then asked Lu Yingnian, “Was your child scholar exam a double champion?”


“Have you ever had a poem published in Mingzhou?”


“What?!” The classroom erupted in a commotion, and all the teachers looked at Fang Yun in disbelief.

At this time, the April issue of “The Path of the Saints” had not yet been released, and the news of Fang Yun’s poem being published in Zhenguo only circulated among those high-ranking officials who were avid readers. These teachers didn’t know about it, and they only learned that Fang Yun was a double champion and a child scholar before the Holy Era from the March issue of “The Daily News.”

Lu Yingnian opened his mouth but didn’t dare to speak again.

Fang Jingtang bowed to Fang Yun and said, “I only heard about your ‘Early Departure from Jixian’ poem yesterday. It’s truly a masterpiece of poetry. Your presence here makes the Fang family’s school shine. Teach well, and no one here can say anything bad about you.”

Fang Jingtang still had a smile on his face as he looked around and left the classroom.

Lu Yingnian remained silent, and the child scholar teachers gathered around Fang Yun, wanting to know about his poem in Zhenguo.

Fang Yun declined but wrote out “Early Departure from Jixian.” These teachers were only child scholars and couldn’t see the beauty of the words. After Fang Yun pointed it out, they suddenly realized and praised him, convinced of his talent.

Although Lu Yingnian didn’t come over, he listened carefully and lowered his head after hearing it, lost in thought.

As it approached 8:15, Dean Fang Jingtang came to the classroom again and took Fang Yun to the A class of the school.

Lu Yingnian and a few other teachers without classes followed from afar.

As they approached the classroom, Fang Yun’s breathing became rapid. It was his first time being a teacher, and he couldn’t help but feel excited.

Walking into the classroom, Fang Yun first saw pairs of bright and clear eyes. These children were between six and twelve years old, sitting upright behind their desks and looking at Fang Yun curiously.

One of them said, “Greetings, Teacher.”

The sound of chairs and desks being moved around filled the room as all the students stood up, bowed slightly, and said in unison, “Hello, Teacher.”

“Please sit down.” Fang Jingtang smiled and gestured for the students to sit.Fang Yun looked around the classroom and found that there was no blackboard, but there was a podium.

After the two of them walked to the podium, Fang Jingtang said, “This is the new teacher for the second class in the future. You may not know, but he is the famous Shuangjia Saint Child Scholar, the first case in ten countries, Fang Yun!”

All the children stared with wide eyes and open mouths, looking at Fang Yun in amazement. Some of them even exclaimed in surprise.

In the past ten days, all the students in Jiangzhou and even the whole Jing Kingdom could hear words like “Fang Yun”, “Shuangjia”, “Saint Child Scholar”, “Mingzhou”, etc. Every place, whether it was in the school, at home, or on the road, had people talking about it, because Fang Yun had broken the record of the Jing Kingdom.

These children who were studying in school listened to their teachers praising Shuangjia, and heard their parents talking about Saint Child Scholar at home. They had long been envious of Fang Yun. Now that they saw the legendary genius appear here with their own eyes, how could they not be amazed?

Several children were so excited that their faces were flushed, and they wanted to run to Fang Yun and ask for a poem.

Fang Jingtang was very satisfied with the performance of these children and said a few more words before leaving.

Lu Yingnian and several other teachers were outside the classroom, wanting to hear if Fang Yun could really teach.

Fang Yun swept his eyes over the still-excited students, smiled slightly, and said, “You all know who I am, but I don’t know who you are. Let’s start with the one on the left. Introduce yourself one by one, say your name, age, and what you like. Come on, you go first.”

Fang Yun looked at the first student on the left.

The child immediately became the focus of the whole class. He stood up with a red face and whispered, “My name is Song, Song Qiming, nine years old, I like… I like to eat.”

“Hahaha…” the whole class burst into laughter.

Fang Yun smiled and said, “Okay, eating well can make you grow strong. You must study hard in the future to defend the land of the human race, because no one knows what delicious food will grow on the land occupied by the Demon Barbarians.”

The students laughed again.

The few teachers outside also laughed. They didn’t expect Fang Yun to educate the children in such a humorous way.

“Um!” The little foodie Song Qiming’s eyes lit up, nodded vigorously, and secretly remembered Fang Yun’s words.

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