Chapter 23 – Family heirloom!

The crowd continued to discuss.

“The court has not responded before the Holy One, so we may have to wait for the approval of the Wenpai Fang to reward together. But this time, the poem is about Zhen Guo, and it will definitely appear in the court tomorrow. According to reason, writing a poem about Zhen Guo will increase our national luck, and at least give a title, ‘Xiang Nan’ is too low, at least it should be ‘Xian Nan’.”

“This poem is very likely to be recommended by Li Grand Academician to the ‘Path of the Saints’ monthly magazine. And ‘Spring Dawn’ will definitely appear in the next month’s ‘Path of the Saints’. This is two poems appearing together, which is unprecedented.”

“But I heard that one of the three editors of ‘Path of the Saints’ is the youngest Grand Academician of Qing Guo. Qing Guo and Jing Guo have been at odds for a long time. Will he sabotage it?”

“It’s impossible. Even if the three Grand Academicians are editors, they are still reviewed by the Great Scholars in the end. There should be no problem.”

“The problem is that Fang Yun’s ‘Year End’ has also been recommended.”

“Three poems appearing together? Unprecedented. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse. According to the County Lord, he doesn’t want him to be too famous and wants him to hone his skills for a few years, but now he can’t hide it.”

“He is going to be in the limelight. The Child Scholar’s poem about Zhen Guo is completely different from the Great Scholar’s poem. Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, it’s my good fortune to be from the same hometown as him.”

“But Fang Yun, don’t be too proud. In the eyes of all the Saints, the classics are the great way, governing the country is the middle way, and poetry is the small way.”

“The wind changes, and now the Demon Barbarians are watching. It is unknown whether he can use the small way to kill his way to becoming a Semi-Saint.” Su Presented Scholar hinted at his view of the situation.

“That’s true. With Fang Yun’s great talent, he may be able to embark on his own path in a few decades.”

“That’s right.”

Soon, County Magistrate Cai secretly took out his personal seal and then took the poem page from others and placed it on the stone table.

“Fang Yun, come here. Your handwriting is more than ten times better than that of the County Exam. The bone and shape of your handwriting are very special. I have never seen it before. It seems to have the power of a famous calligrapher. Come and tell me.” County Magistrate Cai said.

Everyone had finished reading it, so they voluntarily stepped aside and let Fang Yun walk to County Magistrate Cai’s side.

Wang Yuanjun smiled and said, “The child can be taught. Although this handwriting is still a bit immature, it is not bad compared to an ordinary Child Scholar. It already has the style of a great scholar. It may surpass us in less than three years. This… County Lord, what are you doing!”

Wang Yuanjun widened his eyes and saw County Magistrate Cai suddenly reach out and grab Fang Yun’s right thumb, then press Fang Yun’s thumb into the red ink pad, and then press Fang Yun’s thumb onto the paper of the poem ‘Ji County Morning Departure’.

Fang Yun raised his thumb in confusion, and the red fingerprint on the paper was clearly visible.

Everyone looked at County Magistrate Cai in confusion. What kind of play was he performing?

County Magistrate Cai grabbed the paper with lightning speed, ran away, and recited the War Poetry with ease.

“Young man and horse are as fast as flying,

Sell out the Confucian robes and buy the armor;

Don’t know the strength of the muscles when getting old,

Still dreaming of breaking through the heavy siege at midnight.”

While reciting this poem, a strong wind blew around County Magistrate Cai, and he lightly stepped on the ground, taking a step of seven or eight zhang in mid-air, with extremely fast speed, no less than that of a galloping horse.

County Magistrate Cai laughed loudly, “Hahaha, this poem will be my family heirloom! Fang Yun, you can rest assured!”

Fang Yun almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood. Was this still an Imperial Scholar? Was this still a County Magistrate? Could he still have the opportunity to become a Provincial Governor in charge of a province? Last night, he said that he was a student of Wen Xiang, and Wen Xiang taught such students? Could he still happily discuss the classics in the future?

Everyone suddenly realized and became jealous!

Su Presented Scholar shouted, “Stop that thief and get back my son-in-law’s poem! What are you waiting for, stop him together!””Mr. Su is right. If he dares to touch the Treasures of Literature official seal, I will report him!” Wang Yuanjun said angrily.

“Cai He, how can you be so treacherous! You’re not fit to be called a human!”

Su Presented Scholar pointed ahead of Cai County Magistrate and quickly recited the famous war poetry “The Song of the Great Wind” by Emperor of Han Liu Bang.

“The great wind rises, the clouds fly high, the power extends across the seas, and I return to my hometown. Where can I find a valiant warrior to guard the four corners of the world?”

Presented Scholars kill enemies with eloquence.

A breaking sound was heard in the sky, followed by a ten-foot-high green tornado that appeared in front of Cai County Magistrate, blowing towards him at high speed. The wind formed by the war poetry far exceeded the natural tornado, with wind blades like knives, which would surely shred anyone caught in it.

Wang Yuanjun also refused to be outdone and recited the war poetry “The Canglang Journey” by the Half-Sage Chen Guanhai of Jing Kingdom. A giant wave four feet high and nine feet long appeared behind Cai He, sandwiching him between the wave and the tornado. The power of this wave was even stronger than that of Lu Butou’s Treasure of Literature waist card.

“This is madness!” muttered an Accomplished Scholar.

However, several old Accomplished Scholars smiled and watched the show. Unless everyone present attacked with their lives, it was impossible to stop Cai County Magistrate, who was an Imperial Scholar.

Fang Yun was at a loss in the wind, laughing and crying. He never expected to see scholars fighting with war poetry for the first time, especially with one of his own poems.

“Haha, I’ll make this poem mine! Sword, go!”

Cai County Magistrate laughed and breathed out his literary talent, condensing it into an ancient sword.

The literary talent sword slashed into the tornado, and with a loud bang, the tornado exploded into a green gas.

At the same time, the Savage Cow, who had been protecting Cai County Magistrate, suddenly leaped two feet high and punched the giant wave that Wang Yuanjun had recited.


The Savage Cow was thrown out like a ball by the powerful force, and the power of the wave was weakened, making it difficult to catch up with Cai County Magistrate.

The Savage Cow made a shallow pit in the ground, shook his head, and stood up, dusting off the dirt on his body, as if nothing had happened.

“I never expected this Savage Cow to be so strong,” Fang Yun thought. A Savage Cow was equivalent to a Presented Scholar in the human race, and one person was enough to defeat an army of a thousand people.

Although a Presented Scholar could not defeat a Savage Cow with one blow of his war poetry, it was even more difficult for a Presented Scholar to kill a Savage Cow. In a one-on-one situation, the Savage Cow had a great chance of winning, with individual strength that the human race could not compare with.

“Hahaha, Fang Yun, go find Zhou Zhubu tomorrow, and I’ll give you a little gift.” Cai He laughed and rushed into the city, completely lacking the dignity of a county magistrate and acting like a wild man.

Su Presented Scholar was so angry that he cursed, “Cai He, you cunning fox! Why didn’t I think of this trick? Fang Yun, if my daughter or granddaughter becomes your concubine, can you get that national poem back for me?”

Su Presented Scholar looked at Fang Yun expectantly, even though he was over fifty years old, his eyes were more pitiful than a kitten.

Fang Yun was also helpless and said, “I didn’t expect Cai County Magistrate to be so cunning. It’s just a poem, forget it. I have to go now, goodbye.”

Wang Yuanjun reached out to stop him and asked, “Don’t you have a new poem to write?”

“How can the national poem be so easy to write?” Fang Yun almost rolled his eyes. This Wang Yuanjun never learned his lesson.

“If not the national poem, then the Mingzhou poem will do. I don’t have as big an appetite as Cai County Magistrate. The Mingzhou poem can be my family heirloom.” Wang Yuanjun said.

“I don’t want Mingzhou, Dafu will do, the lyrics or the music.” Su Presented Scholar said.

An Accomplished Scholar whispered, “Give me a poem about leaving the county, that’s enough. I’m worried about not having a good betrothal gift for my second son.”Another talented scholar joked, “If you can really get the first poem from the county’s anthology, you can send it as a betrothal gift to my daughter, who is called Little Yu Huan.”

“It’s settled then!”

The people around laughed.

Fang Yun gave the two talented scholars a disdainful look, bowed, and said, “Goodbye.” Then he jumped onto the carriage.

Su Presented Scholar said, “Don’t go yet. My daughter’s or granddaughter’s marriage can be discussed. Can you leave the next poem, ‘The War Poetry’, for me? I have a nice niece.”

Fang Yun was speechless and just waved goodbye.

Wang Court Lady sighed and said, “Cai He is so greedy. Not only did he get the gifted poem, but he also took the ‘first edition’ of ‘The War Poetry’! This matter cannot be left alone! How can the prestigious ‘The War Poetry’ be seized by Cai He and stamped with his handprint? It’s outrageous! He must pay dearly, and we cannot let him get away with it.”

Su Presented Scholar said, “Of course we cannot let him go! But this handprint on ‘The War Poetry’ is too rare. When Fang Yun becomes famous, he will have his own seal and will not stamp his handprint. That page of poetry is probably a unique masterpiece. If Fang Yun becomes a Great Scholar or even a Saint in the future, Cai He will have taken a huge advantage.”

Wang Court Lady’s face turned pale, and she said, “Every time I think of the scene where Cai He took ‘The War Poetry’, my heart aches. My heart is bleeding! I would rather exchange my official position for this ‘The War Poetry’!”

“Let’s go! Let’s go to his house for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three days! Otherwise, I cannot ease my hatred!” Su Presented Scholar said angrily.

“Let’s go!”

Everyone responded with laughter and walked towards the county yamen.

Fang Yun shook his head and opened the carriage curtain to go in.

The carriage was relatively dark, but Fang Yun saw a pair of bright eyes looking at him.

Yang Yuhuan’s eyes were shocked, joyful, and pleased, but mostly they were filled with admiration and worship.

“Little Yun, you’re amazing!” Yang Yuhuan said excitedly, staring at Fang Yun.

“It’s not a big deal,” Fang Yun said, feeling a little embarrassed.

“How can you say it’s not a big deal? Even I, a woman, know the reputation of ‘The War Poetry’. Look at those high-ranking officials. They fought for your sake. I have never heard of such a thing before. You are simply…no, you are a great talent!” Yang Yuhuan said.

Fang Yun couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t expect that just by writing a poem, Yang Yuhuan would become like a crazy fan. At this moment, Yang Yuhuan was even more beautiful and charming.

Fang Yun looked at Yang Yuhuan carefully and said, “Yuhuan, you look even more beautiful now, but you’re still too thin. You need to keep eating.”

“You’re talking nonsense!” Yang Yuhuan blushed and lowered her head.

Jiang Pozi complimented, “Mr. Fang is truly the God of Literature who has descended to earth. Just by writing a poem, officials fought for it. What will happen in the future? But they won’t really fight to the death for you, right?”

Fang Yun laughed and said, “You’re worrying too much. Wang Court Lady and Su Presented Scholar were just angry for a moment and fought. It’s not that serious. Isn’t there a ‘The War Poetry’ competition? It’s like sparring.”

“Good to hear.” Jiang Pozi said.

Outside, Fang Daniu said loudly, “Young Master, a few years ago, I saw a ‘The War Poetry’ competition. The theme was ‘fire’, and two talented scholars actually signed a life-and-death agreement. As a result, one was burned to death. It was a tragedy.”

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