Chapter 97 – The Crow and the Cat Outside the Window

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After finalizing the deal with 369, He Gu felt somewhat relieved.


As long as 369 could timely block the thing in the box, dealing with 449 shouldn't be too difficult for He Gu.


However, up to this point, 449 hadn't shown any flaws, leaving He Gu feeling uneasy.


Back in his office, He Gu sat in his chair, feeling a persistent sense of insecurity.


449's intentions were clearly malicious, and it seemed like they were planning to deliver a fatal blow right from the start!


After sitting in the office for a while, He Gu still felt restless and went down to Warehouse 44 to check things out twice.


But each time He Gu went down, 449 was leisurely sitting in the chair, exuding confidence.


With no other choice, He Gu returned to his office to wait anxiously.


Time ticked away, second by second.


At 21:51, 369 from next door suddenly entered He Gu's office.


"Right, it's your first day as a supervisor. As an ally, there's something I must remind you of."


Seeing 369's serious expression, He Gu quickly asked, "What is it?"


369 lowered his voice and said, "You must know, wearing this uniform means the medication is just for show."


He Gu nodded slightly: "And?"


369 continued, "Look at these office walls, all made of glass. Do you know why?"


Without waiting for He Gu to answer, 369 answered his own question: "Because here, everyone is its eyes. Ordinary tricks won't work. If you can't ensure your methods are flawless, you'd better swallow your medicine, otherwise…"


"Caw! Caw!"


Before 369 could finish, a harsh and eerie crow's cawing suddenly came from outside the window.


The sound was hoarse and chilling to the bone.


Hearing this, 369's face changed instantly, and without another word, he quickly walked back to his office.


He Gu, puzzled, watched 369's retreating figure. Was there some taboo associated with the crow's cawing?


Why did 369 leave without finishing his sentence?


With suspicion in his heart, He Gu didn't dare to be careless and obediently sat back down, imitating 369's behavior.


A few seconds later, He Gu saw a figure in a purple uniform at the end of the corridor outside the glass wall.


Manager A58 had arrived!


A58 walked down the corridor with his hands behind his back, entering offices now and then to speak a few words.


Several minutes later, A58 finally strolled to the entrance of He Gu's office.


Remembering that A58 had openly expressed his displeasure with him in the afternoon and might have even arranged for 449 to target him, He Gu naturally didn't show a welcoming face and merely glanced over indifferently.


Unexpectedly, A58 walked in and asked sternly, "Have you brought the newcomer?"


He Gu nodded expressionlessly: "Brought them, they're in the warehouse."


A58 continued with a stern face, "Did you explain everything that needed to be explained in the warehouse?"


He Gu: "I did."


A58 glanced at He Gu and said coolly, "Stay sharp and do your duty well! I'll be coming back to check later. If I don't see you in the inner storage area…"


A58 left with a cold snort, turning away.


Watching A58's figure disappear at the end of the corridor, He Gu was about to go to 369 to have him finish what he was saying.


However, just as He Gu stood up, a sudden wave of headache, dizziness, and nausea hit him.


It was time to take his medicine!


He Gu, enduring the discomfort, sat back down and discreetly looked around.


Glass walls were on both sides, and people in the adjacent offices could see each other.


He Gu took out the small medicine bottle from his pocket, opened the lid, poured a few pills into his palm, put the excess pills back into the bottle, and swallowed one of the pills he had left in his hand.


Clearly, He Gu was repeating the trick he had used in front of 411 the previous night, swallowing a "fake pill" made of chalk.


This trick had fooled everyone in front of 411 last night, so it should work here as well.


Seconds after swallowing the "fake pill," the headache, dizziness, and nausea He Gu felt subsided.


Feeling relieved, He Gu was glad that no one had seen through his ruse.


He then put away the medicine bottle, intending to go next door to ask 369 about the consequences of being caught not taking the medicine, as he hadn't finished explaining.


At that moment, however, He Gu saw 369 getting up and going downstairs.


Perhaps he was going to check on the warehouse he supervised?


He Gu was also thinking of following him down and checking on Warehouse 44.


But just then, a cat's meow suddenly came from outside the window.




"Meow Meow!"




One after another, the meows echoed from outside, sounding mournful and as if more than one cat was fighting!


Thinking of the special attributes of black cats, He Gu got up and looked out the window.


It was pitch black outside, and the reflection of the indoor lights on the glass made it impossible to see anything.


He Gu pressed his forehead against the glass and blocked the light from the sides of his eyes with his hands, finally getting a clear view of the scene outside.


On the asbestos tile roof outside, not more than 5 meters from He Gu's office window, there was indeed a group of cats.


It was a group of tabby cats and one black cat. Through his glasses, He Gu could see that the tabby cats had patches of rot resembling 'corpse spots,' with much of their skin and flesh decayed away, revealing the white bones underneath, some even crawling with maggots.


In contrast, the black cat appeared normal within the view of the glasses.


To He Gu's surprise, the "zombie-like" tabby cats were actually attacking the black cat.


The black cat was clearly stronger than the "zombie cats," managing to hold its own against four attackers.


But the "zombie cats" seemed to feel no pain, even if a large chunk of flesh was torn from their bodies by the black cat, they would struggle a bit and then continue to pounce.


The scene was somewhat horrifying, and even though He Gu had seen "zombie cats" before, he still felt a chill.


After a moment, He Gu noticed that the black cat being attacked seemed to be holding something in its mouth.


Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a crow!?


So, the "zombie cats" were attacking the black cat to snatch the crow?


As He Gu pondered, the black cat, outnumbered and alone, began to show signs of fatigue under the relentless assault of the "zombie cats."


Eventually, the black cat unwillingly dropped the crow from its mouth and leaped into the darkness.


The "zombie cats" didn't pursue but instead rushed to the already lifeless crow's body.


Just as He Gu wanted to see what they would do to the crow's body, the "zombie cats" seemed to sense He Gu's gaze and suddenly turned their heads to look straight at him…

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