Chapter 90 – Promotion to supervisor! New job manual

Seeing this rule, He Gu felt a chill down his spine.

It was another instant death rule!

Just moments ago in the elevator, when the person on the walkie-talkie told him to take the envelope, He Gu had actually wanted to refuse.

Had it not been for the cane 111 had given him, which allowed He Gu to retrieve the envelope without leaving the elevator, he might have truly refused.

Now it seemed, had He Gu refused just then, he might have directly violated an instant death rule!

After reading the rule, He Gu knocked on the door.

A woman’s voice came from inside: “Come in.”

He Gu entered the room.

The office was the same as before, with four desks, but three were empty.

The only person sitting in the corner was not the A21 He Gu had seen before.

This time, it was a plump woman with curly hair dressed in a purple uniform, her badge bearing the purple number: A22.

A22 was busy with her head down, not even looking up as she asked, “444?”

“It’s me,” He Gu replied, continuing to walk forward.

Approaching her, He Gu noticed several ampoules filled with liquid, along with cotton swabs, alcohol, and syringes on A22’s desk, resembling a nurse’s workstation.

A22 skillfully opened an ampoule, drew the liquid into a syringe, expelled the air by turning it upside down, and while soaking a cotton swab in alcohol, said, “Come sit down, roll up your right sleeve.”

At that moment, He Gu wondered if he had walked into the wrong place.


He Gu uttered in confusion but then remembered the rule he had seen on the door: Within this building, you cannot refuse any request from someone in purple.

Reluctantly, He Gu complied, sat down, and pulled his right arm out of his sleeve while asking, “What… what is this for?”

Since when did HR start giving injections on arrival!?

In this context, that liquid didn’t look like anything good!

Before, when asked to take medicine, He Gu could think of various ways to avoid it, but now it had escalated to injections!?

While He Gu was nervously speculating, A22 finally looked up at him, ready to disinfect with the alcohol swab before giving the injection.

However, upon seeing He Gu, A22 paused, her hand suspended in mid-air, and looked at him in astonishment.

After a two-second pause, A22 glanced at the cane resting on He Gu’s leg, a look of realization crossing her face. She put down the alcohol swab and put away the syringe and other items from the desk.

“Put your clothes back on, you don’t need an injection with your condition.”

As A22 spoke, she packed all the items on the desk into a box and placed the box back in the drawer, then took out a small blue vial.

He Gu, still puzzled, redressed and tentatively asked, “That injection… what was it for?”

A22 glanced at He Gu and said indifferently, “Of course, it was to treat your wounds, but your injuries don’t require an injection, a pill will do.”

As she spoke, A22 poured out a mung bean-sized blue pill from the small blue vial and handed it to He Gu, “Take it.”

He Gu, mindful of the rules, had no choice but to accept the pill and swallowed it.

Watching He Gu swallow the pill, A22 nodded in satisfaction and extended her right hand, “Give me the envelope you just received.”

He Gu nodded and passed the envelope over.

A22 quickly opened the envelope, took out a form to glance at, and then said, “You must answer all the questions I ask you truthfully, understand?”

He Gu nodded lightly, “Okay.”

A22 looked at the form and asked, “What vehicle did you take to get to the factory area?”

He Gu: “I came with a colleague from the freight department in a truck.”

A22 nodded, took a pen, and wrote two characters on the form.

He Gu sneakily glanced and saw that the first column was labeled “Category,” and A22 had written “Cargo B.”

The content seemed disjointed, as if it suggested He Gu was some sort of “cargo”?

Feeling uneasy, He Gu watched as A22 looked up at him with an expressionless face and said, “Please move your seat back by one meter.”

Unable to refuse her request, He Gu had to move his stool back a meter, distancing himself from the desk and naturally unable to see the contents of the form anymore.

Then, A22 continued, “What do you think of 411, your previous supervisor?”

He Gu was taken aback and honestly replied, “Not familiar, no particular feelings.”

A22 gave He Gu a meaningful look, “And the taste?”

He Gu felt a chill from A22’s gaze and answered, “I haven’t tasted it, I don’t know.”

Hearing He Gu’s response, A22 paused, then lowered her head to write a few more words on the form.

After a moment, A22 said, “You will be promoted to the night shift supervisor of Storage Area Four. Do you have any requests regarding the selection of your subordinates?”

He Gu thought for a moment and said, “I’d prefer to be assigned newcomers.”

Although He Gu had no interest in “fruit,” newcomers posed less of a threat to him; he didn’t want to be devoured by his subordinates.

A22 continued to write on the form expressionlessly, then put it away and stood up, “That’s all.”

“Congratulations on your promotion to supervisor.”

With that, A22 took out a blue badge from the drawer and handed it to He Gu, “This is your new badge.”

“Please return your previous badge and walkie-talkie.”

He Gu placed his badge and walkie-talkie on the desk and took the new badge.

The number was still 444, but the font was now blue.

Then, A22 brought out a 60-centimeter square storage box from under the desk, “This is your new equipment, and your new walkie-talkie is inside.”

“Take your things back, change into your new uniform, and your department manager will look for you later.”

He Gu nodded, took the storage box, picked up the cane resting by the chair, and left.

It wasn’t until he stepped out of the HR office that He Gu suddenly realized the pain from his injuries seemed to have vanished!

Could it be the effect of that pill just now?

But recalling the hidden hint in rule two: [What heals you could also be poison], He Gu’s heart sank again.

However, looking on the bright side, at least without the pain, He Gu didn’t have to worry about his physical condition affecting his fighting or escaping.

Carrying the storage box back to his dormitory, He Gu immediately opened it.

There weren’t many items inside: a “Night Shift Supervisor’s Manual for the Storage Area,” two sets of blue uniforms, a pair of glasses, a new walkie-talkie, and a portable scanner slightly larger than a flashlight.

He Gu didn’t bother with the rest and first picked up the “Night Shift Supervisor’s Manual for the Storage Area,” and on the first page, he saw new rules:

【Rule Five】

1. Please do not lend your glasses to anyone;

2. Do not mention to those in green uniforms things they cannot see; (Instant death)

3. Do not directly interfere with your subordinates’ choice of food; (Instant death)

4. Do not harm unripe “fruit,” unless it directly threatens your life; (Instant death)

5. If you see scales growing on a subordinate’s face, immediately dispose of them and arrange for a cleanout.

6. Do not refuse any request from someone in white;

7. During your shift, the manager will conduct random inspections, never let him find you absent from your post; (Instant death)

8. If a “red code” box appears in the storage room you manage, immediately take the box to the entrance of “Storage Room 0”;

Hidden message: Color-coding is one of the simplest and most efficient classification methods.

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