Chapter 73 – Escaped a disaster! Changed shifts?

Inside Warehouse 44.

He Gu stood by the table with lingering fear in his heart, and there were still some bloodstains on the ground.

The supervisor stood in front of the table, looking at the bloodstains on the ground with a dark expression. “What happened here? Where’s 414?!”

It was clear that the supervisor was angry.

He Gu shrugged and was about to explain, when suddenly a series of hurried footsteps sounded outside the warehouse.

Then two people in white protective suits rushed in, looked around, and finally fixed their gaze on He Gu. “Did you press the red button?”

He Gu was slightly taken aback and immediately turned his gaze away, ignoring the question.

The person in the white protective suit asked again, “Did you press the red button?”

He Gu looked at the bloodstains on the ground and fell into a daze, refusing to answer.

After a few seconds of silence, the person in the white protective suit stopped asking and squatted down to examine the bloodstains on the ground. Then, they pulled out a device that looked like a metal detector and scanned around a few times before finally leaving.

Seeing the two people leave, He Gu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He Gu clearly remembered Rule 3, Article 4: If someone in white clothes comes in, ignore them and do not make eye contact; this was a rule that meant certain death!

As the two people in white protective suits left, the supervisor’s expression also became somewhat strange.

After hesitating for a few seconds, the supervisor seemed to understand something and asked, “Was 414 taken away by someone in red clothes?”

He Gu nodded and made a helpless expression.

The supervisor’s face darkened, and he looked deeply at He Gu, then asked, “What’s the deal with the blood on the ground?”

He Gu hesitated for a moment, then truthfully explained, “When the person in red clothes appeared, he held me in front of him and wouldn’t let me lean against the wall. I had no choice but to resist, and I accidentally injured him.”

After speaking, He Gu deliberately concealed the matter of the surgical blade, only saying that he accidentally hit 414’s nose in the chaos, and the blood on the ground was from his nose.

However, the supervisor gave He Gu a cold look and immediately squatted down to dip his finger in the still-wet bloodstain on the ground, then sniffed it.

After that, the supervisor stood up abruptly, with a dark expression as he stared at He Gu. “This isn’t nosebleed.”

He Gu’s heart sank, thinking to himself, “You can tell that too?”

Before He Gu could come up with a response, the supervisor suddenly raised his voice and sternly shouted, “Do you have a concealed weapon on you?!”

He Gu was startled by this sudden outburst, and before he could shake his head to deny it, the supervisor grabbed He Gu’s collar. “During work, you are not allowed to bring dangerous items into the warehouse. This is the company’s rule!”

As he spoke, the supervisor grabbed He Gu’s collar with one hand and glanced at the nearby delivery entrance.

“Take it out yourself!”

“If you try to argue and I find it during a search, I will deal with you on the spot!”

Seeing the supervisor’s fierce gaze, He Gu hesitated for a second. It was almost equivalent to seeking death by confronting the supervisor head-on. Just from the moment the supervisor grabbed his collar, He Gu could feel that the supervisor’s strength was definitely greater than 414’s!

After taking out the blade, He Gu held it in his palm and glanced at the supervisor, but did not make any move to hand it over.

This was the last card He Gu left for himself. If he followed the order to take out the blade and the supervisor still wanted to “deal with him,” then He Gu would have no choice but to directly confront the supervisor with the blade in his hand.

Fortunately, after seeing the blade in He Gu’s hand, the supervisor seemed to have no intention of further harassing him. Instead, he immediately let go of He Gu’s collar and took a step back, patting the table beside him. “Put it here.”

From this action, He Gu keenly caught on to something: the supervisor was very wary of the blade!

Seeing the supervisor release him, He Gu had no choice but to place the blade, which was only half the size of a thumb, on the table.

The supervisor glanced at it and asked coldly, “Where did this come from?”

He Gu shrugged. “I found it while eating in the cafeteria.”

The supervisor frowned at this explanation, but surprisingly did not doubt it.

After a few seconds of silence, the supervisor said, “Do you have any other prohibited items on you?”

He Gu shrugged. “No.”

The supervisor’s face turned cold. “I’ll repeat myself. If you do, it’s better to take them out yourself, otherwise if I find them during a search…”

Before the supervisor could finish his sentence, He Gu had already opened his arms boldly. “Why don’t you search me?”

Seeing He Gu’s reaction, the supervisor was taken aback for a moment, then nodded silently.

After that, the supervisor began to search He Gu’s pockets.

There were many pockets on the work clothes, with two on the chest and waist of the jacket, and two on the pants, all of them wide and large enough to hold a lot of things.

The supervisor’s movements were swift, and he quickly took out everything from He Gu’s pockets and placed them on the table.

Employee handbook, ham sausage, cellphone, walkie-talkie, small medicine bottle, 421 yuan in cash, and a red towel. These were all the things the supervisor found in He Gu’s pockets.

Looking at these items on the table, the supervisor fell silent, his brow furrowing deeply.After a moment’s hesitation, the supervisor actually pulled out a portable security scanner from his pocket and swept it over He Gu from head to toe.

However, the effort was in vain; there really was nothing else on He Gu.

A flicker of annoyance passed through the supervisor’s eyes, but he couldn’t very well throw a fit, and his expression turned somewhat ugly.

“Stay vigilant on your shift, and don’t leave your post before the end of your shift!”

With that cold remark, the supervisor took one more deep look at the red towel on the desk, turned around with a disgruntled face, and left.

Watching the supervisor’s retreating figure, a hint of a smile curled up at the corner of He Gu’s mouth.

“Good thing I’m clever!”

After the supervisor left, He Gu let out a long sigh of relief.

Twenty minutes earlier, when the security department had returned, the more He Gu thought about it, the more he felt something was amiss. So, when he returned to the restroom on the first floor of Building No. 3, he hid the syringe filled with black cat blood, the lenses Old Ma had given him, and the quadrangular key above the ceiling of the restroom.

It was because he felt that 414 was always watching him, so He Gu took precautions.

He hadn’t expected that this move would directly help him dodge a bullet!

If the black cat blood had been found by the supervisor, tonight would probably not have ended well!

The rest of the time, the entire inner storage area fell into silence.

The rest of the night was very calm.

It wasn’t until after four in the morning that a small truck delivered a load of goods to Warehouse No. 44.

He Gu followed the procedure to receive the goods into storage, and there were no further incidents.

Just like that, He Gu managed to make it to the end of his shift.

At six o’clock, He Gu happily turned off the lights and locked the door, ready to finish work.

And just at that moment, the supervisor suddenly came striding over.

“444, your shift has been changed. Go home and have a good rest today; you don’t need to come for the night shift. You’ll start the day shift from tomorrow!”

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