Chapter 54 – The morgue and the black cat

After seeing the fur color of these cats clearly, He Gu breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness, it’s not a black cat.

Rule 1, Article 6: If you see a cat in the factory area, please give them some ham sausage, but if you see a black cat, please leave immediately;

Since yesterday evening, He Gu has been carrying ham sausages in his pocket, just in case.

Seeing these cats, He Gu immediately took out a piece of ham sausage from his pocket, tore open the packaging, broke the ham sausage into small pieces, and placed them in front of the several tabby cats.

These tabby cats were not afraid of people. Instead of avoiding He Gu, they actively gathered around him.

Strangely, these three tabby cats kept sniffing around the ham sausage on the ground, but they hesitated to eat it.

Just as He Gu was puzzled, he suddenly saw two eyes light up in the dark corner next to him.

They were two orange eyes, which appeared so abruptly in the darkness, making them look particularly eerie.

Upon closer inspection, He Gu finally saw clearly.

There was also a black cat lying in the corner.

Because the lighting in the corridor was too dark, the fur color of the black cat almost blended into the darkness. He Gu didn’t see it at all before it opened its eyes!

After the black cat opened its eyes, it glanced faintly at He Gu, then leisurely turned its head and began to eat the ham sausage on the ground.

Only after the black cat started eating did the other three tabby cats cautiously pick up a small piece of ham sausage and eat it on the side.

Watching this scene, He Gu’s scalp tingled.

The rule says that if you see a black cat, you must leave immediately!

However, not only did He Gu not leave immediately, he even fed it ham sausage!

Although this rule is not an instant death rule, it is sometimes even scarier!

Because you never know what bizarre plot will be triggered after you violate this rule!

After seeing the black cat clearly, He Gu stiffened all over, then immediately came to his senses and ran away.

This place is not suitable for staying long!

As He Gu ran away, the cats, as if startled, began to hiss one after another.

Listening to the eerie cat cries, He Gu’s scalp tingled, and he ran into the stairwell without looking back, running down the stairs all the way.

When He Gu ran to the corner of the stairs on the third floor, he looked up with lingering fear and saw the black cat standing at the corner of the fourth floor, looking down at him from a high vantage point.

In those eerie orange eyes, there seemed to be a hint of disdain.

He Gu didn’t dare to stay at all and rushed downstairs.

It wasn’t until he ran out of the building that he stopped, leaning on his knees to catch his breath.

“Make way.”

Just as He Gu had just caught his breath, someone suddenly called out behind him.

He Gu turned around and saw two people in white chemical protective suits carrying a stretcher coming out of the building.

Seeing these white chemical suits, He Gu vaguely felt a sense of familiarity.

Subconsciously, he stepped aside to the side of the road, and only then did He Gu notice that there seemed to be a person lying on the stretcher, covered from head to toe in white cloth.

Obviously, there was probably a corpse on the stretcher.

The two people in the chemical suits carried the body onto a nearby black van, closed the door heavily, and then the van slowly drove away.

Seeing this black van, He Gu finally remembered.

When he was in school, He Gu had seen this van before!

At that time, the bodies of the janitor and the fat chef from the cafeteria were also carried onto such a van by a group of people in white chemical suits!

Now, someone has died in the pharmaceutical factory!?

Could it be that, just like the janitor and the fat chef back then, they died from some bizarre contamination?

But who are these people in white chemical suits?

Where are they taking the body?


Just as He Gu was suspicious, another cat cry came from the stairwell.

He Gu’s heart was pounding, and he dared not stay any longer, quickly stepping away.

After coming out of the dormitory building, He Gu took out the staff manual and looked at the map, finding Building 17 on it.

After that, He Gu followed the route on the map and shuttled through the factory area at a leisurely pace.

This pharmaceutical factory was indeed very large.

The distance from Building 4, where He Gu lived, to Building 17 was over a kilometer.

He Gu’s walking speed was not slow, and he strolled through the factory area as if he were sightseeing.

After all, everywhere he passed would be transmitted back through the live broadcast, and then the command center would use the identification system to scan and analyze it. He Gu didn’t need to deliberately look for that locked door.

This was the first time He Gu had truly wandered around the factory area.

This leisurely stroll allowed He Gu and the audience on Blue Star to further understand the scale of this pharmaceutical factory.

He Gu found that most of the buildings had various colored markings on their doors, representing different levels of access.

Among them, green and blue were the most common, but there were also quite a few purple ones. As for orange markings, He Gu had not seen them yet.

After walking nearly halfway, He Gu arrived at a residential area.

It seemed quite lively in this residential area, probably because it was the time to get off work in the afternoon.

All kinds of small eateries, barbecue stalls, and cold drink shops were forming a small food street.

As He Gu passed through here, the fragrances on both sides made him extremely hungry.

Upon careful consideration, He Gu had only eaten a bowl of noodles since early in the morning, and he was indeed hungry.

He casually bought a few skewers of grilled beef from a barbecue stall on the side of the road and ate them as he walked.

After passing through this commercial street, there was a large fenced-off factory building.

This factory building seemed very important, as it was completely surrounded by fences, with only one large gate for entry and exit.

Six security guards in uniforms stood at the gate, and there was a purple sign in front of the gate.

Could it be that only those with a purple or higher level of access can enter this factory area!?He Gu had just approached the main entrance for a glance when a security guard stepped forward, waving his hand and shouting, “Unauthorized personnel are not allowed near the core area!”

Hearing this, He Gu’s heart tightened. Was this the core area?

The final condition for clearance: Uncover the secrets of the traditional medicine factory, destroy its core, and escape.

He Gu mentally noted this location and turned to leave.

The next large area all fell within the scope of this “core area.”

Following the fence, He Gu walked a long distance until he finally arrived at the location of building number 17 on the map.

It was a six-story building that looked very old, constructed with red brick walls.

Just as He Gu arrived, he saw a black van parked in front of the building.

At the same time, He Gu also saw two people dressed in white hazmat suits carrying a body into the building.

Seeing this scene, He Gu became unsettled.

Was the place where Old Ma had arranged to meet him a morgue?!


Before He Gu could think further, he heard a somewhat hoarse meow.

Turning towards the sound, He Gu saw a black cat lying lazily in the flowerbed by his feet, staring at him.

The black cat’s eyes were a strange, orange-red color, and its left ear was missing a piece.

Seeing this black cat, He Gu’s body stiffened instantly.

It was him again!

This was the same black cat that had scratched He Gu back at the school!

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