Chapter 51 – The person vomiting in the hallway; another notebook!

Rule 1, Article 10: Unauthorized entry is prohibited;

And this is a rule that leads to instant death.

He Gu had no doubt about the authenticity of this rule, and naturally would not attempt to test it.

Glancing at the building in front of him, He Gu sighed helplessly and turned to leave.

However, at this moment, He Gu’s mind was already in a mess.

First, Teacher Fang, who was supposed to have died in a car accident last week, appeared and became the school’s liaison with the factory.

Now, another roommate, Old Ma, who was “killed in a car accident last week,” has also appeared.

He Gu even began to doubt whether the so-called car accident last week really happened.

Would he encounter other people from the dormitory next?

He Gu walked heavily on the road, feeling physically and mentally exhausted.

Before long, He Gu returned to Building 4.

At this time, the sky was just turning pale, and there were no street lights in the corridor of Building 4, making it very dark.

He Gu walked into the stairwell, took out his phone and turned on the flashlight, and started to climb the stairs.

After walking a few steps, He Gu suddenly heard a sound from above.


It sounded like a man, as if he was…vomiting?

He Gu’s heart tightened, and as he took a few more steps, he saw a man in a blue work uniform leaning against the wall, clearing his throat at the corner of the stairs.

In the light of the flashlight, He Gu even saw a small pile of vomit in the corner, dark and murky.

He Gu recognized it at a glance. It was the “medicated skin” that was very popular in the cafeteria.

The man in the corner seemed to be startled when he saw He Gu coming up, and he turned around alertly, looking at He Gu, even slightly bowing his body as if he was ready to attack.

At this moment, He Gu also saw the man’s face, but found that this man was different from everyone He Gu had seen this morning. There was no numb expression on his face.

At the same time, He Gu also saw his work badge on his chest, with a blue number: 301.

While He Gu was observing him, 301 was also looking at He Gu warily.

After seeing He Gu’s puzzled and somewhat nervous expression, 301 visibly relaxed.

301 glanced up and down at He Gu, and said, “New here?”

He Gu nodded, “Just arrived yesterday, and you are…”

301 waved his hand, “I’m fine, just a bit of stomach discomfort.”

After that, 301 added, “You didn’t see me here today, understand?”

He Gu frowned slightly, but still nodded, “Understood.”

Only then did 301 nod in satisfaction, reached out and patted He Gu’s shoulder, “Young man, quite sensible. Let me see who you belong to. I’ll see if I can transfer you to my department.”

As he spoke, 301 reached out and took a look at the work badge hanging from He Gu’s chest.

However, after seeing the number on He Gu’s work badge, 301’s movements visibly stiffened.

Immediately after, 301 recoiled as if he had been electrocuted, and took a step back without making a sound.

“Alright, go back.”

301 said somewhat unnaturally.

He Gu looked at him suspiciously, but found that 301’s eyes even revealed an unmistakable nervousness.

This look made He Gu feel a little uneasy, and he frowned, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, go quickly!” 301 urged somewhat anxiously.

Seeing him so agitated, He Gu didn’t want to cause any trouble, so he turned and went upstairs.

When he reached the corner, He Gu looked down and saw that 301 was still standing in the same place, looking up at him.

This made He Gu feel a little uneasy, and he quickened his pace subconsciously.

Soon, He Gu arrived at the 4th floor and found his room, No. 44.

He took out the key and opened the door, using the flashlight on his phone to prepare to turn on the light.

Just as the light from the flashlight swept across, He Gu saw a little girl in a red dress standing at the door of the bathroom!

“Oh my God!”

He Gu’s scalp tingled, and he was so scared that he dropped his phone on the ground.

After the phone fell, the flashlight shone on He Gu, making it impossible for him to see anything clearly, but he could still see a blurry figure of a little girl in the direction of the bathroom!

What’s worse, that figure seemed to be moving towards him!

Thinking of Rule 1, Article 3: 3. If you see someone wearing red clothes within the factory area, immediately press the red button on the intercom and then press your back against the wall until the other person leaves;

He Gu hurriedly felt his way to the wall and pressed his back against it.

And it was this action that caused He Gu to accidentally press the light switch on the wall.

The switch was pressed, and the incandescent light on the ceiling flickered a few times before finally coming on.

The yellow light illuminated the entire room.

However, when He Gu looked in the direction of the bathroom again, there was no sign of the little girl.

He Gu, still shaken, pressed his back against the wall, breathing heavily.

The scene just now had indeed scared him.

After hesitating for a while, He Gu took out the intercom and pressed the red button on top.


The intercom emitted a string of unpleasant electrical noises, and then fell silent.

The room returned to silence, with only the sound of He Gu’s breathing and heartbeat.

He Gu continued to lean against the wall, took a break, and made sure the little girl was gone before sitting wearily on his bed.

Mainly because of the events He Gu had experienced that night, and the information he had received was so much and so confusing that his mind was in a mess, and for a while he forgot about the little girl.

Now, after being scared like this, He Gu was even a little afraid to stay in the dormitory.

But on second thought, there was nowhere else for He Gu to go if he didn’t stay in the dormitory.

This factory was full of strangeness, and it might not be safer outside than in the dormitory.

And he hadn’t slept well for several days, and now he had stayed up all night, He Gu was really feeling a bit overwhelmed.In the world of eerie tales, being in a daze is a very dangerous thing.

After a mental struggle sitting on the bed, He Gu decided to stay and get some sleep.

Turning off the lights was out of the question; He Gu feared that as soon as the lights went out, he would see the little girl in red standing before him.

So, with the lights on, He Gu lay in bed.

However, perhaps due to the adrenaline rush from the recent scare, or maybe because his mind was too preoccupied with thoughts,

He Gu, despite being exhausted, found himself unable to fall asleep as he lay in bed.

Tossing and turning for a while, He Gu suddenly felt as if there was something inside the blanket.

He sat up and felt around, indeed touching something hard.

He Gu opened the duvet cover, reached in and fumbled for a while, and pulled out a notebook with curled paper pages…

Another notebook!

And this notebook was identical to the one He Gu had found in storage room number 44!

With a mix of anticipation and anxiety, He Gu turned to the first page of the notebook:

[If you have been assigned to this dormitory, it means you have been chosen as the target…]

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