Chapter 5 – Nightmare! Store rules

"Hey, are you still a virgin?"


Hearing this sentence and looking at Little Yin's charming appearance, He Gu felt his breath quicken.


"Of course not…"


He Gu almost reflexively retorted, but he seemed unsure.


Being single for twenty years, he had never seen such a scene before!


Little Yin leaned forward and rested her body on the table, revealing a large expanse of snow-white skin at the collar of her pajamas.


He Gu awkwardly looked away and stared at the floor, but Little Yin took advantage of the situation and brought her face close to He Gu's. "I didn't expect you to be such an innocent little boy," she said, her warm breath spraying onto his face.


Feeling the warm breath on his face, He Gu's whole body heated up.


He quickly got up from the bed and stuttered, "I… I… I'm a bit tired, I'm going to take a nap."


After saying that, He Gu hurriedly climbed onto his own bed.


If this continued, He Gu wouldn't be able to control himself!


Even though he knew this was a world of strange tales… it was still too difficult to handle!


If He Gu hadn't firmly remembered the rule that he had to maintain a proper relationship with Little Yin, he might not have been able to resist!


Fortunately, Little Yin didn't continue to trouble He Gu. She sneered and said, "Boring," then cleaned up the leftover hot pot and lazily lay on the bed, playing with her phone.


After He Gu climbed onto the bed and lay down, he could still feel his heart pounding for a while. He didn't know if it was excitement or nervousness.


This enchantress was trying to make him break the rules!


He secretly glanced back at Little Yin, who had gotten off the bed and was now playing with her long, snow-white legs while using her phone.


He Gu simply turned over and faced away from her, and soon fell asleep in a daze.


He didn't know how long had passed when He Gu suddenly felt something pressing on him.


Immediately, He Gu felt a warm and soft sensation on his chest, followed by a wet and soft touch on his lips. A soft tongue slipped in.


He Gu struggled to open his eyes and saw Little Yin passionately kissing him while lying on top of him.


In that instant, He Gu's mind went blank.


What rules? What strangeness? He couldn't remember any of it in that moment, and he even forgot that he was in a world of strange tales.


He Gu passionately responded, and then he saw Little Yin unbuttoning his shirt, and then opening his chest to reveal a bloody heart.


It was only then that He Gu noticed Little Yin's pale face and the extremely eerie smile on her face. She held the bloody heart in her hands and took a bite…




"WOW—run! Run!"


"WOW—run! Run!"




The parrot's distinctive voice rang out, and He Gu instantly woke up, sitting up abruptly on the bed, gasping heavily.


"Thank goodness it was just a dream…"


He Gu touched his chest in fear and realized that his clothes were soaked with sweat.


At the moment He Gu woke up, the parrot also quieted down.


"This parrot of yours is so noisy, always suddenly shouting," came Little Yin's complaining voice from the other side of the bed.


He Gu casually replied, "Maybe it's not used to having a beautiful girl suddenly appear in the dorm."


Little Yin pouted and continued to play with her phone, not saying anything more.


He Gu noticed that the lights were on in the dormitory. He glanced out the window and saw that it was already dark!


This made He Gu's heart tighten, and he quickly took out his phone to check the time. It was now 8:27 in the evening.


Fortunately, it wasn't yet midnight.


But this made He Gu more cautious. From now on, he must always check the time when he wakes up. One of the rules stated that he couldn't talk to Little Yin between midnight and 6 a.m.


If he accidentally woke up in the middle of the night and said something to Little Yin, only to be kill away, it would be too unfair.


Just then, Little Yin suddenly spoke again, "Is there any food? I'm hungry."


Hearing this, He Gu remembered that he had only eaten a few bites symbolically at noon, and now his stomach was empty.


"The cafeteria is already closed at this hour. I'll go to the store and see if I can buy something to eat," He Gu said.


While speaking, He Gu jumped off the bed.


This time, Little Yin didn't object to He Gu going out. She lowered her head and continued to play with her phone, saying, "Then hurry up."


He Gu nodded, picked up the trash in the bin, and left the room.


Mainly because Little Yin's red towel was still in the trash bin, and He Gu wanted to completely eliminate this potential problem.


As he walked out of the dormitory door, He Gu let out a long breath.


Their dormitory was on the third floor, and He Gu quickly descended the stairs. When he reached the first floor, he saw the dormitory administrator sitting at the entrance of the building.


The dormitory administrator was a chubby old man dressed in a red vest that had a strong sense of the past. He was holding a fan in his hand.


Seeing He Gu coming down, the dormitory administrator smiled and said, "Going out so late?"


He Gu casually responded, "Going to the store to buy something."


Little did he know, the dormitory administrator waved his hand and said, "I advise you not to waste your energy. The whole school is empty now, and the stores have already closed. They probably won't open until next semester."


He Gu hesitated for a moment upon hearing this, then smiled and said, "I'll still go and take a look."


Although the rule stated that dormitory administrators who weren't wearing uniforms could be trusted, it didn't mean that he had to listen to them.


In the world of strange tales, there was an important rule: never easily trust anyone!


What if that rule was wrong?Could it be that the old man got it wrong due to his age?


He Gu still decided to go to the store himself, it wasn't far anyway.


Most importantly, if they didn't buy something to eat, both he and Little Yin would go hungry tonight.


Letting Little Yin go hungry was a dangerous thing.


This was the old campus of the school, only occupied by graduating students, so the campus wasn't large.


From his memory, there were no more than ten students who stayed at school at this time, and the entire campus was deserted, a picture of desolation.


Apart from a few dim street lamps, only the cafeteria not far away still had a light on, and there seemed to be faint crying coming from there.


Living in a world of strange tales, He Gu had no intention of going over to investigate, and quickly headed towards the campus store.


A few minutes later, He Gu arrived at the store entrance.


The school had only three stores, lined up inside the school gate.


At this time, two of the stores had already closed, and only the store on the far left still had its lights on.


"Thank goodness, there's still one open!"


He Gu was slightly relieved and quickly walked towards that store.


However, as he got closer, He Gu noticed an A4 paper posted at the entrance of the store:


【Rule Three】


1. The store does not sell "Delicious Jerky". If you see it on the shelf, please immediately hand it over to the clerk in the orange uniform;


2. If there is no clerk in a white uniform in the store, please leave immediately;


3. If you want to buy cooked food, please finish it in the store, and never take it back to the dormitory;


4. Please do not accept the "Tasty Beef Bits" promoted by the clerk;




After He Gu finished reading these four rules, a line of red text that only He Gu could see slowly appeared at the bottom:


Hidden Rule: Before entering the store, make sure you are not carrying any parrot feathers on you.

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