Chapter 20 – Is black more attractive or is white more attractive?

Meat dishes are not allowed to be taken away.

The words of the cafeteria staff left He Gu dumbfounded.

What kind of ridiculous rule is this?

And he clearly took a meat bun with him this morning!

He Gu felt annoyed: “Since when did this rule exist?”

The staff repeated in a dull tone: “It’s a cafeteria rule, meat dishes are not allowed to be taken away!”

He Gu refused to accept it: “I took a meat bun with me this morning, and the chef personally made it for me!”

Upon hearing this, the staff member gave He Gu a strange look and said, “So he’s no longer here.”

He Gu was taken aback by these words. What does it mean that he’s no longer here?

At this moment, He Gu noticed that all the staff members at the windows were slowly walking towards him, staring at him with eerie expressions on their faces.

He Gu’s scalp tingled, and he quickly said, “Then give me a few vegetarian dishes to take away.”

The staff members continued to stare at He Gu, and without looking, they casually scooped a few spoonfuls of vegetables into a takeout box and handed it to him.

He Gu quickly paid and hurriedly left the cafeteria.

This place is too strange, as if something eerie could happen at any moment.

After leaving the cafeteria, He Gu hurriedly walked towards the dormitory building with the takeout box in his hand, and soon arrived at the entrance of the dormitory building.

The dormitory supervisor, wearing a red vest, was still sitting at the entrance of the dormitory building, engrossed in reading a newspaper.

As He Gu passed by him, the dormitory supervisor suddenly muttered to himself, “Disasters are heartless… and it’s from our school. Tsk, it’s really unfortunate.”

Hearing the supervisor’s words, He Gu couldn’t help but stop in his tracks. “What did you say, sir?”

The dormitory supervisor looked up and said indifferently, “There was a car accident in the neighboring city last week, and the person who died was from our school…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the dormitory supervisor seemed to suddenly remember something and paused for a moment before saying, “You’re from Room 302, right?”

He Gu nodded. “Yes.”

The dormitory supervisor sighed at his words. “Ah, then you should also know about this.”

“Life is unpredictable…”

After saying that, the dormitory supervisor patted He Gu’s shoulder and said, “Don’t be too pessimistic. There’s nothing anyone can do about this kind of thing. Try to be more open-minded and don’t stay in the dormitory all day. Go out and take a walk, or play with your classmates in the neighboring room. Be patient and wait for your internship arrangement.”

After saying this, the dormitory supervisor patted He Gu’s shoulder again and sat back in his seat, continuing to read the newspaper.

He Gu, however, was puzzled. He always felt like the dormitory supervisor had something more to say.

But can he really trust the dormitory supervisor?

He Gu looked at the dormitory supervisor warily, didn’t say anything more, and quickly went upstairs.

Back in the dormitory, Little Yin was still lying on the bed, hugging her phone.

Perhaps because she had been lying in bed all day, Little Yin’s face was a bit pale.

“Let’s eat.”

He Gu said, placing the takeout box he brought next to Little Yin’s bed.

Little Yin nodded and silently picked up the takeout box.

However, after opening the box, Little Yin’s expression didn’t look too good. “No meat?”

He Gu helplessly said, “The people in the cafeteria went crazy and said that meat dishes are not allowed to be taken away, only vegetarian dishes.”

Little Yin seemed a bit unhappy, frowning as she looked at the takeout box in her hand without saying a word.

He Gu hesitated for a moment and said, “If it’s really not enough… should I go to the store and buy some ham sausages for you?”

Little Yin shook her head. “No need.”

After saying that, Little Yin held the takeout box and ate with a pout.

Watching Little Yin’s appearance, He Gu couldn’t help but have doubts again.

She seems to be getting… stranger, as if she’s completely changed from yesterday.

Well, this is fine too, at least it’s better than yesterday.

Shaking his head, He Gu climbed back onto his bunk and leaned against the pillow, starting to fiddle with his phone.

In his phone were photos of all the rules he had seen. He Gu looked through these rules and carefully recalled the things he had encountered in the instance.

Sleepwalking Wang Tao, the uniformed dormitory supervisor, the strange cafeteria, Teacher Fang…

These things seemed chaotic and unrelated, either having no connection or contradicting each other.

But faintly, He Gu could feel that there was something that could connect all of this.

However, at this moment, He Gu still felt confused and couldn’t see clearly.

Right, there’s also the parrot.

So far, He Gu has learned four hidden pieces of information, two of which are related to the parrot.

The dormitory elder Huang, who was said to have died last week by Teacher Fang, sent him a bag of bird food, which is also related to the parrot.

And in the note Huang gave to He Gu, he specifically instructed him not to ignore anything the parrot says, and to listen to its words in reverse…

What is so special about this parrot?

What crucial role can it play in this instance?

Thinking of this, He Gu got up and glanced at the parrot hanging by his bedside.

The parrot was also looking at He Gu, and its gaze… was becoming more and more human-like.

After staring at the parrot for a while, He Gu suddenly noticed that the bird feeder was still full, as if it hadn’t been touched since morning.

He Gu turned his head and asked Little Yin, “Did you refill the bird feeder today?”

Little Yin didn’t even lift her head. “No, why would I bother with it?”

“If there’s no meat to eat, I feel like eating it!”

He Gu’s heart tightened at her words and he quickly said, “You really can’t eat parrot meat.”At that moment, the parrot suddenly flapped its wings and cried out, “Wow—eat meat! Eat meat!”

“Wow—help! Help!”

After two cries, the parrot quieted down again, seeming very tired, it tucked in its neck and turned to one side.

He Gu felt a headache coming on.

This parrot always suddenly started shouting out of the blue, what was it trying to express?

According to Old Huang’s words, one should listen to the parrot’s words in reverse.

But in reverse… the parrot said to eat meat, did that mean not to eat meat?

Then how should he understand “help”?

He Gu felt a bit mentally exhausted.

He hung the parrot back at the head of the bed, changed into a comfortable position and lay down again, continuing to fiddle with his phone.

Time passed by minute by minute.

He Gu thought for a long time but couldn’t figure it out, so he simply started scrolling through short videos on his phone.

Unconsciously, the time had already reached 23:24 in the evening.

Just as He Gu was engrossed in scrolling through short videos, Little Yin’s voice suddenly came from the lower bunk.

“He Gu, take a look for me.”

He Gu sat up in confusion, “Look at what?”

As he spoke, He Gu turned his head to look down.

However, after just one glance, He Gu’s expression froze.

Little Yin, standing on the ground, had somehow changed into a JK-style outfit, with a pair of black stockings on her long legs.

Seeing this scene, He Gu stiffened, a bad premonition rising in his heart.

Little Yin, with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, looked at He Gu, her eyes sparkling, “Do you think I look good in this?”

He Gu forced a smile, “Uh, you look good.”

Little Yin gave a charming smile, and surprisingly, in front of He Gu, she took off the black stockings on her legs, then slowly pulled on a pair of white stockings.

“Do you think this looks good, or did the previous one look better?”

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