Chapter 5 – Win people over with virtue, and present a Sword Coffin

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Meng Jiangchu's breathing stopped when he heard this.


"What a way to win people over with virtue…"


Su Xuan turned to look at Meng Jiangchu and said softly.


"You should have guessed my identity."


"But I don't want anyone to know that you… spent a lot of effort to deduce the secret and waited for me here fifteen years in advance."


"What is your choice now?"


Meng Jiangchu's heart jumped, he didn't expect the other party to have guessed it so early!


Meng Jiangchu exhaled and smiled, "I give up, after all, there is still Wanshu here."


"I quite like this brat Guanqi, so I won't take the risk."


"But I want to ask, what exactly is that thing?"


Su Xuan looked deeply at Meng Jiangchu and chuckled, "I didn't expect that, the dignified… hehe, would actually leave offspring with a mortal. Although it's just a clone."


"I can tell you, but you must leave here in the next few days!"


Then the voice of the old man suddenly appeared in Meng Jiangchu's mind!


Meng Jiangchu frowned in confusion, and finally sighed and said softly with his hands behind his back, "Forget it, I won't argue. We will leave here in three days as a family."


After the two of them left, Su Xuan sat alone under a tree and took out the two black pieces from the chessboard.


With a wave of his hand, the sky and earth returned to clarity, as if nothing had happened.


The old man muttered under the tree, "I really did win people over with virtue!"


"It's worthy of the two domain lords who have been cultivating for so long, they are very sensible."


But thinking of this, the old man sat under the tree, folded his sleeves, and murmured, "Meng Jiangchu, Zhang Qixuan, Lu Tiancheng."


"Is there anyone else I missed?"


"Tsk tsk, Profound Gate Domain Lord Zhang Qixuan, Divine Treasure Domain Lord Meng Jiangchu, very sensible…"


After saying that, the old man looked up at the sky, calculated with his fingers, and murmured.


"Almost… the rest of the way, this brat has to walk on his own."


"Go home and see my grandson!"




Early the next morning.


Li Guanqi woke up with two black circles under his eyes, having not slept well all night.


But he still got up and noticed a heat in front of him.


He was so scared that he immediately kicked out, and the old man casually blocked it and scolded him without anger, "Did you give laxatives to Old Zhao's pigs?"


Li Guanqi grinned and said, "You didn't let me hit back, I had to make up for it somehow, right?"


Su Xuan laughed and then got up and said, "Wow, those three pigs probably have the runs  all night, the pigsty… is a sight to behold!"


"Alright, get up quickly, finish your homework and come to the backyard to find me."




After Li Guanqi finished washing up, he got up and started his morning exercises.


But his morning exercises were not just about reading books.


The shirtless Li Guanqi showed a strong and muscular body, covered with mysterious lines all over.


The young man squatted and lifted a 300-pound stone with one hand, and his skin turned red as his blood and energy flowed through his body.


The old man looked on with satisfaction, having laid an extremely solid foundation for the young man over the years.


Although the young man himself didn't know, he had already reached the peak of body forging.


His internal organs, blood, bones, and body had long surpassed those of ordinary people.


For a sect disciple, being able to lift a stone of a hundred pounds with one hand is considered qualified.


But if Li Guanqi exerted all his strength, he could lift a huge stone of six hundred pounds with one hand!


Even a Foundation Establishment cultivator could only lift a stone of a thousand pounds with one hand!


So from the beginning of Li Guanqi's cultivation, his grandfather had forbidden him.


Prohibit him from harming any mortals!


Don't bully the weak with strength!


The young man, bathed in sunlight, exuded white steam all over his body, and the old man quickly came out to give him his clothes.


"After you soak in the medicinal bath, come to the backyard, I have something very important to tell you."


The young man took the clothes and put them on, his face somewhat gloomy, but still nodded.

Sensitive as he was, how could he not know what the old man wanted to say.

Su Xuan saw this scene, but didn't say anything.

Cultivating and seeking immortality, there were many things he had to do on his own in order to make it more exciting.

He couldn't protect the young man for his whole life.

Although if he took him away, perhaps he wouldn't have to worry for his whole life.

But if that's the case, how could he be worthy of being Su Xuan's grandson?

Li Guanqi knew that his grandfather had probably been by his side all night.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have slept so well. What should come would always come!

Just thinking about that medicinal bath, Li Guanqi couldn't help but grimace.

He didn't know what kind of medicine bath it was, but being inside felt like thousands of steel needles repeatedly piercing his body.

That kind of pain would really kill an ordinary person.

He didn't even know how he managed to endure it back then.




After the young man soaked in the medicinal bath, he saw the old man sitting behind a desk with a pen in hand.


The young man naturally took off his shirt and turned his back to the old man.


The old man said softly, "This is the last time, endure it."


The young man grinned and said, "Grandpa, just do it, this is not the first time, I can take it."


The old man patted the young man's head and said indulgently, "Brat."


Then he quickly dipped the pen by his right hand into a viscous liquid on a jade plate.


He used the pen to draw mysterious patterns on the young man's back.


As the pen moved, the young man's body remained as still as a rock.


But he couldn't help but let out a muffled groan and sweat on his forehead.


Li Guanqi silently endured this inhuman pain.


If the medicinal bath was like steel needles entering the body, the pain he felt now was like cutting flesh and bones!


The clear pain was a hundred times stronger than the medicinal bath!




Two hours later.As the old man picked up the golden pen, the patterns on the young man's body finally connected, casting a blood-red, eerie glow under the moonlight.


Seeing this, the old man finally smiled in relief and couldn't help but say, "Aren't you afraid I might harm you, boy?"


The young man took a moment to recover, then turned back and grinned at the old man, "If Grandpa wanted to harm me, you wouldn't have needed to trek into the mountains every day for years to find Spirit Herbs for me."


"You could have just let me freeze to death on the streets eight years ago."


As he spoke, Li Guanqi put on his clothes and lowered his head.






"Are you preparing to leave?"




"Will I be able to see you again afterward?"




Su Xuan, who was turning around to pack his things, felt his eyes redden and slightly lifted his head.


The old man, turning back around, suddenly had a flash in his hand, and something taller than the young man appeared out of nowhere.


Looking at the young man who had called him Grandpa for eight years, the old man spoke earnestly.


"The path of cultivation is long and arduous; you must be wary of those who are neither kin nor acquaintance yet treat you too kindly!"


"Some old monsters who have cultivated for thousands of years and see no hope of breakthrough will resort to crooked and evil means to possess you!"


Although the young man had heard these words countless times since childhood, he still nodded solemnly.


"My departure is out of necessity, fraught with danger, and I dare not take you with me."


"After tomorrow, you can leave the mountain for good."


"This Sword Coffin is the most important gift I can give you!"


"Remember, never part with the Sword Coffin; always carry it on your back!"


The young man looked curiously at the Sword Coffin before him, its surface pitch-black and etched with countless mysterious patterns.


He knew what a Sword Box was, but what was a Sword Coffin?


This thing was four feet tall, just a head shorter than him.


And the old man hadn't told him anything about the Sword Coffin, just that he should carry it.


"Just think of it as a Sword Box," the old man said, "only… this Sword Box is a bit special."


"If anyone asks, just say it's a useless Sword Box."


Li Guanqi tried to lift it onto his back but couldn't manage it at all!


By his estimate, this thing weighed at least five hundred pounds!

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