Chapter 34 – The female ghost presses the bed, the temple in the mountains

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Night falls.


At this moment, Li Guanqi is in the middle of a large mountain.


The roar of beasts echoes constantly in the mountains, and there are too many monsters in this world.


If he encounters a first-order monster at this time, it's still okay, but if he encounters a second-order monster, it's dangerous.


A second-order monster is already equivalent to the Foundation Establishment realm among human cultivators.


Fortunately, at this moment, he saw a broken temple on the distant mountain top.


After seeing this broken temple, Li Guanqi finally breathed a sigh of relief.


At least there is a place to stay tonight. He looked at the map in the jade slip.


It will take at least until tomorrow night to reach Xingyun Town.


The plaque of the temple has long since disappeared, and the desolate scene here seems to have been abandoned for a long time.




The sound of the young man pushing the door in the quiet night is particularly harsh.


But Li Guanqi has long been accustomed to the dark world, and he doesn't have much feeling for the night.


The courtyard is full of dead leaves and spider webs.


He raised his hand to sweep away the spider webs with the scabbard, and then entered the temple.


Crack! Crack!


Stepping on the dry leaves, Li Guanqi walked into the temple with a calm expression.


But the temple is also extremely dilapidated. Several Buddha statues are all broken and half of their bodies are missing.


But the gold paint on these Buddha statues has been scraped off clean.


Although Li Guanqi does not believe in gods and Buddhas, he still bowed respectfully and recited a Buddhist scripture when he stayed here.


He picked up some dry branches from the surroundings and returned to the temple.


He lit a bonfire in the courtyard and took out some dried meat and water from the storage bag.


After eating and drinking his fill, Li Guanqi placed the broken incense table at the door and simply lay down on it to sleep.


In the quiet broken temple, there is only the crackling sound of the flames.


Just as Li Guanqi closed his eyes, he suddenly felt a cold wind coming from outside the door.


He was about to open his insight, but found that he couldn't see the outside world no matter what!


This startled him, as he had only closed his eyes for less than ten breaths of time.




The sound of burning firewood still echoed clearly in his ears.


He tried to get up, but found that he couldn't move at all!!


Cold sweat instantly wet his back, and the cold wind made his whole body's hair stand on end involuntarily.


"What's going on…"


At this moment, he couldn't help but feel a little flustered.


Because he had never encountered such a strange situation before.


No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't open his eyelids as if they were being held down by someone.


Although he was very clear-headed, he could sense the cold wind around him, the crackling of the bonfire, and even the smell of burning incense.


But he couldn't move a muscle!




As Li Guanqi lay on his side, a disheveled woman in white suddenly appeared in front of him!!


This sudden appearance of the woman made Li Guanqi's hair stand on end, and he shivered all over, breaking out in goosebumps!


The woman in front of him was approaching him very slowly.


The feeling was as if the woman was slowly poking her head out from under the incense table he was lying on.


This terrifying feeling made him shiver.


Gradually, the woman slowly stood up.


She climbed onto the incense table and pressed her whole body against him!!


The woman's body seemed to have no weight at all, but it felt like she was pressing on Li Guanqi's heart.


He could even smell a strange scent from the woman's hair.


His body, which was already unable to move, became even heavier.


Li Guanqi, lying on his side, couldn't move at all. He could only 'watch' as the woman climbed up.




The woman's hair brushed past Li Guanqi's neck, and the sensation of the hair on his face made him extremely shocked.


"This feeling… is too real… what's going on!!"


Just as Li Guanqi hadn't reacted yet, he suddenly felt something touching his neck.


"A tongue… a tongue!"


The soft touch had no warmth, and it was even a little cold.


The woman's tongue was extremely long, almost as long as an adult's forearm.


Like a wild cat's tongue, it had some small barbs.


The tongue licked all the way to his ear!


The clear and real sensation made him feel a chill exploding in his head!!


"Move!! Move!!"


"Move, damn it!!!"




Driven by Li Guanqi's strong will, the Nine Revolutions Profound Thunder Scripture in his body suddenly started to operate.


The thunder-based energy in his dantian suddenly surged through his whole body.




A slight sound rang in Li Guanqi's mind, as if breaking some kind of seal.


A layer of purple thunder light seemed to cover his right hand.


He quickly turned over and sat up, and with lightning speed, he grabbed the woman's neck and pressed her under him!!




The incense table exploded!


The ghostly soul of the woman was actually firmly pressed under the young man!




The ghostly scream echoed in the empty ancient temple.


A yellow talisman suddenly appeared in Li Guanqi's left hand, and as the energy surged, the talisman burned with a green flame.


And this flame also contained a bit of thunder power.


"Reveal Talisman! Reveal!"




The green flame instantly penetrated the woman's body, and the ghostly soul gradually became solid under the effect of the talisman!


Li Guanqi frowned, and the thunder power in his right hand surged as he said in a deep voice, "Where did this ghostly soul come from, daring to absorb human yang energy!"


At this moment, the disheveled hair of the woman fell, revealing an extremely beautiful face.


But this face was a bit too pale.


The woman tilted her head and looked at the young man with a look of shame and resentment in her eyes.


Li Guanqi was straddling the woman's chest, and at this moment, the woman, under the effect of the talisman, revealed her human form unintentionally.


This posture was a bit embarrassing."Cough cough…"


After getting up, Li Guanqi's right hand showed no intention of loosening its grip.




"Soul Binding Talisman!"


The Seal Talisman burned and transformed into a golden rope that tightly bound the woman, with one end wrapped around Li Guanqi's wrist.


As long as the vital energy within Li Guanqi remained, this rope would not be easily broken.


At this moment, Li Guanqi looked at the woman and asked in a deep voice, "There have been many murders in Xingyun Town recently, do they have anything to do with you?"


The woman knelt on the ground, her eyes filled with fear as she looked at the young man and spoke with an ethereal voice, "Immortal Master… it… it wasn't the doing of this humble girl, please discern the truth."


"All I did was wait for people to stop by this ruined temple, absorbing a bit of Yang energy to keep my soul from dispersing."


"I have never killed anyone! Please, Immortal Master, spare this humble girl."


"I haven't stepped half a pace out of this mountain for twenty years!"


Li Guanqi's brows furrowed. Under the scrutiny of Insight, he found that the woman showed no emotional fluctuations while telling her story, which did not seem like a lie.


"Why should I believe that you haven't left this mountain for twenty years?"


Upon hearing this, the woman's face showed a conflicted expression, but as a surge of vital energy containing the force of thunder traveled along the rope, she hesitated for a long time before finally speaking softly, "Because… the bones of this humble girl lie behind this mountain…"


"So… I cannot leave the ten-mile radius of my bones. Once I do, I… I will dissipate into nothingness!"


Li Guanqi hesitated for a moment before saying, "Take me there!"

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