Chapter 32 – Enlightenment through sword-watching, encountering conflicts

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Meng Linhai is currently the acting Peak Master of Heavenly Gold Peak.


After all, the previous Peak Master, Tu Kui, is still being punished for failing to properly teach his disciples.


And it is Meng Linhai who is giving the lecture this time. By the time Li Guanqi arrives, the training ground is already filled with disciples.


Meng Linhai spoke in a deep voice, "Today, I will teach you not only the basic sword techniques but also a set of more offensive basic swordplay."


"Beyond the basic seventeen sword movements, combining these techniques with footwork can yield much stronger effects."


"Li Guanqi, can you tell us what the basic seventeen movements are?"


After speaking, he invited Li Guanqi onto the stage and handed him a fine iron sword.


Hundreds of new disciples below looked up at Li Guanqi with admiration.


Li Guanqi shrugged his shoulders and stood with his sword in hand.


As he moved, the sword hummed softly, and Li Guanqi's figure constantly shifted around the arena.


While swinging his sword, Li Guanqi explained, "The seventeen movements are: Intercept, Stab, Slash, Point, Flick, Cloud, Hang!"


"Burst Sword…"




A tremendous force transmitted from the tip of the sword, and the fine iron sword in his hand shattered into three pieces, unable to withstand his power.


A look of surprise flashed in Meng Linhai's eyes; he hadn't expected Li Guanqi's strength to be so formidable!


A common mortal sword simply couldn't withstand the demonstration of basic movements.


Li Guanqi and Meng Linhai exchanged glances, and finally, Li Guanqi said, "Uh… Elder Meng, how about we switch to another sword?"


"That's fine. The toughness of this fine iron sword is indeed lacking; it can't withstand your power."


"Use my personal sword."


Li Guanqi took the magical sword, and a subtle change occurred in his demeanor.


But this change was only perceptible to Meng Linhai, who was present.




"Burst Sword! Sweep, Embrace, Chop, Lift, Twine, Raise, Wipe, Frame, Flourish!"


A dazzling array of basic sword movements was executed, just variations of the basics.


Meng Linhai looked on with satisfaction and exclaimed, "I didn't expect your swordsmanship to be so proficient."


Li Guanqi smiled slightly and stepped down from the training platform.


Meng Linhai said solemnly, "The seventeen forms that Li Guanqi just demonstrated are the most basic in swordsmanship."


"The more profound techniques are merely combinations and transformations based on these movements."


With that, Meng Linhai gave Li Guanqi a deep look, feeling in his heart that Li Guanqi was a natural-born swordsman.


"Did you notice, the final point of all the sword movements Li Guanqi demonstrated?"


"They all converged to a single point in the air!"




With Meng Linhai's reminder, the many disciples suddenly realized.


A look of sudden understanding flashed in Ye Feng's eyes as he murmured softly.


"No wonder I felt his swordplay was as smooth as flowing clouds, without any hint of delay!"


Disciples from other peaks finally understood why the demonstration seemed so natural.


Then Meng Linhai, holding his sword, declared, "Today's sword technique is called the Vajra Sword; watch carefully!"




With a slight movement, Meng Linhai's figure surged with Primordial Energy, and the sword moved through the air with a whoosh, fast as lightning, changing continuously.


In Guanqi's Insight, every move of Meng Linhai was clearly visible.


To him, Meng Linhai's actions were concise, and this sword technique was primarily based on the movements of Lifting, Bursting, Pointing, and Stabbing.


It was heavy with killing intent, and the only defense was to rely on the four offensive movements for transformation.


Using the offensive Point, Burst, and Lift to counter and defend against the opponent's sword strikes.


After Meng Linhai finished and stood with his sword, Li Guanqi bowed his head in thought.


Today's demonstration by Meng Linhai had suddenly opened a new door for him.


Indeed, as the Sword Spirit had said, all sword movements are in the heart.


The same movement can have different effects depending on how you use it.


At this moment, countless ideas flooded Li Guanqi's mind, as the mere seventeen sword movements gave rise to endless possibilities.


The noise around him gradually faded, and Li Guanqi, sitting cross-legged on the ground, entered a state of sudden enlightenment!


Realizing that Li Guanqi had entered enlightenment, Meng Linhai quickly exerted a bit of Pressure to quiet everyone down.


Li Guanqi felt an unprecedented clarity of mind, and in a vast white world, countless versions of himself were executing different sword movements.


A simple Point was used to strike the enemy's weapon and send it flying.


And so on…


Li Guanqi's understanding of swordsmanship was like a revelation, no longer confined to the movements themselves.


After an unknown period, Li Guanqi slowly opened his eyes.


Seeing the anxious Meng Linhai beside him, he couldn't help but say, "Sorry, Elder Meng, for disrupting your lesson."


Meng Linhai laughed heartily, "Disrupt? If everyone could have an epiphany during my lessons like you did, I'd teach every day."


"Did you gain some insight?"


Li Guanqi smiled slightly, "A little."


Afterward, Meng Linhai persuaded Li Guanqi to leave and find a Meditation Room to properly comprehend his insights.


Li Guanqi didn't hesitate, knowing he needed to quietly sort through his recent enlightenment.


Back in the Meditation Room, Li Guanqi re-entered a state of cultivation.


When he awoke the next day, the Sword Spirit's voice slowly spoke up.


"Not bad, to grasp the essence of swordsmanship in such a short time, and to not be confined by the movements, is very good."


Li Guanqi hadn't expected praise from the Sword Spirit and asked curiously.


"If you knew, why didn't you tell me?"


The Sword Spirit's voice was playful, "Some truths, even if someone tells you a hundred or a thousand times."


"They can't compare to your own true understanding of why."


"Even if I told you not to be confined by the movements, if you didn't have the epiphany, you would never understand the meaning."


Li Guanqi nodded in agreement with the Sword Spirit's words.


If it weren't for his recent epiphany, he wouldn't truly understand what it meant to not be confined by the movements.


Stretching after getting up, Li Guanqi remembered his master saying he could go to the mission hall.


He quickly got ready to head to the Heavenly Pillar Peak's mission hall.


After all, the Spirit Stones he had been rewarded were almost used up.


Now, he needed to find a way to earn Spirit Stones, or his cultivation speed would slow down.


However, as soon as he arrived at the mission hall, he found many Sect disciples crowded at the entrance, the noise unceasing.


Through a gap in the crowd, Li Guanqi's expression darkened!


Because he recognized the person kneeling on the ground, but he didn't immediately step forward to help, instead choosing to stand aside and see what was happening.

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