Chapter 29 – Sword Spirit is nothing special!

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At night, Li Guanqi sat in the Meditation Room, embedding the last ten low-grade Spirit Stones into the Gathering Spirit Array.


He murmured softly, "Today, I can attempt to break through to the sixth level of Qi Refining…"


Over the past month, he had distinctly felt tremendous changes in his body.


His perception of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth had become much clearer.


After entering the cultivation state cross-legged, the circulation of his techniques within his body sped up.


The spiritual energy in the Meditation Room transformed into a long rainbow that entered his body, rapidly converting into Primordial Energy.


However, just as he sensed the signs of a breakthrough,




The Sword Box at his feet erupted with a terrifying suction force!


Li Guanqi, with his eyes closed in concentration, furrowed his brows as the Primordial Energy within him began to uncontrollably drain away in a frenzy!


Li Guanqi forcefully suppressed the panic in his heart, trying to accelerate the operation of his internal techniques to quell this strange leakage.


But no matter what he did, the Primordial Energy within his pubic region's vortex flowed away like floodgates had been opened.


Li Guanqi bellowed, "Stop!!"


He completely halted the leakage of Primordial Energy within his pubic region.


Waking up, Li Guanqi's face was somewhat pale, and he couldn't help feeling a bit frightened.


In just a few short breaths, nearly half of his body's Primordial Energy had drained away.


He looked around the empty Meditation Room and confirmed that the door was properly closed.


Li Guanqi, slightly unsteady, walked straight to the Sword Box.


With an expressionless face, he said in a deep voice, "I can feel that it was you who devoured the Primordial Energy within my body."


"If you possess a spirit, I hope we can talk!"




There was no sound in the Meditation Room other than his own breathing.


After a long silence, seeing that the Sword Box remained motionless as if it were an inanimate object,


Li Guanqi strode forward, grabbed the Sword Coffin, and walked outside.


Gu Ran, who had returned from her cultivation, saw Li Guanqi from a distance.


But before she could greet him, she saw him carrying the Sword Box and quickly walking towards the back mountain.


Seeing his grim expression, Gu Ran chose not to say anything.


However, she noticed that the fluctuations of Primordial Energy around Li Guanqi were very weak.


Thinking he had just finished cultivating, she didn't take it to heart.


Li Guanqi, carrying the Sword Box, headed straight for the cliff behind the mountain.


Upon reaching the edge of the thousand-foot cliff, Li Guanqi, holding the Sword Box, suddenly stretched out his hand!


The icy-faced youth looked at the Sword Box and said sternly, "I'll say it one last time, talk or not!"


The Sword Box still showed no response.


Li Guanqi let out a cold snort, then with a twist of his waist, he threw the Sword Box down the cliff!




After doing all this, the youth turned and left.


Having discarded the Sword Box, Li Guanqi didn't feel like he had lost anything.


Everything he had was earned through his own efforts.


The lost Primordial Energy could be recovered in two days of cultivation to return to his peak.


But what he couldn't understand was the mystery of the Sword Box, which hung over him like a sword.


Li Guanqi's thoughts were simple; in his view, even if this item was a magical treasure more powerful than the heavens,


If it couldn't be used by him, then it was nothing but trash.


Did he feel heartache?


Not in the slightest.


Because everything he had wasn't given by the Sword Box.


However, when he returned to his courtyard, he found the Sword Box appearing in mid-air.


Li Guanqi wasn't shocked by this surprising scene.


Instead, he said mockingly, "Get lost!"


But at that moment, the Sword Box trembled slightly and burst forth with countless Spirit Lights.


The Spirit Light eventually formed into a stunningly beautiful woman in a red dress!


The woman was very tall, even taller than Li Guanqi by a head and a half.


With a high nose bridge, skin like creamy jade, and delicate features,


Her figure was curvaceous, and her red dress was stretched tight.


But the woman's eyes were frosty, and her expression was full of arrogance.


Her disdainful gaze towards all living beings, coupled with her cold demeanor, gave the impression that she belonged in the realm of immortals.


Even the composed Li Guanqi was taken aback by the woman's peerless beauty.


Before the woman could speak, Li Guanqi, with a serious expression, said,


"Don't… don't try seducing me with beauty; it won't work on me."


The woman's mouth had opened to speak, but upon hearing Li Guanqi's words, she frowned slightly.


A hint of anger flashed in her eyes!


The woman rose into the air and sat on the floating Sword Box, her right hand gently caressing it, and her sleeve slipped down her shoulder, revealing half of her fragrant shoulder. Yet, she acted as if nothing had happened, her slender phoenix eyes gazing at Li Guanqi.


Her voice was as cold as ice in winter: "You have no right to possess me."


The woman's slightly humiliating words were like a knife piercing Li Guanqi's heart.


As a child, Li Guanqi never wore new clothes or new cloth shoes.


"You have no right to wear new clothes."


This was what Li Dashan often said!!


Li Guanqi moved forward, taking large steps towards the woman!


One step!


Two steps! Three steps!


When Li Guanqi reached the phantom woman, he stopped slowly, looked up at the woman who was looking down, and suddenly grabbed the Sword Box with one hand!




With his strong physique, he yanked the floating Sword Box down to the ground!




Li Guanqi stepped on the Sword Box, leaned in close to the woman, his pure white eyes just an inch away from hers.


Li Guanqi's face was calm as he stared intently into the woman's eyes.


His voice was equally cold: "What is the right?"


"Just a Sword Spirit of a mere Sword Box, showing yourself only after stealing my Primordial Energy."


"What right do you have to be so haughty before me?"


"Why are you so arrogant?"


Perhaps the woman was shocked by the young man's presumptuous behavior, and for a moment, she didn't react.


By the time the woman came to her senses, she could even feel the heat of the young man's breath.


She leaned back slightly, and a powerful force instantly sent Li Guanqi flying several meters away.


A hint of anger flashed in the woman's eyes, and she said coldly, "Just because I am…"


But the woman's words were ultimately swallowed back.


Instead, she suddenly laughed, her jade finger gently pulling up the fallen sleeve.


She laughed self-deprecatingly, "After sleeping for who knows how many years, to think I would get angry over a brat like you."


Then the woman slowly stood up, looking at the young man as if bestowing a favor, "From now on, I want half of the Primordial Energy you cultivate."


"I'll allow you to use one sword inside after reaching the Golden Elixir stage."


Li Guanqi scoffed and turned to leave: "Goodbye, I'm not interested."


As he turned away, Li Guanqi cursed inwardly, "What nonsense! Just a Sword Spirit that stole my Primordial Energy, putting on airs."


The young man's attitude infuriated the woman, a hint of murderous intent flashed in her eyes, and the Sword Box trembled as if about to open.




A blade with a cold gleam was suddenly placed on her slender neck!


The woman's body stiffened, and her eyes filled with rage.


"Old fellow, this is the second time you've threatened me!!"


But a voice suddenly boomed in the woman's mind.


"Stinky wench, I'm only giving you three chances to show your murderous intent!"


"Miss these chances, and I will kill you!"


"My grandson is not one to be coerced; if you want to follow him, I advise you to soften up."


The woman's expression changed several times, and she finally spoke softly, "Fine!"


The blade disappeared, and the woman stood on the Sword Box, her chest heaving violently. After taking several deep breaths,


She leaped down from the Sword Box and walked towards Li Guanqi's room.

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