Chapter 26 – Nine Turns Xing Lei, Cultivating Gongfa

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Ye Feng quickly obtained the first Spirit Light from below.


However, he frowned and casually tossed the Spirit Light he held.


Clearly, he was very dissatisfied with the grade of the technique he had just acquired.


A stick of incense's time was about to pass.


During this period, Ye Feng had caught two Spirit Lights, but he discarded both.


Given his proud nature, he certainly wouldn't settle for anything less than a superior or mid-grade Xuan-level technique.




Ye Feng reached for a golden Spirit Light, but it suddenly changed direction, slipping past his fingertips.


Then, with a twist in midair, he forcibly changed his stance.


In an instant, his feet clamped down on that Spirit Light!


Li Guanqi pursed his lips, feeling that Ye Feng would likely choose this technique.


Because among these Spirit Lights, it had a comparatively strong aura.


Sure enough, Ye Feng's face lit up with joy when he saw the technique within the Spirit Light.


And so, the time of a stick of incense passed.


With a powerful leap, Ye Feng jumped onto a platform about ten feet high.


"Ah, this thing is quite rare; it's too fast."


"I barely managed to get a superior Xuan-level technique."


He finished speaking with a provocative look towards Li Guanqi.


Li Guanqi glanced at the name of the technique.


'Golden Dawn Heart Method'


It seemed to be a technique that matched Ye Feng's Spirit Root, not bad at all.


Li Guanqi said with a hint of regret, "Ah, looks like I can't keep my Spirit Stones."


Ye Feng laughed heartily, patting Li Guanqi's shoulder, "Haha, no worries."


"I love to gamble; I see everything as a chance to bet."


"So if you really lose, I'll just take half your Spirit Stones."


"I, Ye Feng, have an excellent gambling spirit. I keep my word."


Li Guanqi shrugged and slowly descended from the platform, walking into the center of the area.


He had already picked his target, a swift and incomparable purple light.


As Li Guanqi walked into the center, his aura suddenly changed!


To Ye Feng's astonishment, the youth's speed was even faster than his, darting straight for a purple Spirit Light in the sky.


But the Spirit Light was too fast, flashing past Li Guanqi's fingers several times in just a few breaths.


At that moment, Li Guanqi, with his back to Ye Feng in midair, his expression shifted slightly.


Suddenly, he turned his head to look at another flickering purple light.


In midair, Li Guanqi swiftly unfastened his Sword Box.


The Sword Box fell straight down from the sky.


Ye Feng frowned and muttered, "Is he trying to lighten his load to increase speed and agility?"


"But just a sword… Holy—!!!




A dull thunderous sound erupted!


The Sword Box had actually smashed through the green bricks on the ground!


Li Guanqi, falling with the Sword Box, pushed off with tremendous force!


Crack, crack!


The immense power visibly shattered the stone tiles on the ground.


Then, Li Guanqi's figure even blurred as he shot towards another purple Spirit Light in the sky.


The Spirit Light, sensing him, instantly sped up, trying to escape his grasp.


But Li Guanqi wouldn't give it the chance!


With a flash from his Storage Bag at his waist, Li Guanqi's hand suddenly held three Spirit Stones.


With a flick of his wrist, the three Spirit Stones shot out even faster!


The Spirit Stones caused the Spirit Light to change direction several times in the air.


Li Guanqi, following close behind, smoothly caught the Spirit Light in his hand.


However, throughout the process, his brow was furrowed, as he clearly felt that this Spirit Light was not strong.


His figure landed steadily, and then he casually slung the Sword Box over his shoulder.


Looking up, he saw Ye Feng's wide eyes and gaping mouth.


With a powerful leap, the youth ascended the platform like a breeze.


With a wave of his hand, he gathered all the Spirit Stones, smiling, "Thanks for your generous donation, Brother Ye. I feel a bit bad."


Ye Feng finally reacted, pointing at Li Guanqi and exclaiming, "You… you, you, you!!"


Li Guanqi looked innocent as he asked, "What's wrong?"


Ye Feng took a few deep breaths before asking, "How heavy is that Sword Box on your back?"


Li Guanqi shrugged, "Five hundred catties."


"Five… five hundred catties!!"


Li Guanqi remained silent. If this guy had been at the Heavenly Water Peak hall that day, he would have seen him lift a five hundred catty stone roller with one hand.


Ye Feng continued to ask, "Are you… have you started Qi Refining?"


Li Guanqi spread his hands, "Yeah, Qi Refining Level One. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come looking for a technique at this time."


"My Pubic Region is swelling badly, and I don't have a cultivation technique to convert the absorbed Spirit Qi into Yuan Qi."


Li Guanqi could clearly see Ye Feng's fingers trembling.


"You didn't say!"


"You didn't ask…"


"Fine! I won't hold that against you!"


"But clearly, my technique's Spirit Light was stronger, I didn't lose, right?"


Ye Feng's face was full of dissatisfaction.


But Li Guanqi actually felt quite fond of this guy.


Because from the beginning to the end, Ye Feng never mentioned the gain or loss of Spirit Stones, but the win or loss of the bet itself.


Li Guanqi had no choice but to show him the technique in his hand, with several large characters clearly written on it.


'Nine Revolutions Thunder Scripture! Mid-grade Earth-level incomplete volume, upper half.'


"Due to the lack of the technique beyond the Golden Elixir Realm, it's classified as a top-grade Xuan-level technique."


Ye Feng's face showed disappointment, and he regretfully said, "Ah, I lost the bet again! Is my luck really that bad? How could I lose this!"


Li Guanqi smiled slightly, waved his hand, and prepared to leave.


"Feel free to come gamble with me again next time."


Ye Feng shrugged and watched Li Guanqi's retreating figure, "In the first entry-level assessment three months from now, shall we bet again?"


Li Guanqi smiled slightly, "Bet on what?"


Ye Feng thought for a while and then scratched his head in frustration, "Haven't thought of it yet, we'll talk about it when the time comes."


"Next time, I must win back what I lost this time."


Li Guanqi looked at the gleam in Ye Feng's eyes and couldn't help saying, "Do you want me to leave you some Spirit Stones for cultivation?"


Unexpectedly, Ye Feng didn't care about the Spirit Stones at all, casually waving his hand, "No worries, I'll have my family send some over."


The two walked down from the upper floor together.


The senior brother on the second floor was still struggling to choose a technique, but when he saw Li Guanqi come down, he simply pretended not to see.


However, just as the two were leaving the library, Ling Daoyan suddenly stopped them.


Looking at Li Guanqi with displeasure, he said, "Pay up."


"Ten Spirit Stones!"


Li Guanqi immediately understood what was going on, patiently saying, "Elder Ling, it's really not my fault, Ye Feng insisted on betting with me."


"Then I used too much force and damaged a little bit."


"But no worries, my brother Ye Feng said he'd cover the cost for me."


Ye Feng looked astonished, his clear eyes filled with disbelief as he looked at Li Guanqi.


Just as Ling Daoyan was about to speak, Li Guanqi slipped away like a greased lightning bolt.


Leaving Ye Feng standing there dumbfounded.


In the end, Ye Feng paid the ten Spirit Stones for Li Guanqi.


"Li Guanqi!! You owe me ten Spirit Stones!!"


"Don't you know it's bad luck for a gambler to be owed money?"

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