Chapter 17 – Respectful tea ceremony to worship the master, what is the immortal

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The Elders of the Seven Peaks nodded in agreement, well aware of Li Nanting's strength.


With such talent, it was understandable that Li Nanting would come out of seclusion to take Guanqi as his last disciple.


After all, no one wants to live a life in vain without passing on their skills.


The crowd dispersed.


Li Nanting took Li Guanqi back to his own courtyard.


A simple ceremony of apprenticeship was conducted.


Kneeling, offering tea, the ceremony was complete.


Li Nanting spoke softly, "Guanqi, now that we are master and disciple, it is fate."


"I don't have much to give you, so I'll give you a pill."




A jade box appeared in the old man's hand as the ring on his left hand flashed with Spirit Light.


Li Guanqi carefully took the jade box and opened it to find a smooth, round pill inside, flickering with a fluorescent light.


"Master, this is…"


The old man smiled gently and said softly, "A top-grade Foundation Establishment Pill."


Li Guanqi was taken aback and quickly closed the jade box and handed it back to the old man.


"No, no, Master, this is too precious."


"Please keep it."


The old man laughed heartily and said softly, "If I give it to you, take it. This is all the valuable things I have."


"The Sect Master also wanted to bestow a Foundation Establishment Pill on you, but it's too conspicuous and might bring you trouble."


"So he thought to wait until you reached the tenth level of Qi Refining to give it to you, but I am different."


"If I have it, I'll give it to you!"


But Li Guanqi still insisted, "Master, with this on me, I won't be able to sleep well."


"Let's keep it with you for now, and you can give it to me when I need it."


Seeing the young man's insistence, the old man didn't say much more and put the jade box away.


He said softly, "If that's the case, then I'll keep it for you."


"Hmm… I see your vitality is robust, and your foundation in body cultivation is very solid!"


"Did an elder from your family teach you?"


Li Guanqi scratched his head, recalling his grandfather's stern demeanor.


He replied respectfully, "Since I was young, my grandfather made me take medicinal baths and carry weights up and down the mountain every day, as well as practice punching the wooden stake."


"It just happened naturally."


A glint of insight flashed in Li Nanting's eyes.


No wonder he sensed a fresh scent of Medicinal Herbs when he saw Li Guanqi.


"Is that thing on your back also given to you by your grandfather? Is it a Sword box?"


"It doesn't seem like it… How could there be such a large Sword box made of stone?"


Li Guanqi scratched his head and said softly, "It was given to me by my grandfather before he left, but he said it's a Sword Coffin, not a Sword box."




This statement exploded in Li Nanting's mind like thunder!


With a wave of his hand, the wooden doors of the hall slammed shut.


He then set up an energy barrier in front of the two of them.


Li Guanqi didn't understand why the old man suddenly became so cautious.


Li Nanting stood up, his expression serious, and said, "If anyone asks you in the future, you must say it's a Sword box!"




"Why… for fear that someone will covet the treasure and kill for it!"


"A Sword Coffin! Only swords that reach the level of magical treasures, or even ancient treasures, are stored like this!"


"From low to high, they are ranked as Mortal Instruments, Magical Instruments, Spirit Instruments, Magical Treasures, Ancient Treasures, Spirit Treasures, and Heaven-reaching Spirit Treasures!"


After the old man's explanation, Li Guanqi realized how precious the Sword Coffin on his back was.


The old man explained very directly, "Even an Elemental Infant Cultivator would rarely possess an ancient treasure-level sword!"


"Even many Cultivators at the Elemental Infant Realm still use magical treasures."


"Wealth should not be flaunted; you must be careful and cautious."


The young man nodded solemnly, taking the lesson to heart.


Then the old man dispelled the energy barrier and said softly, "It seems your grandfather is also a Cultivator, and his strength and Realm must be extraordinary…"


"An ancient treasure-level Sword box, and he let you carry it all the way without worry."


Li Guanqi could only touch his nose awkwardly, as he didn't know how high his grandfather's Realm was.


Li Nanting sat down, pointed to the cushion in front of him, and gestured for Li Guanqi to sit.


Then he gathered his thoughts and asked softly, "What do you think it means to be an immortal?"


Li Guanqi pondered for a moment and replied softly, "Eternal life, flying with a sword, wielding a sword at will, achieving ultimate freedom in one's heart."


After hearing this, Li Nanting showed a benevolent smile.


He tapped his finger in Li Guanqi's direction and said with a smile, "For someone so young to have such insight is not easy."


"Some say that to be an immortal is to be carefree, benevolent, and kind."


"To slay demons and act as an agent of heaven."


"To enjoy the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, with a long life span."


"To watch the world change over countless generations, yet drink turbid wine and watch the mountains unmoved."


"That is an immortal, but not entirely so."


Li Guanqi's thoughts were already immersed in the 'immortal' described by the old man.


But then the old man's tone shifted, and he spoke with a chilling seriousness.


"Yet in your master's heart, an immortal is something else entirely!"


Li Guanqi, curious, asked, "What is it?"


The old man's eyes sparkled as he stood up and looked up at the sky with a grave voice.


"The path of Cultivation is long, filled with deceit and schemes!"


"Of course, there will be bloodshed and fierce battles, and the emergence of precious treasures will lead to relentless pursuit and sword fights."


"After reaching the Elemental Infant, one must face a minor heavenly tribulation every three hundred years."


At this point, the old man turned abruptly to look at the young man.


"So in my view, once you enter the path of Cultivation, it's as deep as the sea, and there's no turning back in this life."


"To be an immortal is to strive!"


The young man's eyes showed a hint of confusion.




"Exactly! Strive against people! Strive against the land! Strive against the heavens!"


"Seize spiritual energy! Seize destiny! Seize opportunities!"


"Live for tens of thousands of years, without joy or sorrow, both immortal and demonic!"


"Cultivation itself is an act against the heavens, seizing the spiritual energy of the world to achieve an invincible golden body and ascend to the immortal realm."


"If the path is full of thorns, then clear mountains when you encounter them, build bridges over rivers, and carve out your own grand path with the sword in your hand!"


The old man's impassioned voice seemed to convey his inner realizations from hundreds of years of life.


He wanted to use these few words to help the young man understand some truths early on.


Truths that he had learned through countless hardships in the world.


He didn't want the young man to become a pedantic person, too kind-hearted.


Something seemed to awaken in the young man's naive eyes as he stood up and bowed respectfully.


"Master, although I may not fully understand now, I will remember your words."


Li Nanting looked at the young man with a naive gaze and didn't say anything like "you don't need to understand now."


He said these things because he wanted him to understand the cruelty of Cultivation early on.


Li Nanting waved his hand and said, "Go back early today. Tomorrow,when the sun rise, attend the class at Heavenly Water Peak. Elder Lan will be the teacher, giving you your first lesson in Cultivation. Do not be late."


Li Guanqi bowed and took his leave.

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