Chapter 9 – White Umbrella, Make Trouble

Bai Xixue arrived, with a cold expression, like a snow lotus at the top of an iceberg, unattainable.




Several elders of the Heavenly Jade Sect led a hundred disciples to greet her, and red petals floated in the sky, converging to form a path leading to the gate of the Heavenly Jade Sect, like a beautiful painting.


Bai Xixue wore a red dress, and the hem of the dress swayed in the breeze, enchanting and beautiful. She wore a phoenix crown on her head, and her fair skin was as delicate as jade, exuding grace with every move.


The war chariot stopped, and the Flood Dragon roared, intimidating the surrounding spirit beasts, causing them to bow in submission and not dare to challenge the might of the Flood Dragon.


Following that, Bai Xixue walked out of the Flower Bridge Palace, followed closely by a group of beautiful female disciples.


In addition, standing beside Bai Xixue was a middle-aged woman dressed in plain light-colored clothes, simple yet dignified. This woman was Du Ruosheng, the current Holy Lord of the Eastern Joy Palace.


For this alliance between the two sects, the Sect Masters naturally could not be absent.


"Master Du, please come in!"


The Sect Master of the Heavenly Jade Sect, Qin Yang, also appeared, dressed in luxurious attire, exuding an imposing aura.


The leaders of the two sects coincidentally looked in the same direction, their gazes falling on the warship of the Mystic Azure Sect. They all knew that Dong Wenjun of the Mystic Azure Sect had arrived, but his attitude was not particularly friendly, so there was no need to go and court trouble.


Therefore, Qin Yang, Du Ruosheng, and the others entered the main hall together, and the elders and disciples of both sects were filled with joy.


After today, the Heavenly Jade Sect and the Eastern Joy Palace would form an alliance, gaining more influence in this star domain, and their status would be unshakable.


Inside the warship, Chen Qingyuan looked at the bustling crowd and murmured, "Quite a grand occasion."


"Younger Martial Brother, be careful."


Dong Wenjun was unclear about why Chen Qingyuan insisted on attending the celebration of the alliance between the two sects, most likely up to no good.


"I won't cause any trouble, Senior Brother, rest assured!"


Chen Qingyuan smiled faintly.


"No matter what happens, Senior Brother will protect you. Since you're here today, I must ensure your safety."


Regardless of what Chen Qingyuan might do, Dong Wenjun had made all kinds of preparations. For this reason, Dong Wenjun even secretly brought the Protecting Sect Dao Treasure, just in case.


"Thank you, Senior Brother."


Chen Qingyuan felt a warm feeling in his heart and turned towards the gate of the Heavenly Jade Sect.


Dong Wenjun was a big shot at the Tribulation Crossing realm. At the latest, he needed to undergo the tribulation every thousand years, a total of nine tribulations, before he could step into the realm of the Great Vehicle and roam between heaven and earth.


In recent years, Dong Wenjun had become increasingly unable to suppress the fluctuations of the laws within his body. It was estimated that before long, Dong Wenjun would need to face the next tribulation, a life-threatening ordeal.


"I'm getting old, and I'm afraid I won't survive this one." Dong Wenjun looked at Chen Qingyuan's departing figure and muttered to himself, "Back then, my martial uncle was kind to me, and you are the only one he passed on his legacy to. Even if it costs me my life, Senior Brother will ensure your safety."


The incident of the Sky Abyss treasure a hundred years ago resulted in the complete annihilation of the people from the Mystic Azure Sect who entered it. When Dong Wenjun learned of this news, he found it hard to accept and was heartbroken.


Now that Chen Qingyuan had returned alive, Dong Wenjun could not allow a similar incident to happen again.




The main hall of the Heavenly Jade Sect was packed with people.


The high-level members of each sect could go to the inner hall to enjoy better service, while ordinary disciples could only sit in the front hall and converse with peers of the same status.


"Chen Qingyuan, does he really dare to come in?"


"I heard that Chen Qingyuan had a verbal marriage contract with Bai Xixue of the Eastern Joy Palace. Is he here today to make trouble?"


"The Heavenly Jade Sect and the Eastern Joy Palace are not ordinary forces. If Chen Qingyuan dares to cause trouble, he won't have a good end."


"I guess there's a good show to watch."


The crowd saw Chen Qingyuan walking towards them from a distance, their interest piqued, not minding the trouble.


The representatives of each sect presented their gifts, and a colorful auspicious scene appeared in the sky above the Heavenly Jade Sect.


The Grand Elder was responsible for receiving the gifts, his face filled with joy as he thanked the guests and recorded the items given by various forces.


Accompanied by Yan Minghai, Chen Qingyuan walked all the way to the entrance of the main hall.


"Dao Friend from the Mystic Azure Sect, please come in," said the welcoming elder of the Heavenly Jade Sect, politely bowing.


Regarding Chen Qingyuan's situation, the welcoming elder had already received orders not to obstruct him.


"This is a token of goodwill from the Mystic Azure Sect."


Yan Minghai, the representative of the Mystic Azure Sect, took out a gift box and opened it slowly.


A hint of green light emanated from the gift box, a green spiritual pearl that was not particularly outstanding among the many gifts, but also not shabby.


"Thank you." The welcoming elder accepted the gift.


Yan Minghai was about to enter the hall when Chen Qingyuan stopped him. "Senior Brother Yan, please wait."


"What's the matter?" Yan Minghai paused and turned back."I have prepared a gift on my own," said Chen Qingyuan as he took out a low-quality Spirit Stone to divert attention and secretly pulled out a White Umbrella from his Heaven and Earth Bag.


Using the Spirit Stone to activate the Heaven and Earth Bag would prevent exposing his own Cultivation Level.


If the news of Chen Qingyuan's reconstructed Dao foundation were to spread, it would surely cause a huge uproar. Currently, Chen Qingyuan's strength was not high, and he needed to keep it hidden as much as possible, not even informing his fellow Senior Brothers.




The Elder in charge of receiving guests and a group of Disciples were stunned, and then a look of displeasure appeared on their faces.


On the joyous day of the union between two sects, Chen Qingyuan actually presented a white umbrella, clearly with ill intentions.


White objects are generally used for funerals. Upon closer reflection, the umbrella carried the connotation of dispersal.


"What does Elder Chen mean by this?" the receiving Elder asked with a dark expression.


"A gift."


If it weren't for the agreement with Sky Abyss, Chen Qingyuan would certainly not have come to the Heavenly Jade Sect. To him, since Bai Xixue had chosen another, she was not a Good Match, and everything was in the past.


If Bai Xixue truly had sincere feelings for Chen Qingyuan, then upon his return, she would definitely withstand all pressure to be with him.


But that was not the case. When Bai Xixue confirmed that Chen Qingyuan had become a Useless person, any guilt in her heart dissipated like the tide, leaving her heart undisturbed.


"Presenting a White Umbrella on the day of a marriage alliance, isn't this Making Trouble?"


"How impressive Chen Qingyuan was back in the day, and now he has to use this method to maintain his so-called dignity. How pitiful!"


"I thought there would be some excitement to watch, but it was just a letdown after all this anticipation."


The Disciples from various sects who had been watching Chen Qingyuan all shook their heads, their interest waning. They had hoped to see Chen Qingyuan make a scene, uttering some disgraceful words.


The material of the umbrella was very simple, merely a mundane object.


The receiving Elder wanted to scold him, but suddenly he heard an order from the Great Elder: "Accept the item, do not create unnecessary complications."


With the order given, the receiving Elder had no choice but to take the White Umbrella and place it aside, speaking to Chen Qingyuan with an ugly expression, "Elder Chen's gift, the Heavenly Jade Sect has accepted it, please come in."


It was just a White Umbrella, and the Heavenly Jade Sect did not want to make too much of a fuss, so as not to affect the overall situation.


As long as Chen Qingyuan did not do anything excessive, the Heavenly Jade Sect would not bother with him.


Having completed this matter, Chen Qingyuan walked shoulder to shoulder with Yan Minghai, taking their seats in a certain spot within the inner hall.


The inner hall was furnished with thousands of tables and chairs, glittering with gold and splendor, with a thin layer of white mist flowing over the floor, and the tables were filled with precious fruits and immortal brews, the fragrant aroma of the wine drifting with the breeze to every corner.


"Junior Martial Brother, you were too rash," Yan Minghai whispered.


"Sorry for worrying you, Senior Brother Yan," Chen Qingyuan replied.


"I understand you're upset, Junior Martial Brother," Yan Minghai glanced in the direction of the people from Eastern Joy Palace and said in a deep voice, "Senior Brother isn't blaming you, but you should have discussed it with me. If we're going to fight, we need to be prepared in advance."


"The Heavenly Jade Sect wouldn't start a war over something like this," Chen Qingyuan chuckled.


"Better safe than sorry," Yan Minghai was always cautious.


"Alright, I understand."


Chen Qingyuan appreciated Yan Minghai's concern and took his advice to heart.


"The Auspicious Time has arrived, please welcome the bride and groom to the stage."


On the high platform of the inner hall, the Great Elder of the Heavenly Jade Sect addressed the guests from all sides, speaking loudly.

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