Chapter 78 – The assessment is over, Chen Qingyuan has become the target of public criticism

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Zhao Yichuan was known for his strictness at the Dao Yi Academy; many had become his students before, only to be driven away later.


On the day Chen Qingyuan arrived at the Academy, Yu Chenran, the vice dean, allowed him to skip the assessment.


Zhao Yichuan was displeased and directly questioned Yu Chenran. Only when he learned that Chen Qingyuan was the heir to the Mystic Azure Sect did Zhao Yichuan relent, deeming it reasonable.


Had it not been for this cause and effect, Zhao Yichuan would never have agreed, and might have even clashed with the vice dean.


"I won't regret it."


Song Ningyan, who had secured first place in the assessment, was naturally very strong, towering above her peers with pride and arrogance.




Zhao Yichuan's stern demeanor faded, and he chuckled lightly.




At this moment, in Yunxi Residence.


Yu Chenran's sound transmission reached Chen Qingyuan's ears: "Brat, the entrance assessment is over, you need to come over."


"Master, what for?"


Chen Qingyuan asked, facing the void.


"You may have joined the Academy, but there are still many procedures to complete. When I say go, just go, no dawdling."


Now that Yu Chenran had tricked Chen Qingyuan into becoming his disciple, he certainly wouldn't be polite. No matter if he was the heir to the Mystic Azure Sect, he was still my disciple – deserving of scolding and punishment without mercy.




Chen Qingyuan chuckled bitterly, changed into a clean, light-colored outfit, and headed towards the gate.


Before long, Chen Qingyuan arrived at the gate.


Seeing Zhao Yichuan standing in the void, Chen Qingyuan bowed respectfully to show his reverence.


Zhao Yichuan nodded in return, his cold eyes flashing with a hint of softness.


He's treating me much better; must be out of respect for my master!


Chen Qingyuan mused to himself.


Little did he know, Zhao Yichuan didn't care about the vice dean's face at all; it was all because of the Mystic Azure Sect.


"Fall in!"


Zhao Yichuan gestured to Chen Qingyuan, signaling him to stand in the first row.


On Chen Qingyuan's way there, Zhao Yichuan had already announced the top ten names from the assessment and had them stand at the front.


With Chen Qingyuan, there were eleven people in the first row.


All eyes were on Chen Qingyuan, filled with curiosity.


"Who is this guy?"


"I've seen him before; he was standing next to me before the assessment, but it seems he didn't participate."


"Why is he standing in the line of those who passed the assessment?"


"Does anyone know him?"


The crowd murmured in confusion, frowning.


The Northern Wilderness was vast, and although Chen Qingyuan was not without fame, there were still many who had not seen him.


"Hey! Who are you? What's your name?"


Wang Qing, ranked eleventh among the chosen, asked loudly, unwilling to accept the situation.


Zhao Yichuan watched from above, amused, with no intention of intervening.


"Me?" Chen Qingyuan, realizing all eyes were on him, did not hide and answered truthfully: "I'm from the Mystic Azure Sect, my name is Chen Qingyuan."


At these words, many showed surprised expressions.


Wang Qing's gaze sharpened as he exclaimed: "One of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, Chen Qingyuan."


Chen Qingyuan smiled, acknowledging it.


The woman in black standing to Chen Qingyuan's right was Song Ningyan, who frowned and asked coldly, "According to the rules of Dao Yi Academy, those who enter the assessment cannot be named among the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness and must act with discretion. What's your situation?"


"Is there such a rule? I wasn't aware."


Chen Qingyuan was genuinely surprised, hearing this for the first time.


"You didn't know?"


The crowd looked at Chen Qingyuan strangely, puzzled as to why he was unaware of the Academy's rules and exempt from the assessment.


It had always been a rule for many years that students and candidates of Dao Yi Academy could not participate in the selection of the Ten Heroes. Given the remote location of the Mystic Azure Sect, it was indeed unclear.


Moreover, Master Yu Chenran had not mentioned this to Chen Qingyuan either!


"Really didn't know." Chen Qingyuan looked bewildered and complained: "I was also wondering who the hell nominated me as one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, depriving me of a few days of peace. But what does being one of the Ten Heroes have to do with the Academy's candidates?"


Hearing Chen Qingyuan's complaints, the crowd truly believed he was unaware, and many looked at him with admiration and a hint of sympathy.


"You're done for."


Song Ningyan sized up Chen Qingyuan, her lips curling into a cold smile.


"What do you mean?"


Hearing this, Chen Qingyuan was even more confused.


I just complained about the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, how am I done for? Can't you woman speak clearly?


Just as Chen Qingyuan was about to ask further, Zhao Yichuan, standing above, suddenly spoke: "The bastard you're talking about, is me."




The moment Chen Qingyuan heard this, he stiffened.


Then, his expression became incredibly animated as he looked up at Zhao Yichuan, his voice trembling slightly: "Predecessor, what did you say?"


"I've selected the recent lists of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness."


Zhao Yichuan stated indifferently.




With confirmation, Chen Qingyuan felt thunderstruck, his mind went blank, and he stood petrified, struggling to recover.


Since ancient times, the list of the Northern Wilderness chosen had been announced by Dao Yi Academy to inspire the new generation to grow quickly.


Those fated with Dao Yi Academy were eligible to participate in the assessments of each session, hence they could not be included in the list.


Dao Yi Academy had always operated in the shadows, unknown to the common people, naturally not wanting its students to be high-profile, to avoid violating the ancestral teachings.


For countless years, Chen Qingyuan was an exception, being both one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness and a student of the Academy.


Two hundred years ago, Yu Chenran knew that the Mystic Azure Sect in the Flow Star Domain was the long-lost Mystic Azure Sect. However, he told no one and did not reveal the connection between the Mystic Azure Sect and Dao Yi Academy.


Therefore, Zhao Yichuan thought highly of Chen Qingyuan's talent a hundred years ago and selected him as one of the Ten Heroes.


As for the newly announced list of the Ten Heroes, Zhao Yichuan initially did not consider Chen Qingyuan, but Yu Chenran forcibly added him.


Thus, Chen Qingyuan, who was still in the Heavenly Spirit Realm at the time, inexplicably became one of the Ten Heroes again, causing countless people to want to use him as a stepping stone.


Such was the fiery love from his master.


Yu Chenran wanted to give Chen Qingyuan enough pressure to grow quickly and shoulder the responsibilities of the Mystic Azure Sect.


"So it turns out…"


After pondering for a while, Chen Qingyuan had an epiphany.


"Predecessor, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way."


Regaining his senses, Chen Qingyuan quickly apologized.


"It's fine, many have cursed me before."


Zhao Yichuan smiled at Chen Qingyuan, sending shivers down his spine with a foreboding feeling.


Then, Zhao Yichuan called some people over, intending to send the eliminated candidates back to where they came from.


Once they left Dao Yi Academy, they would never have the chance to become its disciples again.


"Predecessor, I'm not convinced!"


Wang Qing mustered his courage and spoke out loudly.


"Hmm?" Zhao Yichuan glanced at Wang Qing, his presence commanding.


"Why does he not need to participate in the assessment? Moreover, according to the Academy's rules, the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness are not fated with the Academy and cannot be admitted."


Wang Qing pointed at Chen Qingyuan, venting his dissatisfaction.


All those who participated in the assessment were highly talented and strong, many not weaker than the Ten Heroes, with the top few even stronger.


Only because they were fated with the Academy, they could not participate in the selection of the Ten Heroes.


"Does Dao Yi Academy need to explain its actions to you?"


Zhao Yichuan looked down from his position, his tone brooking no argument.


"No need." Wang Qing dared not confront Zhao Yichuan head-on, instead turning his frustration towards Chen Qingyuan: "I just feel that it's unfair for this person to not participate in the assessment."


It's not like I didn't want to participate in the assessment, what's it got to do with me!


Chen Qingyuan felt aggrieved under the scrutiny of over a hundred hostile gazes.

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