Chapter 7 – Whether I stay or go is none of your business

Sitting in the cabin, Chen Qingyuan heard this and pushed the door out, seeing a young man in purple standing in the void.


"So it's Little Bug Xia, long time no see!"


Chen Qingyuan's mouth slightly raised, dressed in a light-colored long shirt, standing with his hands behind his back, elegant temperament.


"You!" The purple-clothed young man named Xia Nanzhong, a member of the Snake Clan, was once Chen Qingyuan's defeated subordinate: "Chen Qingyuan, you are still as unpleasant as before."


Just now, Xia Nanzhong saw the warship of the Mystic Azure Sect and came over to take a look, only to find Chen Qingyuan's figure and immediately walked over.


"You are not a human being." Chen Qingyuan retorted.


At the words, Xia Nanzhong was somewhat annoyed.


But, thinking about it, he seemed to be really not a human being, so he held back his anger.


However, what Chen Qingyuan said was a bit insulting, which made Xia Nanzhong coldly snort in anger: "Hmph!"


More than a hundred years ago, Xia Nanzhong and Chen Qingyuan had a dispute and fought each other. After that battle, Chen Qingyuan gave Xia Nanzhong a nickname, calling him Little Bug, which made many people laugh.


Xia Nanzhong lost to Chen Qingyuan and had no power to refute, so he had to accept it.


"Do you not know who the object of the marriage alliance is?"


Xia Nanzhong suppressed a hint of anger and did not argue with Chen Qingyuan.


"I know." Chen Qingyuan said indifferently.


"Knowing that, and you still came, you have a good temperament." Xia Nanzhong gave Chen Qingyuan a thumbs up, three parts admiration, seven parts sarcasm: "You were outstanding back then, and the young sect master of the Heavenly Jade Sect, Qin Yutang, suffered a lot from you. Now Qin Yutang is going to marry Bai Xixue, aren't you just humiliating yourself?"


"Little Bug Xia, are you concerned about me?"


Chen Qingyuan said with a smile.


"I would never be concerned about you, dream on!" Xia Nanzhong didn't like this nickname, but coming from Chen Qingyuan, he didn't feel too much anger, and was both an enemy and a friend: "I advise you, you are now a useless person, staying in the Mystic Azure Sect is the safest."


"Thanks for the reminder." Chen Qingyuan didn't take it to heart.


"I might just mock you a few times, but others might not be so forgiving."


After saying this, Xia Nanzhong lost interest and turned to leave.


After this meeting, Xia Nanzhong confirmed that Chen Qingyuan was really useless, feeling somewhat happy and also a little emotional.


After walking a distance, Xia Nanzhong turned back to look in Chen Qingyuan's direction, sighing softly: "Such a Heaven's Pride, what a pity!"




In just a few days, the news of Chen Qingyuan's arrival at the Heavenly Jade Sect's territory spread to many people's ears.


The cultivators of various sects looked at the warship of the Mystic Azure Sect from a distance, whispering to each other.


"Chen Qingyuan, what is in the Sky Abyss? Have you obtained anything in the Sky Abyss?"


A young man questioned from a high place.


"None of your business."


Chen Qingyuan glanced at the young man in black and answered coldly. He didn't know this person, probably a figure who had risen to fame in the past hundred years.


"Many powerful figures in the Divine Transformation Realm and the Body Fusion Realm died in the restricted zone of the Sky Abyss. As a cultivator in the Elemental Infant Realm, why should you be able to come out alive."


The young man in black was relentless and didn't put Chen Qingyuan in his eyes.


"If it were a hundred years ago, you would definitely have been slapped against the wall by me."


Chen Qingyuan retorted.


"Hmph! Now you can only boast about your past glory."


The young man in black had heard of Chen Qingyuan's achievements and knew he was not as good. But times had changed, and Chen Qingyuan had become a useless person, so there was no need to be afraid.


Chen Qingyuan smiled and remained silent, speaking to such a fool was a waste of time.


So, Chen Qingyuan sat at the bow of the ship, sipping fragrant tea, admiring the beautiful scenery around him, completely ignoring the chattering young man in black.


In fact, many people wanted to figure out how Chen Qingyuan had survived, or to hear some secrets about the restricted zone from Chen Qingyuan, which might be useful in the future.


Because of the Mystic Azure Sect, the cultivators from all sides did not use excessive means against Chen Qingyuan.


What puzzled everyone was that Chen Qingyuan claimed to have faked his death and escaped, but what method could he have used to live in the restricted zone for over a hundred years?


If this method could be obtained, it might be possible to try to enter the restricted zone of the Sky Abyss and seek fortune.




Time slipped away through the fingers, and in the blink of an eye, it was the day of the two sects' marriage alliance.


Today, a group of elders and disciples from the Eastern Joy Palace came here, ready to enter. The bride, Bai Xixue, had not yet appeared and would only show up on the day of the formal marriage.


The leading elder of the Eastern Joy Palace was Bai Xixue's master, Yao Susu.


Yao Susu was dressed in a relatively simple light-colored cloth, with a snow-white ribbon tied around her waist, her long hair held in place by a jade hairpin, her hands gently placed on her lower abdomen, dignified and classical, with an excellent temperament.


"Huh!" Yao Susu heard some comments around her and looked to one side, catching sight of Chen Qingyuan hundreds of miles away, and stopped in her tracks.


After hesitating for a moment, Yao Susu decided to go over and take a look, followed by hundreds of people.


"How could Elder Chen be here?"


In front of the heroes from all sides, Yao Susu was more polite to Chen Qingyuan, bowing to him.


"Congratulations." Chen Qingyuan sat still and glanced up.


The people from the Eastern Joy Palace felt that Chen Qingyuan was very rude and wanted to reprimand him, but Yao Susu stopped them.


It was just a complicated etiquette, not worth paying attention to.Yao Susu was concerned about why Chen Qingyuan had come here. Was he trying to disrupt the marriage alliance between the two sects? She tentatively asked, "Are you here just to offer congratulations?"


"Of course, I've even prepared a special gift for the occasion."


Chen Qingyuan thought of the White Umbrella inside the Jade Bracelet. Although it might be somewhat offensive, it wouldn't cause any substantial harm to either sect. Besides, this wasn't his original intention; he was compelled by circumstances.


Compared to the actions of Eastern Joy Palace, Chen Qingyuan was practically a living Buddha.


Once, Chen Qingyuan had given many treasures to Eastern Joy Palace. Now that the marriage contract was void, they hadn't returned any of them. They even tried to sever all ties with a Medium Quality Spirit Vein, which was nothing short of an insult.


At least in Chen Qingyuan's eyes, it was an insult.


"What gift is it?"


Yao Susu felt a sinking feeling in her heart, an inexplicable unease.


"Since it's a gift, I certainly can't tell you."


If it had been before, Chen Qingyuan might have given Yao Susu some face, but now he didn't take her seriously at all.


"Chen Qingyuan, if you dare to disrupt the marriage alliance between our families, don't blame Eastern Joy Palace for being ungrateful."


Seeing Chen Qingyuan's disregard for her, Yao Susu dropped her pretense and removed her mask, warning him with a cold gaze.


"Oh?" Chen Qingyuan remained unafraid, chuckling lightly: "Is there any old affection between Mystic Azure Sect and Eastern Joy Palace?"


"You really are pitiful." Yao Susu heard Chen Qingyuan's words as nothing but stubborn pride, maintaining a shred of dignity. She looked down on him with contempt and slowly shook her head: "You should be very clear about one thing, Cultivators live for tens of thousands of years, while Mortals have but a hundred years of life. Now that you've become a Useless person, even if Mystic Azure Sect extends your life, you won't live much longer."


"So what?" Chen Qingyuan's face showed no emotional fluctuation, calm as still water.


"It's better for you and Mystic Azure Sect if you leave now."


For safety's sake, Yao Susu wanted to drive Chen Qingyuan away. As long as he left Heavenly Jade Sect, the marriage alliance would surely not be troubled.


Chen Qingyuan's presence here was like a ticking time bomb, liable to utter some disgraceful remarks, causing immeasurable impact.


"My stay or departure doesn't seem to be your decision to make, is it?"


Chen Qingyuan laughed.


"This is the marriage alliance between Eastern Joy Palace and Heavenly Jade Sect, naturally, I have some say in the matter."


Seeing that Chen Qingyuan refused to leave, Yao Susu grew increasingly uneasy and bluntly issued an eviction order.


"Mystic Azure Sect has received an invitation from Heavenly Jade Sect and has traveled thousands of miles to celebrate. Are you serious about asking me to leave?"


How had he never noticed before how annoying this old witch Yao Susu was?


"I only wish for Elder Chen to leave, I have no such intentions towards Mystic Azure Sect."


As a core Elder of Eastern Joy Palace, Yao Susu knew better than to speak carelessly and quickly explained herself.


Thousands of eyes were watching this scene, and speaking the wrong words could have serious consequences.


"How dare you!"


Before Chen Qingyuan could speak, a burst of angry words suddenly came from the inner cabin of the warship.

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