Chapter 50 – Old lady wants to strangle you

The former Mystic Azure Sect once had many resources, but after losing its top combat power, countless forces in the Imperial Province swarmed toward the Mystic Azure Sect like tigers and wolves.

If the Mystic Azure Sect does not leave, I’m afraid even the foundation of the sect cannot be preserved.

Ten thousand years ago, Cangxuan Daoist broke through the Mahayana Realm, inherited the will of his ancestors, and his strength soared in a short period of time. At the same time, he also learned about the history of the Mystic Azure Sect.

Upon entering the Imperial Province, Cangxuan Daoist provoked various forces, suppressed many renowned strong individuals one by one.

Perhaps the various forces were in the wrong, perhaps they were unwilling to confront Cangxuan Daoist like a madman, or perhaps they wanted to use Cangxuan Daoist to continue guarding the Abyss of Demons, so they did not resort to force.

Having vented his anger, Cangxuan Daoist still did not forget the teachings of the ancestors and headed towards the Abyss of Demons.

Since then, Cangxuan Daoist has never appeared again.

“The Mystic Azure Sect actually has such a great background.”

The Ghost Doctor had no doubt about the history that Sword Immortal Changgeng had mentioned, because the Sword Immortal had no reason to deceive her.

“The current Mystic Azure Sect is no longer what it used to be!” Sword Immortal Changgeng sighed, “I once discussed this matter with Cangxuan Daoist over tea. Cangxuan Daoist disappeared without appointing a successor Holy Lord, deliberately so, not wanting the future generations to bear this responsibility.”

According to the ancestral teachings of the Mystic Azure Sect, the matter of the Abyss of Demons cannot be spread, and can only be passed on to the next Holy Lord through a special inheritance method.

Cangxuan Daoist had selfish motives and did not want the declining Mystic Azure Sect to sever this bloodline, wanting to stop all cause and effect here. Therefore, when he left, he did not pass on the memory inheritance to Lin Changsheng.

“Do the forces in the Imperial Province really not care?”

After listening to Sword Immortal Changgeng, the Ghost Doctor felt a deep sense of admiration for the previous sages of the Mystic Azure Sect and felt that they were not worthy of it.

“If you were asked to go to your death, would you go?”

Sword Immortal Changgeng asked in return.

The Ghost Doctor fell silent, unable to give a definite answer.

“The human heart is treacherous, and there are not many who can stick to their original intentions.”

Deep in his heart, Sword Immortal Changgeng believed that he was not as good as the previous sages of the Mystic Azure Sect.

“Are those people from the Mystic Azure Sect still alive?”

The Ghost Doctor asked softly.

“I don’t know.” Sword Immortal Changgeng shook his head gently. “I have never been to the Abyss of Demons, so I am not clear about the specific situation there.”

“To guard the Abyss of Demons for more than thirty thousand years is truly admirable and worthy of respect.”

The once prosperous forces of the Imperial Province can now only become a first-class sect in a star domain in the Northern Wilderness, which is truly thought-provoking.

“This merit, the old heavens should be able to see it!”

Sword Immortal Changgeng looked at the boundless sky and thought to himself.

After the conversation with the Sword Immortal, the Ghost Doctor no longer looked down on the Mystic Azure Sect. She thought that the Sword Immortal was being so polite to Chen Qingyuan out of respect for the previous sages of the Mystic Azure Sect, but in reality, it was not the case.

The various forces in the Flow Star Domain have already issued a notice that people of the same age can go and cause trouble for Chen Qingyuan, to save face.

Chen Qingyuan will not leave the Mystic Azure Sect for the time being, not giving those people a chance to bully him.

In his cultivation cave, Chen Qingyuan had been thinking about one thing: “What is the origin of the Dao One Academy? When will they come looking for me?”

According to Lin Changsheng, the Dao One Academy is an extremely mysterious force in the Northern Wilderness, with ancient heritage and unfathomable depth.

“How did my cheap master get involved with the Dao One Academy?”

It’s really strange.

Chen Qingyuan couldn’t figure out this problem. If the Dao One Academy really had a great background, then with the abilities of the Mystic Azure Sect, they should not be able to qualify for enrollment!

This was all done by Shangguan Rong. He had dealings with the Dao One Academy and secured an opportunity for Chen Qingyuan to enroll.

As long as Chen Qingyuan can establish himself in the Dao One Academy, even if the historical heritage of the Mystic Azure Sect is exposed, they will not be afraid of being attacked by the top forces in the Imperial Province.

Moreover, Shangguan Rong and the current Holy Lord, Feng Changxuan, discussed and decided to end this responsibility of the Mystic Azure Sect in their generation and not let it continue to spread.

If the Dao One Academy is willing to take action, they should be able to sever the relationship between the Mystic Azure Sect and the Abyss of Demons, in order to continue the bloodline of the sect.

“The letter left by my master clearly stated that after crushing the wooden tablet, people from the Dao One Academy will come to the Mystic Azure Sect in about ten years. It has been five years now, so it looks like I need to be mentally prepared.”

Chen Qingyuan couldn’t figure out these questions, so he stopped thinking about them and decided to try to break through to the Golden Elixir Realm.

One day, while Chen Qingyuan was meditating, he suddenly felt a slight movement in the room, and immediately opened his eyes, startled.

He saw the Ghost Doctor Gongsun Nan pouring tea for himself and placing the tea beside the red lips under her veil.

Taking a sip of tea, Gongsun Nan smiled slightly at Chen Qingyuan.

“Ghost Doctor Sister, how did you come here?”

Chen Qingyuan exclaimed.

“Just came to see you.”

Gongsun Nan wore a veil, making her true appearance invisible, and appeared particularly mysterious.

“How did you get in?”

Faced with Gongsun Nan’s visit, Chen Qingyuan was more surprised and cautious, with little joy.This old witch couldn’t possibly be looking for trouble with me, right?

Chen Qingyuan muttered to himself.

“Do you think the Protecting Sect Grand Formation of the Mystic Azure Sect can stop me?”

Gongsun Nan said with a smile.

“That’s true.” Chen Qingyuan suddenly understood and asked tentatively, “Ghost Doctor Sister, are you looking for me for something? I am an upright person, kind and charitable, and I detest evil. Surely, I haven’t offended you in any way, have I?”

“You told the Murong family of the Northern Cang Star Domain about me, didn’t you?”

Gongsun Nan revealed the matter.

“I have never disclosed anything about Ghost Doctor Sister’s whereabouts.”

Chen Qingyuan vehemently denied, with a righteous tone.

“Out of consideration for you, I helped the Murong family.”

Initially, when the Murong family approached Gongsun Nan, she was reluctant to lend a hand. However, after hearing the name Chen Qingyuan from the Murong family, she decided to help after some thought.

Later on, Gongsun Nan learned the reason.

An Old Ancestor of the Murong family had made a mistake in his cultivation and was on the brink of death.

Thanks to Gongsun Nan’s rescue, the Old Ancestor’s life was saved, and his injuries were stabilized.

The Murong family was very grateful to Gongsun Nan and presented her with many gifts. Gongsun Nan did not refuse, as it had taken a lot of her energy to save the person.

“It has nothing to do with me.”

Chen Qingyuan was curious about the Murong family’s situation but couldn’t ask directly, so he had to play dumb.

“Aren’t you going to thank me, kid?”

Gongsun Nan narrowed her eyes.

“Ghost Doctor Sister, I’m so poor I’m practically clinking when I walk, I really have no money!”

Hearing this, Chen Qingyuan became anxious.

“I don’t need Spirit Stones.”

Gongsun Nan gave Chen Qingyuan a disdainful look.

“Don’t get any ideas about me; I prefer to keep to myself.”

If she didn’t want Spirit Stones, then what did she want?


I want to strangle you.

Now you’re inviting me to be an Elder of the sect! Of course, I would agree.

Why didn’t you invite me, kid?

However, Gongsun Nan couldn’t make this clear, or it would no longer be a fortunate encounter.

“Get lost!” Gongsun Nan’s face darkened.

“Sister, this is my place. If I ‘get lost,’ wouldn’t that be a bit inappropriate?”

Chen Qingyuan muttered under his breath.

“So you’re saying I should get lost?!”

Gongsun Nan, sitting in the chair, gave Chen Qingyuan a fierce look.

“I wouldn’t dare. I’ll get lost right away.”

Fearing persecution from Gongsun Nan, Chen Qingyuan scurried out the door in a flash.

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