Chapter 39 – Sympathetic glances

Spiritual loss fee, what is this?

Not only Shen Shijie and others were confused, but even the people of the Mystic Azure Sect were dumbfounded.

Countless pairs of eyes were fixed on Chen Qingyuan, and the scene was awkward and extremely silent.

After a long time, an elder of a certain sect broke the deadlock and said, “Chen Qingyuan, are you saying that we still have to give you money?”

“Yeah, that’s what I mean. After all, you all wanted to search my soul, which has affected my personal safety. If you can’t compensate for my spiritual loss, it won’t be justifiable!” Chen Qingyuan gave the elder a satisfied look and said with a smile.

“Wasn’t that what I gave you just now?”

At this moment, Shen Shijie didn’t have much anger, and his mind was still not turning.

“Old man, you’re getting forgetful!” Chen Qingyuan hurriedly explained, “What you just gave me was the money for the tea.”

Everyone was in chaos.

You’re too greedy!

“Chen Qingyuan, don’t go too far.”

Liu Ruoyi of the Eastern Joy Palace said angrily.

“Old lady, a large group of you came to the Mystic Azure Sect to pressure us. Who’s really going too far?” Chen Qingyuan put away his smile and said coldly.

Chen Qingyuan was not polite to the people of the Eastern Joy Palace. For the sake of Bai Xixue, he had been very considerate of the Eastern Joy Palace, sending so many resources that they were countless.

However, how did the Eastern Joy Palace treat Chen Qingyuan?

The last time Chen Qingyuan had just returned, the Eastern Joy Palace was afraid that the marriage would be affected because of Chen Qingyuan, so they sent Yao Susu to bring a medium-quality spirit vein to send him away, which was disgusting.

If Chen Qingyuan hadn’t been well-mannered, he would have cursed them out right then and there.

“The so-called spiritual loss fee, I absolutely refuse to agree.”

Hearing the term “old lady,” Liu Ruoyi’s anger intensified. Although she was indeed very old, she had taken good care of herself and still had a middle-aged appearance and charm.

“You refuse?” Chen Qingyuan turned to Lin Changsheng and said very seriously, “Big Senior Brother, if we really start fighting, can we handle it?”

“If my Mystic Azure Sect is destroyed today, there won’t be many people here who can leave alive. I guarantee that no one from the Eastern Joy Palace will survive.” Lin Changsheng instantly understood Chen Qingyuan’s meaning and said loudly.

“Good, if we start fighting later, don’t worry about my life. If the sect is destroyed, it’s meaningless for me to live. Senior Brothers and Sisters, when we start, don’t show mercy to the old witch of the Eastern Joy Palace. Even if she’s a powerful figure in the Tribulation Crossing stage, we can drown her with our spit.” Chen Qingyuan turned to Dong Wenjun and the others and said.

“Good! I’ve long been displeased with the Eastern Joy Palace.”

A fiery-tempered Senior Sister stepped forward, glaring.

“If they want to take a bite out of my Mystic Azure Sect, they must make most of the forces in the Flow Star Domain regret it.”

Dong Wenjun, as an elder protecting the sect, was second only to the Sect Master Lin Changsheng in strength, and he had the qualifications to say this.

“If it weren’t for our Master and his generation all dying, even if all the forces in the Flow Star Domain gathered together, they wouldn’t be able to shake the foundation of the Mystic Azure Sect.”

Listening to the words of the Mystic Azure Sect’s elders, one was more impulsive than the next, and one elder even shattered a white jade pillar behind him, with a fierce momentum.

Looking at this scene, the strong from various sects felt slightly apprehensive. They had thought this trip would be very easy, and they would definitely make the Mystic Azure Sect bow down, but the people of the Mystic Azure Sect were tougher than they had expected.

The disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect outside the hall had already set up a killing formation. Seeing this situation, they were not afraid to fight against the old fellows who had been cultivating for thousands of years, and they were not afraid of death at all.

The various sect elders came here only to inquire about the news of the Sky Abyss, and they didn’t really intend to fight. If they started fighting without a word and thus sacrificed their lives, wouldn’t that be a loss?

“Damn! Martial Senior Brother, we haven’t even started fighting yet, and you’ve already destroyed a spirit pillar. What a waste!” Chen Qingyuan felt like his heart was bleeding as he accused the Senior Brother.

“Sorry, I got carried away just now.”

The Martial Senior Brother, who was accused by his Junior Brother, didn’t feel embarrassed, but rather awkwardly rubbed the back of his head and smiled.

“If we survive this fight, you’ll have to use your private stash to repair the pillar.”

Since childhood, Chen Qingyuan had been doing a lot of business and had earned a lot of family property for the Mystic Azure Sect.

“I’m afraid the Senior Brother’s private stash won’t be enough to repair it. Can you owe a little bit then?” The Martial Senior Brother’s momentum instantly dissipated, and he whispered, ignoring Shen Shijie and the others.

“I remember you had a lot of private stash, didn’t you?” Chen Qingyuan asked in surprise.

“Don’t mention it, it was all taken by your sister-in-law two years ago.”

Speaking of this, the Martial Senior Brother, who was burly and strong, looked aggrieved.

The male elders of the Mystic Azure Sect who heard this all looked at the Martial Senior Brother, casting sympathetic glances. After hiding their private stash for thousands of years, it was all looted in one go, truly miserable!

The Senior Sisters snorted lightly, thinking that it served him right. They had already formed Dao Companions, yet they dared to hide private stash, and it was even for thousands of years.

Chen Qingyuan didn’t feel like getting angry anymore, and instead said sympathetically, “Martial Senior Brother, in the future, you can follow Little Yanzhi to make money. This kid has barely completed his apprenticeship and will definitely make you a big profit.”

“Really! Thank you, Little Junior Brother.”

The Martial Senior Brother’s eyes lit up, as if he saw a lot of spirit stones coming towards him.

Just as the bond between the Senior Brothers was slowly rising, the strong from various sects were all livid and couldn’t bear it any longer: “Hey! We’re still here, do you really not care about us?””We’re all in for a bloody fight, who cares about you guys!” Chen Qingyuan glanced back at Shen Shijie and the others, rolled his eyes, and said irritably, “Can’t I have a few words with my Senior Brother before we face death?”

Truth be told, many of the strong ones felt panic in their hearts, really not wanting to gamble with their lives. The people from Mystic Azure Sect were too fierce, none of them afraid to die. In a fight, they would surely be extremely ferocious, the unstoppable kind.

“Young Friend, do not be rash, I and the others have not said we won’t compensate for the mental distress!”

Shen Shijie suppressed his anger and squeezed out a smile.

“Didn’t this old witch say she wouldn’t pay?”

Chen Qingyuan glanced at Liu Ruoyi from Eastern Joy Palace, the corner of his mouth twitching slightly.

Liu Ruoyi had been gripping the armrest of her chair, leaving deep palm prints on it. She was the Protecting Sect Elder of Eastern Joy Palace, a position of high esteem, respected by all. She never expected to be humiliated by Chen Qingyuan multiple times in front of the Elders from various sects.

Liu Ruoyi really wanted to explode, but she was advised against it through Sound Transmission by others.

For the greater good, Liu Ruoyi had to suppress her rage, trying her best not to let the situation escalate.

Kid, you better not fall into my hands. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard even to wish for death!

Liu Ruoyi held a grudge against Chen Qingyuan, wishing she could tear him to pieces.

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