Chapter 15 – Collect payment, attitude is tough

The next day, the war chariot stopped in the territory of the Baiye Sect.

“Pingyan, let the steward of the Baiye Sect come out.”

Chen Qingyuan sat sipping tea.

“Okay.” Although Lin Pingyan didn’t know what account Chen Qingyuan was settling, he didn’t ask much and quickly went to the entrance of the Baiye Sect.

Lin Pingyan was very polite in stating his identity and waited at the door for the disciple’s report.

Seeing Lin Pingyan being so polite, Chen Qingyuan felt a bit helpless and shouted loudly, “You are an inner elder of the Mystic Azure Sect. How can you wait at the door? The gatekeeper of the Baiye Sect doesn’t understand the rules. Just kick the door open.”

Chen Qingyuan stayed in the war chariot, and his words could be heard by Lin Pingyan: “Junior Master, this is not appropriate!”

Kicking the door without any discussion did not fit Lin Pingyan’s code of conduct.

“Not appropriate at all. The Baiye Sect is just a second-rate sect. As an elder of the Mystic Azure Sect, if you don’t invite me in directly, it’s a disrespect to the Mystic Azure Sect. If this matter gets out, in the future, the disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect will definitely be bullied when they go out. Everyone will want to take advantage of them.”

Chen Qingyuan deliberately exaggerated the seriousness of the matter in order to put pressure on Lin Pingyan.

“It’s not that serious!” Lin Pingyan turned and looked at the war chariot not far away, and transmitted his voice.

“Pingyan, am I still your Junior Master?”

Seeing Lin Pingyan still hesitating, Chen Qingyuan decided to use seniority to pressure him.

“Yes.” Lin Pingyan quickly said.

“Then listen to your Junior Master and kick the door open.” Chen Qingyuan said sternly, “If you don’t kick this door today, then I won’t go to the Yunhai Star Domain, and I won’t care if my injuries are not treated.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Pingyan became anxious.

If Chen Qingyuan really refused to treat his injuries, Lin Pingyan would live with guilt for the rest of his life.


Helpless, Lin Pingyan made a tough decision and kicked the door open directly. With a loud noise, the gate of the Baiye Sect was kicked open.

In an instant, many figures appeared in the sky above the Baiye Sect, wanting to see who had the audacity to be so presumptuous at the Baiye Sect, creating a tense atmosphere.

“Elder Lin, what do you mean by this?”

An inner elder of the Baiye Sect appeared, and upon learning that Lin Pingyan had arrived, he quickly came over and happened to see the door-kicking incident, his face turning pale.

“Nothing.” Lin Pingyan felt a bit guilty in his heart, but on the surface, he still had to pretend to be calm.

Just as both sides were at a standstill, Chen Qingyuan in the war chariot spoke up.

Chen Qingyuan took out a common item, a sound transmission tube.

This item could amplify the sound by tens or even hundreds of times, but it was of little use to cultivators.

Chen Qingyuan stood at the front of the war chariot, placed the sound transmission tube in front of his mouth, and shouted loudly in the direction of the Baiye Sect, “Pingyan is an inner elder of my Mystic Azure Sect and the Sect Master’s own son. He came to visit the Baiye Sect and was actually locked out. Do you not regard my Mystic Azure Sect highly?”

Regardless of right or wrong, first put a big hat on the Baiye Sect.

“Chen Qingyuan, it’s him.”

Many people from the Baiye Sect recognized Chen Qingyuan at a glance, whispering to themselves and pondering.

“The Baiye Sect has no such intention.” A certain elder of the Baiye Sect quickly said, “According to the rules, after the gatekeeper disciple reports, the visitor can be allowed inside.”

“Nonsense rules.” Chen Qingyuan cursed directly, “If the elders of the Heavenly Jade Sect came, would the Baiye Sect not let them in? The Baiye Sect doesn’t give face to the Mystic Azure Sect. It seems that they think my Mystic Azure Sect is declining and easy to bully, right!”

“Elder Chen, please don’t be angry. It is indeed the Baiye Sect’s lack of courtesy and disrespect towards Elder Lin.”

The grand elder of the Baiye Sect appeared, preventing others from speaking to avoid making the situation more serious.

“As long as you know your mistake.” Chen Qingyuan’s tone softened slightly.

“Both elders, please come in. Tea has been prepared in the hall.”

The grand elder clasped his fists in salute.

“No need.” Chen Qingyuan refused, “I came here today to settle accounts, not to drink tea.”

“Settle accounts? What accounts?”

The grand elder felt a bit puzzled, not knowing if this expression was genuine or just a pretense.

“Ask your thirteenth elder.”

Chen Qingyuan held a sound transmission tube in his left hand and raised his voice.

Immediately, the grand elder called the thirteenth elder, a small and thin middle-aged man. “What’s going on?”

The thirteenth elder recounted the past events in detail.

A hundred years ago, Chen Qingyuan invested in a business and opened a chamber of commerce with the thirteenth elder of the Baiye Sect, sharing the profits equally.

However, since Chen Qingyuan had an accident in the Sky Abyss, the thirteenth elder did not fulfill his promise to share the profits of the chamber of commerce.

Chen Qingyuan had already investigated and came to collect the debt.

“In recent hundred years, the operation of the chamber of commerce has not been smooth, and we haven’t made much spirit stones.”

The thirteenth elder lowered his head, feeling a bit embarrassed as he spoke.”I don’t care how much you’ve earned, compensate with a medium quality Spirit Vein, and we’ll call it even.”

Chen Qingyuan couldn’t be bothered to audit the Chamber of Commerce’s profit and loss accounts; he had made up his mind before coming.

“A Spirit Vein, how is that possible!”

Upon hearing this, the Thirteenth Elder suddenly looked up, unable to accept it.

“For a hundred years, you’ve kept this matter from both Sects, clearly intending to monopolize the Chamber’s profits. Too bad you’re too incompetent, running it poorly, no one else to blame. Compensating with a medium quality Spirit Vein is letting you off easy. If this were a hundred years ago, I would have crippled you myself.”

Even if Chen Qingyuan was not as powerful as in the past, he had not lost his dignity, and he cursed vehemently.

“Elder Chen, perhaps we should sit down and talk this over!”

The Grand Elder did not want to make a big fuss and tarnish the Sect’s reputation.

“There’s nothing to discuss. He’s from your Baiye Sect, and your Sect must take responsibility,” Chen Qingyuan didn’t give the Baiye Sect any face and continued, “If he can’t produce it, then the Baiye Sect will have to settle the debt.”

“Is Elder Chen really being so unreasonable?”

The Grand Elder’s expression darkened, clearly displeased.

“If I were unreasonable, I wouldn’t be here to collect debts, but would have the Senior Brothers and Sisters of the Mystic Azure Sect come to discuss the matter.”

Chen Qingyuan was not afraid of threats; some Sects only respond to strength, and must be treated in this manner.

“You…” Hearing this, a flicker of panic crossed the Grand Elder’s eyes; he had heard about how the Mystic Azure Sect treated Chen Qingyuan, with extreme favoritism, and dared not make any harsh statements.

“Let’s be clear, I’m going to take a nap. If the Baiye Sect refuses to settle the debt in half a Time, then I’ll have a proper exchange with an Elder of the same age, and no mercy will be shown.”

After saying this, Chen Qingyuan returned to his war chariot, eating fruit and drinking tea, no longer paying attention to the people of the Baiye Sect.

Lin Pingyan bowed in the direction of the war chariot: “Yes.”

Then, Lin Pingyan turned to face the people of the Baiye Sect, showing no fear.

No matter how nicely the higher-ups of the Baiye Sect spoke, Lin Pingyan had only one response: “Discuss it with my Junior Master.”

Half a Time later, the Baiye Sect came to a decision.

Give it!

They really didn’t want to part with a medium quality Spirit Vein, but they had no choice!

Chen Qingyuan’s temperament was well-known in the Flow Star Domain; he was ruthless and always followed through on his word.

“Take it, after today, we’re even.”

The Grand Elder’s face was dark as he handed over the Spirit Vein to Lin Pingyan.

Looking at the entire medium quality Spirit Vein, Lin Pingyan was somewhat stunned; he hadn’t expected the Baiye Sect to actually compromise.

“I have many matters to attend to, I won’t invite Elder Lin in for tea.”

The Grand Elder issued an eviction order and left without looking back.

Back in the war chariot, Lin Pingyan placed the space ring containing the Spirit Vein on the table, staring straight at Chen Qingyuan: “Junior Master, the Spirit Vein has been obtained.”

“Mhm.” Chen Qingyuan stretched lazily, seemingly having anticipated this outcome, showing no joy.

After a while, Chen Qingyuan raised an eyebrow and asked, “Comfortable?”


Lin Pingyan was taken aback.

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