Chapter 63 – Wind & Cloud Xu Zong joins the group

The spirit of plants and trees given by Wang Yu is definitely not the most precious kind. It is said that some spirits can increase the user’s physique by three or four times, or even five or six times. However, such treasures should have been used up long ago. What Wang Yu gave should be a relatively ordinary thousand-year-old willow heart, which was also discovered on the Australian continent before. It is already very good to be able to increase so much strength in one breath. I’m afraid there is still a lot of medicinal effect in Xu Zong’s body that has not been exerted.

Of course, Xu Zong only needs to reach the level of an intermediate War God, and he has other resources next.

After cleaning in the bathroom for half an hour and washing off all the dirt on his body, Xu Zong returned to the training room and opened his wristwatch to make a call.

Soon, a light screen appeared in front of him, showing a slightly pale and handsome young man.

“Oh, isn’t this the most talented genius since the Great Nirvana, who can catch up with Hong and the Thunder God? Why do you have time to call me?”

On the other end of the phone was Luo Hua, teasing Xu Zong.

“Do you remember our bet?”

Xu Zong smiled and looked slightly proud.

“Of course, as long as you become an intermediate War God within a year, I will give you a great benefit… You haven’t become an intermediate War God already, have you?”

Luo Hua suddenly came back to his senses and looked at Xu Zong in astonishment.

“Yes, I just became an intermediate War God!”

Xu Zong aimed the camera on his wristwatch at the testing machine, threw a punch, and the sound of sonic booms continued. With a strength of over 160 tons, Luo Hua was dumbfounded.

“What did you do? You just entered the elite training camp two months ago and already became an intermediate War God? This is even more terrifying than my brother back then!”

Luo Hua finally realized the value of being called the “most talented genius since the Great Nirvana”.

Of course, Xu Zong achieved this level of strength by using the spirit of plants and trees. However, he was confident that even if he relied solely on himself, he could become an intermediate War God within five months. After all, with the assistance of the gravity room, he could increase his strength by more than 30 tons in a month!

“Let’s make it clear, the benefit must be significant for me to acknowledge it.”

Xu Zong said with a smile.

“Alright, I’m willing to bet and admit defeat!”

Luo Hua raised his hand in surrender.

“But the thing I’m giving you is very precious, you must come and get it in person.”

“No problem, I have the next two days off anyway, so I’ll take a leave.”

“Okay, it’s settled then. I’ll prepare the thing and wait for you to come back.”

After a few more pleasantries, Xu Zong hung up the phone.

He took a deep breath, his eyes filled with sighs and joy.

“The great benefit that can only be used by intermediate War Gods… It must be Mu Yajing, right?”

Although Luo Feng was “dead,” he left behind incredibly rich assets for the Luo Family, including a large amount of Mu Yajing and the spirit of plants and trees. Xu Zong was not sure about the specific quantity, but as the inheritor of the Yin Mo Star, Luo Feng would definitely not have a shortage of Mu Yajing.

Luo Hua’s willingness to invest Mu Yajing in him was probably due to the lesson learned from the “death of Luo Feng” last time and the desire to distribute wealth for security.

After all, in this world where Hong and the Thunder God were both dormant and Luo Feng died, the Luo Family owning so much Mu Yajing was essentially like a child waving gold bars on the street, which would make many people jealous.

Especially those few clowns at the current stage, Sago Nehru, Yan Hai, and Atkin!

In the original work, they colluded and conspired, daringly broke into the Mingyue Community, and in front of Luo Hua, threatened his family and took away a large amount of Mu Yajing and the spirit of plants and trees!

Mu Yajing, the treasure that can directly break through to the Celestial Level for intermediate and advanced War Gods!

By the end of April 28th, Xu Zong’s ranking in the elite training camp was firmly in first place.

The next morning.

Xu Zong took a leave from the training camp. He originally wanted to fly back to Jiangnan City by plane, but when he thought of Wang Yu’s words yesterday, he stopped buying plane tickets.

“Inspector Wang, I want to borrow your fighter jet.”

After thinking about it, he directly dialed Wang Yu’s phone number.

After chatting last night, Wang Yu gave him his number.

“A fighter jet? Are you going out?”

“Yes, I’m going back to Jiangnan City. I’ll be back by tomorrow at the latest.”

“You’re quite cautious. Alright, I don’t have much to do recently, so you can borrow it for two days.”

Soon, a black flying saucer-shaped fighter jet appeared above the Jiangnan Pavilion and slowly descended.

Passing students were not surprised anymore. Wang Yu, as the resident inspector of the training camp, often had people see his fighter jet flying around.

Xu Zong walked to the fighter jet, and the cabin door opened automatically, allowing him to enter excitedly and touch everything.

“A Wang-level intelligent fighter jet. There aren’t many of these in the world, right?”

The intelligence system in the fighter jet already regarded Xu Zong as the temporary owner for the next two days. After Xu Zong gave the command to “go to Jiangnan Base City, Yangzhou City, Mingyue Community,” the fighter jet immediately took off at supersonic speed and flew towards Jiangnan City.

Mingyue Community.

After about two hours, the fighter jet arrived above the Mingyue Community and landed on the tarmac, attracting the attention of passersby.

“I remember this fighter jet. Luo Feng came back with this type of fighter jet back then!”

Someone among the crowd exclaimed.Luo Hua walked up with a strange expression on his face, greeting Xu Zong who had just disembarked from the warplane.

“So, did you buy this warplane too?”

“I wish I could! It’s borrowed from the Inspector.”

Xu Zong’s face showed a hint of regret.

Such a warplane would cost two hundred billion at the Martial Arts School. Xu Zong was still hanging around in the training camp, how could he afford that?

“Come with me!”

Luo Hua waved his hand and led the way.

Soon, they arrived at the Luo Family’s villa. Luo Hua led Xu Zong into a room on the second floor.

“This is my brother’s training room, equipped with a gravity chamber from ancient civilization.”

Luo Hua introduced the high-tech-looking room.

“Gravity chamber!”

Xu Zong’s eyes lit up, and he became eager.

Right, Luo Feng’s house has a gravity chamber!

Why didn’t I think of it before? The gravity chamber in the elite training camp can only be used based on the ranking of the Black Dragon leaderboard, with a maximum usage time of ninety hours a month. But this gravity chamber in the Luo Family’s house is hardly used!

“I knew it, warriors like you would definitely react this way when hearing about the gravity chamber.”

Seeing his expression, Luo Hua burst into laughter.

“If you want to use it, you can come to my house after you graduate, provided that you don’t join the special action team, but are dispatched to become an Inspector.”

“Oh, no, with this, I should say, become an Inspector!”

Luo Hua fiddled around in the gravity chamber for a while, then took out a tightly wrapped object about thirty centimeters long and wide.

“Huh, aren’t you afraid I’ll steal it?”

Xu Zong rubbed his hands, eagerly taking the cube-shaped object.

“Try to steal it first.”

Luo Hua said nonchalantly.

“No, no, everyone knows your house is a dragon’s den.”

Xu Zong shook his head.

Even the two mercury-like guards in the courtyard were enough to give all the people on Earth a hard time.

“This thing is called Mu Yajing, it contains abundant life energy. Once absorbed, it can create a Celestial Level warrior!”

Seeing that Xu Zong wasn’t too surprised, Luo Hua nodded secretly. It seemed that the legend of Mu Yajing had also spread in the elite training camp.

“Thank you, Luo Hua.”

Xu Zong accepted the Mu Yajing and sincerely thanked Luo Hua.

With this Mu Yajing, he could become a Celestial Level warrior within a month. Without it, he didn’t know how much time he would waste at the apprentice level.

“You lost the bet, so you have to pay.”

Luo Hua laughed it off.

“Good luck, I hope you graduate from the training camp soon.”

That night, Xu Zong took the warplane back to the elite training camp.

The elite training camp, where an Inspector was stationed all year round, was currently the safest place in the Martial Arts School. Xu Zong planned to absorb the Mu Yajing in the next five months.

Then graduate directly!

Once he graduated, he would be a Celestial Level warrior, which meant he would become the new Inspector of the Martial Arts School. He wouldn’t have too many work-related issues, and he could always use Luo Feng’s gravity chamber!

If it weren’t for the fact that absorbing Mu Yajing took a full month, he would have applied for graduation that night.

After returning to Jiangnan Pavilion, the warplane took off on its own and returned to Wang Yu.

Xu Zong, on the other hand, went straight into the gravity chamber after May arrived. After pushing his body to its limit, he took out the Mu Yajing, drilled a small hole in the shell, put his mouth to it, and slowly drank the life energy that was leaking out, like drinking alcohol.

Although he was absorbing it bit by bit, the life energy was incredibly vast for Xu Zong. It circulated in his body, causing his cells to become extremely active, absorbing energy in large gulps.

His body was becoming stronger at an astonishing speed. He estimated that he could become a high-level War God in three to five days, and a Celestial Level warrior in a month!

“Given my absorption speed, I might not even need a month!”

Xu Zong thought to himself. As his strength gradually increased, his “unsaturated time” advantage was getting lower and lower. After all, the high-level War Gods could spend several hours a day on cultivation, and Xu Zong wasn’t much better than them.

In order to absorb the energy in the Mu Yajing as quickly as possible, Xu Zong even gave up hunting on double-number days. He focused on absorbing energy in the gravity chamber or the attic, or practicing the fifth level of World Annihilation.

It was foreseeable that by the end of May at the latest, there would be one more Celestial Level warrior on Earth!

Just as Xu Zong was completely immersed in his cultivation.

“Ding! Welcome ‘Wind & Cloud Xu Zong’ to join this chat group!”

As if to distract him from his boredom, a new member joined the chat group.

“Ding! The number of users in this chat group has reached five, the first function upgrade will be carried out. The chat group will be temporarily closed after a three-second countdown and will restart within ten seconds. Please wait a moment!”

What was baffling was that the chat group disappeared from his mind after the countdown of three, two, one.

Then, about five seconds later, the chat group reopened.

“Ding! The chat group upgrade has been successful, new ‘turn off current shared talent’ function and ‘live broadcast’ function have been added. Please explore them yourself!”

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