Chapter 56 – I am not a vegetarian

“Dong dong dong!”

“Come in!”

Longze Villa, late at night.

Xu Zong had just shared the talents and skills of the other Xu Zongs in the group. His mind was filled with memories and experiences of cultivation, but before he could take a look, the door was knocked.

“Young Master, I’ve brought hot water!”

The door opened, and a beautiful girl walked in carrying a basin of hot water.

“When we’re alone, what should you call me?”

Xu Zong smiled and approached, pinching the girl’s cheeks and pulling them apart.

“Team leader, stop it, mmm…”

When Xu Zong let go, Zhou Zhiruo quickly rubbed her cheeks.

“Brother Long, today Grandma almost did what you said and wanted to help you! I had to persuade her!”

Zhou Zhiruo skillfully placed a towel in the hot water, then handed it to Xu Zong.

She had lived on Piaomiao Peak for seven or eight years.

Everyone knew that Piaomiao Peak was strict and intimidating, and no one dared to disobey the orders of the Fairy of the Heavenly Mountains. Even Xu Zong, as the young master, was treated like a pet. Zhou Zhiruo was no exception. According to the Fairy’s words, she was the young master’s personal maid and was forced to do many things a maid would do.

However, after all, Xu Zong had saved her father’s life, so she willingly served him. Her father, Zhou Zi Wang, was now working under the Fairy’s command on Piaomiao Peak.

“Well done, Zhiruo, you are truly clever!”

Xu Zong smiled and patted Zhou Zhiruo’s head, nodding in satisfaction.

“In situations like ‘I told you not to follow, but you insisted on coming’, even if it’s out of concern, you absolutely cannot let that person follow!”

This was a classic plot in martial arts dramas, where the female protagonist would always follow the male protagonist to the battlefield against the big boss, despite being told to stay at home. In the end, various accidents would occur, leading to severe injuries, amnesia, or even separation between heaven and earth.

Xu Zong detested this kind of plot, so he had already instructed Zhou Zhiruo to prevent it from happening.

After finishing washing up, Zhou Zhiruo was about to leave with the basin.

“It’s late, Zhiruo, you should rest here with me!”

Xu Zong snatched the basin and skillfully threw it on the floor by the door without spilling a drop of water. Then, with a wave of his hand, he carried Zhou Zhiruo into his arms and swiftly arrived at the bedside.

I, Xu Zong, am not an ordinary person!

“Brother Long, the water in the basin hasn’t been poured out yet!”

Zhou Zhiruo blushed, feeling embarrassed.

“It’s fine, Meilan and Zhujv will take care of it.”

Sniffing the fragrance on the girl’s neck, Xu Zong held Zhou Zhiruo horizontally.

“Also, when we’re in bed, what should you call me?”

“Um, Brother Long Cang…”

Her sweet and tender voice sounded, making one’s appetite open wide. Soon, a peculiar song could be heard in the room.



After Zhou Zhiruo fell asleep, Xu Zong changed into his night clothes and left Longze Villa, heading to the seaside town where Yujian Villa was located. He went to an antique shop called “Sanhua Fang,” which was the stronghold of the Feixian Sect.

“Where is Tong Bo?”

Xu Zong sneaked into the house and suddenly appeared in front of the two sisters.

“He went to find Tong Xin and hasn’t come back yet.”

Dou Dou was startled and glared at him angrily.

“Miss Zhao, have they explained everything to you?”

Xu Zong sat down on a chair and looked at Zhao Yun, who was standing in separate corners with Dou Dou.

“Does the master believe their nonsense?”

Zhao Yun looked skeptical.

This thing about being teleported to a faraway place like the Water Moon Immortal Realm was simply ridiculous!

“It’s understandable that normal people find it hard to believe.”

Xu Zong nodded knowingly. Even if such a thing happened in modern times, people would think it was a mental illness, let alone in ancient times.

“We can go to the Water Moon Immortal Realm later to see for ourselves. Everything will become clear. However, you might have to take out the Blood Ruyi in your hands.”

Xu Zong made up his mind. If Zhao Yun didn’t give it to him, he would have to forcefully take it.

“If it’s for Dou Dou and Tong Bo, I won’t give it to them. But since the master has saved my life, I can give you a Blood Ruyi… as a token of gratitude.”

Zhao Yun took a deep breath.

She looked at the Blood Ruyi in her hand, reluctant to part with it. This thing represented a payment of thirty thousand taels of silver!

But when she thought about how she had almost lost her life just now, she felt a sense of fear. Perhaps it wasn’t a good thing for her to keep this thing.

After thinking it over, she became more relaxed and handed the Blood Ruyi to Xu Zong.

“Thank you.”

Xu Zong looked at her with surprise. He didn’t expect her to be so generous.

Different paths in life might also influence a person’s character.

Not long after, Tong Bo returned to Sanhua Fang with a disappointed look on his face.

“Where is Tong Xin?”

“I couldn’t find her.”

Tong Bo sighed.

Among the three Tong brothers, Tong Xin was the youngest, only about twenty years old. Because he had a high fever when he was young, his brain was damaged, so his behavior was as childish as a ten-year-old child. He was easily led by others, which made people worry.

“Since we can’t find her, there’s nothing we can do. The life of the Tong Clan Chief is more important. I think we should go to the Water Moon Immortal Realm first, use the Blood Ruyi to cure the Clan Chief, and then discuss other matters.”

“That’s the only way.”

Tong Bo felt conflicted, but he chose to prioritize the overall situation.”Miss Zhao, you should come along too. Since we are siblings, it’s better to clear up any misunderstandings.”

Xu Zong looked at Zhao Yun. This woman hadn’t turned evil yet. As long as he kept her by his side, there shouldn’t be any problems.


Zhao Yun fell silent for a moment before nodding in agreement.

Tong Bo, a member of the Tong Clan, passed on the spatial coordinates. Tong Zhan made the adjustments, and half an hour later, a ripple in space opened near Sanhua Square.

Back in the Water Moon Immortal Realm, ignoring Zhao Yun’s shocked expression, they returned to Tong Zhen’s side. Xu Zong combined the two Blood Ruyi, which emitted a dazzling light like the sun.

Tong Zhen’s vitality visibly replenished at a rapid pace, and his illness disappeared without a trace in a matter of breaths.

“I have urgent matters to attend to, I’ll take my leave first!”

Before the Tong Clan could express their gratitude, Xu Zong left first.

He knew how to enter the Water Moon Immortal Realm. He had been there when he was young, and it wouldn’t be too late to go in again later.

Zhao Yun was still wandering around. Without saying a word, Xu Zong picked her up and sent her back to Sanhua Square through the teleportation array.

“I have urgent matters to attend to, I must leave.”

“Eh, benefactor, at least tell me your name——”

Before Zhao Yun could finish her sentence, Xu Zong had already disappeared without a trace, causing Zhao Yun to stomp her foot in frustration and sigh alone.


Late at night.

After sending Zhao Yun back to Sanhua Square, Xu Zong sneaked into the Sword Mastery Manor amidst the chaos.

He focused his energy on his nose, following the faint smell of snake blood in the air, and arrived at a lake within the manor.

“The smell of blood disappears into the water, it must be here!”

Xu Zong checked his mask, which was tightly fastened, and then lightly jumped into the lake.

Under the lake, there was a whirlpool. Xu Zong followed it down to the bottom of the lake, squeezed through a crack in the ground, and landed on the ground in no time.

Before him was a large, open underground city, made entirely of smooth grey stone.

There was no light or fire here, only countless stones emitting light in the darkness, placed at certain distances on the walls, serving the function of oil lamps.

The stones didn’t look like gems or night pearls, they were just plain stones emitting light, presumably enhanced by Yin Zhong using a special method.

Although this world appeared to be a Martial World General on the surface, the existence of magic had already been proven by the Tong Clan.

And Yin Zhong was a traitor of the Tong Clan. It was only natural for him to know magic.

Xu Zong silently activated the breath-holding secret technique from the Nine Yin Manual, and stealthily made his way deeper into the underground city.

This underground city was built by Yin Zhong over five hundred years. Although it was spacious, it wasn’t large. Xu Zong quickly arrived at the center of the city along the corridor.

A huge mercury pool lay across the center, and on the wall opposite the pool was a stone carving of a giant snake’s head, identical to the one that had attacked Zhao Yun.

“There’s no one in the pool, has Yin Zhong already healed his wounds?”

Xu Zong hid behind a load-bearing pillar and secretly observed the center.

Five hundred years ago, Yin Zhong was expelled from the Tong Clan for secretly practicing the Dragon God Technique. He was not willing to accept this, so he used the emperor, who coveted the Tong Clan’s magic, to lead troops to hunt down the Tong Clan. In the end, he was defeated by the ancestor of the Long Clan, Long Teng, who used the power of the Spirit Mirror, leaving an incurable wound on his chest!

He spent five hundred years looking for a cure, only to find that there was no method in the world that could heal the wound caused by the Spirit Mirror, not even the Blood Ruyi, a treasure of heaven and earth!

Out of desperation, he had to use mercury to treat himself, and used the poison of the blood python to neutralize the poison of the mercury. Although this method only treated the symptoms and not the root cause, at least under normal circumstances, his injuries were not visible.

But once he used his true energy to a certain level, or when he was seriously injured, the wound from the Spirit Mirror on his chest would appear, making him wish he were dead.

For this reason, he couldn’t fully devote himself to cultivation for the past five hundred years, and his strength was always limited. Otherwise, with five hundred years of cultivation, he would have been more than a match for Xu Zong.

Suddenly, two figures came from another direction.

“Yin Zhong? Who’s the other person?”

Xu Zong was secretly surprised.

One of them was Yin Zhong, who was disguised as the second master of the Sword Mastery Manor. The other was a man in his early thirties, dressed in a silver-white brocade robe, with a thick short beard on his lips, and an attitude of neither humility nor arrogance towards Yin Zhong.

Apart from Yin Zhong and a few others in the Water Moon Immortal Realm, no one should know about the existence of this underground city. This bearded man should not be among them. Who was he?

“Brother Murong, what brings you here?”

Yin Zhong stood with his hands behind his back, looking in good spirits.

“Why don’t I have a banquet prepared in the manor to welcome you and wash away the dust of your journey?”

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