Chapter 54 – Long Clan Three Siblings

Tong Bo informed Xu Zong on behalf of him, and Xu Zong was quickly respectfully invited into the Water Moon Immortal Realm by the people there, arriving at an open-air altar.

Tong Bo and Tong Zhan were both here, and Dou Dou was also brought over.

In addition, there were six old men wearing white hooded cloaks standing in the six directions of the altar, chanting words and emitting a strange light.

In the center of the altar lay a middle-aged man with a pale and critically ill complexion.

“The descendant of the Dragon God, please come up for a chat.”

The middle-aged man’s voice was extremely weak, but he managed to maintain consciousness.

“Tong Clan Leader, long time no see.”

Xu Zong walked into the altar and came to the front of the Tong Clan Leader, taking off his mask.

Tong Zhen, lying on the ground, smiled with difficulty when he saw Xu Zong’s face.

“It’s really you, the child from back then, of the Long Clan…”

“You, you…!”

However, one of the white-clothed old men in front suddenly showed a shocked expression upon seeing Xu Zong’s face. He looked at Xu Zong and then at Tong Bo below, his expression filled with astonishment.

“Elder, no need to say more.”

Tong Zhen shook his head slowly, stopping the elder from speaking.

“Tong Clan Leader, let me take a look at your body.”

Xu Zong reached out and placed his hand on Tong Zhen’s chest, infusing his masculine inner energy into his body.

His brows suddenly furrowed, feeling that it was difficult to handle.

Tong Zhen was not injured, but purely suffering from an illness. His internal organs had reached the point of failure, and neither the Yin nor Yang energy had any effect in the face of this illness.

“I have a bottle of Nine Transformation Bear Snake Pill. I don’t know if it will be effective for the Clan Leader’s condition.”

Xu Zong took out a porcelain bottle from his pocket.

The elder hurriedly walked up and opened the bottle, sniffing it lightly.

Tong Bo and Tong Zhan below looked at the elder nervously.

But they saw the elder’s brows furrow.

“This pill has taken the lives of too many animals. It requires a great deal of killing to refine one. It is truly against the heavens!”

“Is it useful?”

“It can’t cure the root cause, but this pill has the effect of replenishing vitality and reviving the dead. It should be able to prolong his life for a few days!”

“If that’s the case, let the Clan Leader take it!”


The elder’s face was conflicted, showing that he didn’t particularly like this pill.

But for the sake of Tong Zhen’s life, he still took out a pill and put it into Tong Zhen’s mouth.

This Nine Transformation Bear Snake Pill was a holy medicine for healing injuries from the Xiaoyao Sect. Even if one’s intestines were torn apart, as long as one pill was swallowed, it would immediately bring one back to life, with the effect of saving lives and reviving the dead.

The Tong Clan, as the descendants of the heavens, had the ability to control thunder, lightning, and storms. Their medical skills were also superb, and they could definitely produce such pills as the Nine Transformation Bear Snake Pill. However, the Tong Clan had a natural love for peace and never took lives without reason. There was even an iron rule within the clan that “killing is not allowed.” Therefore, they used herbal medicine to heal injuries and treat illnesses, resulting in complementary effects that could make up for each other.

After swallowing one Nine Transformation Bear Snake Pill, the effect of the medicine was immediately apparent, and Tong Zhen’s complexion became slightly ruddy.

“It seems that to cure the root cause, we still need the Blood Ruyi!”

Xu Zong put on his mask again, left the altar, and came to Tong Bo and Tong Zhan, saying to them.

“But didn’t you say that the Blood Ruyi must be used by two people together to achieve the effect of saving lives and healing injuries?”

Tong Zhan already fully trusted him and couldn’t help but frown.

The Tong Clan and the Long Clan had been complementary to each other since ancient times.

The Tong Clan worshipped the gods of heaven and earth and mastered many spells and treasures.

The Long Clan was responsible for protecting the Tong Clan and had control over martial arts and Dragon God techniques.

However, as human intelligence gradually awakened, the responsibilities and prestige of the Tong Clan rapidly weakened. People no longer worshipped the gods of heaven and earth as they did in ancient times, so they naturally no longer needed the Tong Clan. The emperor, who had long coveted the Tong Clan’s spells, took the opportunity to suppress the Tong Clan. The Tong Clan had no choice but to hide in the Water Moon Immortal Realm.

The ancestors of the Tong Clan issued a death order, forbidding any descendant of the Tong Clan from leaving the Water Moon Immortal Realm!

Tong Zhan had already violated the clan’s rules by going to the Sword Mastery Villa through the teleportation array before, and he would be punished for it. It was absolutely forbidden for him to go out again.

“The other Blood Ruyi is also in the Sword Mastery Villa… Well, I should also leave the Water Moon Immortal Realm. Since I came through the teleportation array, I should also leave through the teleportation array.”

Xu Zong smiled faintly, not caring at all.

“Since the Clan Leader is seriously ill and unable to get up, shouldn’t you two brothers send me off?”

“Oh right!”

Tong Zhan’s eyes lit up, and he smiled happily.

“Yes, yes, I’ll send you off!”

Saying that, he grabbed Xu Zong’s arm and eagerly walked towards the wilderness where the teleportation array was located.

Tong Bo also followed with a smile, and Dou Dou hurriedly caught up.

Seeing this, the elders scratched their heads and faces, wanting to stop Tong Bo and Tong Zhan, but both morally and logically, they had to see off the descendant of the Long Clan.

The old men hesitated for a while and decided to pretend they hadn’t seen anything.

On the wilderness.

An old man with white hair was turning a stone statue. That was the key to the teleportation array, and Tong Zhan was helping on the side.

The place where the Tong Clan lived in seclusion was protected by multiple layers of barriers, eliminating the possibility of foreign invasion while also preventing the Tong Clan members from leaving. If they wanted to leave the Water Moon Immortal Realm, they could only break through the multiple barriers or use the teleportation array.

However, the use of the teleportation array was very complicated. It required knowledge of astronomy and geography, as well as spatial coordinates to activate it. Even among the Tong Clan, there were not many people who knew how to use it.

“Brother, I still don’t know your name.”

Tong Bo came to Xu Zong’s side, wearing a gentle and friendly smile.

“I am Long Cang, the one who loves all living beings.”

Xu Zong reported his name in this world.

“Thank you for the medicine and for running around for my father’s illness. Tong Bo has been disrespectful before, and I hope you can forgive me!”

Tong Bo politely apologized to Xu Zong.

Xu Zong glanced at him.

Brother, you’ve completely taken on the appearance of a member of the Tong family.

“There’s no need for that. I have my own selfish reasons for seeking the Blood Ruyi. Saving the Tong Clan Leader was just a coincidence.”

Indeed, Xu Zong’s reason for returning to the martial arts world of Jin Kingdom at this time was also to obtain the Blood Ruyi.

If possible, he even wanted to take the Spirit Mirror away!

Unfortunately, the Spirit Mirror was the embodiment of the will of heaven and earth. Although it had the supreme power to help people realize their wishes, it had its own wisdom and could freely travel through space. Unless it wanted to show itself, no one could find it!

“Even so, saving my father is a fact. I still need to thank you,” Tong Bo said.

Tong Bo obviously had his own reasons, so he still bowed to him.

“You look young, but your martial skills are extremely high. Among the Long Clan, you must be a hero of this generation, right? Where is the Long Clan Leader now? I should go and pay my respects.”

“I, of the Long Clan bloodline, no longer have a clan leader or patriarch.”

Due to the relationship between the Tong and Long Clans, Tong Bo intended to pay a visit. However, Xu Zong’s words left him stunned.

“What happened?”

“Twenty years ago, the Long Clan suffered a great catastrophe.”

Xu Zong said with a deep gaze.

“The current clan leader and his wife, my parents, committed suicide in the old house to protect their three children from being completely eradicated by their enemies. Before they died, they had their maid, Long Yan, send all three children into the Water Moon Immortal Realm.”

The eldest child had stayed in the Water Moon Immortal Realm ever since.

The second child was Xu Zong.

He was only four or five years old at the time and had no ability to stop any of it. He didn’t even know about his parents’ suicide until after it happened.

It wasn’t until maid Long Yan took them into the Water Moon Immortal Realm that Xu Zong learned what had happened to the Long Clan.

So, he chose a path completely opposite to his elder brother’s.

He persuaded maid Long Yan and Tong Zhen to activate the teleportation array. Through the array, he took maid Long Yan and his baby sister out of the martial arts world of Jin Kingdom and entered the martial arts world of the Great Song Dynasty.

In the territory of the Great Song, Xu Zong left his sister in the Tomb of the Living Dead on Zhongnan Mountain in the Southern Song Dynasty. He and maid Long Yan went to the Northern Song Dynasty and successfully joined the Carefree Sect after some maneuvering.

“Is that… true?”

Tong Bo opened his mouth, wanting to say something but couldn’t. He felt inexplicably uneasy.

He didn’t expect that after five hundred years, the Long Clan had been reduced to a mere trickle of blood.

“By the way, your elder brother who stayed in the Water Moon Immortal Realm, what’s his name? I’m very familiar with everyone in the Water Moon Immortal Realm, maybe I can help you find him!”

He suddenly thought he could help, so he forced a smile and suggested.


Xu Zong didn’t answer, but made a strange sound.

“If he’s not ready, I wouldn’t recommend doing that. His memories from that time were probably sealed. If they’re broken prematurely, his current life might drift away from him.”

As he spoke, he looked at Tong Bo with a strange look in his eyes.

Tong Bo felt a chill from his gaze. For some reason, he felt a sudden fear in his heart, so he laughed dryly and stopped talking.

Once the dust-covered memories are uncovered, perhaps a father will no longer be a father, and a brother will no longer be a brother.

It’s better to let him discover this on his own.

“By the way, Tong Zhan, where’s Tong Xin who went out with you? I didn’t see him. Isn’t he with you?”

“We got separated outside the Sword Mastery Villa. You know, Tong Xin has always been a bit slow…”

Tong Bo shook his head, dispelling the miscellaneous thoughts in his heart, and ran towards Tong Zhan. But he couldn’t shake off the unease in his heart.


Just then, the old man studying the teleportation array suddenly shouted.

“Tong Bo, Tong Zhan, come quickly! Push that statue to that position, and the teleportation array will open!”

“Tong Zhan, you hold the statue steady, don’t let it move. I’ll go out with Brother Long, and we’ll take Miss Dou Dou back!”

“Ah, leaving me here alone? Huh? Dou Dou… Miss?”

Tong Zhan tilted his head, his face full of innocence.

After a discussion, they decided on the candidates.

As the statue was pushed away, the teleportation array suddenly lit up.

“Let’s go!”

Tong Bo took the lead, holding a frightened Dou Dou and jumped into the teleportation array.

Xu Zong followed immediately.

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