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“Yicheng belongs to our Iron Mountain Gang! All members of the White Horse Gang must die!”

Under the cover of night.

Countless arrows, burning with flames, pierced through the surface of the lake and landed in the center of White Horse Lake’s central island. In no time, a fire broke out on the island.

“Put out the fire!”

“Who dares to attack our White Horse Gang!”

Screams and angry shouts echoed throughout the entire island.

The members of the Iron Mountain Gang boarded their boats and approached the central island.

The White Horse Gang had the advantage of White Horse Lake, a natural defense, but this world belonged to warriors. There was no shortage of powerful warriors, and a fire had caused the White Horse Gang to lose many skilled fighters.

By the time they reacted, the brave men of the Iron Mountain Gang had already landed on the central island and engaged in close combat.

“Teng brothers, as we agreed.”

On one of the boats, the three Wang brothers and Xu Zong were together. Wang Tieshan intentionally or unintentionally looked at Xu Zong.

“The second-in-command, the captain of the White Horse Camp, and the second-in-command will all be dealt with by the three of us brothers. As for the leader of the White Horse Gang, Hong Sire, well…”

“Leave him to me!”

Xu Zong patted his chest and confidently took on the responsibility.

“I found Hong Si!”

“He’s in the west of the lake!”

Not far away, the Iron Mountain Gang’s fighters screamed.

“I’ll be right back!”

With a cold laugh, Xu Zong flew out of the boat and disappeared into the night after a few steps on the water.

“Big brother, are you really going to give him half of the White Horse Gang’s treasure?”

Wang Lao San, a gloomy middle-aged man, looked at Wang Tieshan with a hint of dissatisfaction in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, why would I let so much treasure slip away?”

Wang Tieshan laughed at his words.

“But he is powerful, and we can’t confront him head-on. We can only use a softer approach. The wine he drank at the banquet before we set off was poisoned!”


“Truly worthy of being the big brother!”

Wang Lao Er and Wang Lao San’s eyes lit up, and they both gave a thumbs up to Wang Tieshan.

“He’s the second-in-command of the White Horse Gang!”

“And this is the second-in-command!”

Shouts from the other brothers on the central island could be heard.

“Let’s go, it’s time for us brothers to take action!”

Wang Tieshan smiled confidently and led his two brothers in different directions.

On the other side.

Following the sound, Xu Zong arrived in front of a courtyard.

This courtyard was secluded and not located in the center of the central island, so it was not affected by the fire. When the fighters of the Iron Mountain Gang landed, they discovered that this was the residence of Hong Sire, the leader of the White Horse Gang.

At this moment, there were already the bodies of Iron Mountain Gang members lying all over the courtyard. Only an old man with white hair stood like a tiger, his face full of vigilance.

“Are you also from the Iron Mountain Gang?”

The old man saw Xu Zong approaching and asked in a deep voice.

“Sort of. Are you Hong Si?”

Xu Zong couldn’t be bothered to explain and directly asked.

“That’s right!”

Hong Sire’s face turned cold.

“You Iron Mountain Gang bastards dare to attack under the cover of night—”

“You talk too much!”

Xu Zong raised his spear and thrust it straight ahead!

A simple and direct thrust landed in Hong Sire’s eyes, like the hand of death, causing him to panic and quickly turn around to dodge.

“Pu chi!”

The spear suddenly pierced through his chest, causing his eyes to widen in shock.

“You…you must be a top-ranked expert—”

Before he could finish his words, he breathed his last breath.

Xu Zong threw aside Hong Sire’s body and searched the room for a while. He found two boxes of jewelry under the bed.

“This doesn’t make sense!”

But Xu Zong was not satisfied. Instead, he frowned and carefully searched the room.

It wasn’t until he heard a strange sound coming from the floor beneath his feet that he raised his eyebrows and directly shattered the floor tiles with a kick, revealing a small box.

He broke the lock and found a thin booklet and several banknotes inside.

“Silver notes from the salt merchants of Yangzhou! Over a million taels…and this, this is the most valuable!”

Putting away the silver notes, Xu Zong’s gaze fell on the booklet.

On it were several big characters.

“Cold Moon Blade Technique!”

It was a secret manual for cultivating inner power!

“Finally, I have a secret manual for cultivating inner power!”

Xu Zong felt extremely delighted. He kept the secret manual and silver notes close to his body and then hurried to another location.

In another place.

“Fierce Wind Slash!”

Wang Tieshan held a huge horse-cutting knife and shouted angrily as he beheaded Hong Zhenjie, the second-in-command of the White Horse Gang.

“Hu…this Hong Zhenjie actually obtained Hong Si’s true inheritance! He’s not easy to kill!”

Wang Tieshan wiped the sweat off his forehead and smiled with satisfaction.

With this, once Hong Si died, Wang Tieshan would become the largest and strongest bandit near Yicheng!


A sound of breaking through the air rang out.

Wang Tieshan suddenly felt a pain in his temple and fell to the ground with a smile on his face, as if he were a pile of mud.


“Who’s there!”

“There’s a hidden weapon!”

On the roof, a small figure in black clothes ignored Wang Tieshan’s death and silently left the scene.

Not long after.



“There’s a master of hidden weapons!”

In less than a moment, the second and third Wang brothers of the Iron Mountain Gang were also killed by the master of hidden weapons!


Under the cover of night, the small figure in black clothes found Xu Zong and leaped lightly to his side, taking off the mask to reveal Teng Qingshan!

“How did it go?”

“The three Wang brothers from the Wang family are all dead.”

“Good, I also killed all the leaders of the White Horse Gang.”

The two brothers gathered together and burst into laughter.

Whether it was the White Horse Gang’s treasure or the Iron Mountain Gang’s treasure, they wanted it all!

“Cousin, are you alright?”

Teng Qingshan looked at Xu Zong up and down, his eyes showing a hint of worry.

“Don’t worry, Wang Tieshan does have some skills, but they are just some skills. I discovered that he poisoned the wine at the banquet on the spot!”

Xu Zong shrugged and seemed unconcerned.

As a master of Xingyi, he could perceive the subtle differences in his blood flow. So when the poisoned wine entered his body, Xu Zong immediately noticed it and controlled his blood flow, suppressing the effects of the poison. When there was no one around, he used his inner power to force the poison out!

Masters of internal martial arts had terrifying survival abilities!

“That’s good. Things are almost done. Let’s go!”

Teng Qingshan turned around and was about to leave.

“No rush, there’s still some loot to be had from the Iron Mountain Gang!”

A bright smile appeared on Xu Zong’s face.


It took two full days for Xu Zong to resolve all the troubles.

With just the two of them, they managed to seize several million taels of silver notes and treasures from the two gangs. They even obtained several manuals on cultivating inner power!

After that, both the White Horse Gang and the Iron Mountain Gang disbanded. The two largest forces disappeared, and smaller forces gradually emerged. Now, the entire Yicheng was in a state of chaos among the bandits.

Xu Zong flexed his muscles outside, and the bandits knew that there was a master of spear technique in the Teng Family Village, the number one expert in Yicheng. They dared not provoke the Teng Family Village.

He didn’t have the intention of collecting bandits and becoming a king. He quickly returned to the Teng Family Village.

“Grandfather, we have money now. Why don’t we move into the city?”

Xu Zong immediately found his grandfather, Teng Yunlong, the village chief of the Teng Family Village.

“No, our roots are here in the Teng Family Village. Our ancestral hall is here. We can’t just abandon it!”

Teng Yunlong shook his head repeatedly after hearing his thoughts.

“Qinghu, I know you are someone who does big things. You can take a portion of the clan to develop in the city as a branch of the family. But moving the entire village is absolutely impossible!”

Xu Zong tried to persuade him, but Teng Yunlong stubbornly disagreed, so he had no choice but to give up.

He remembered that there would be a great calamity for the clan in the future, but he couldn’t remember when exactly. So Xu Zong wanted to move the entire Teng Family Village.

Yicheng prohibited fighting, and anyone who fought would be thrown into prison. It was suitable for the peaceful development of the clan. However, the elderly in the clan were unwilling to move, so there was nothing he could do.

Xu Zong could only compromise and gave a large amount of silver notes to the village, asking them to forge a set of heavy armor and establish a private army for the Teng Family Village!

With this, the Teng Family Village, with its heavy-armored guards, became fearless in Yicheng’s three square miles.

As for the future calamity, he could only say that when I become stronger, I will naturally resolve it.

In the south of the Teng Family Village, on the training ground in front of the Twin-Headed Mountain.

Xu Zong sat cross-legged on the ground, with the secret manual of the Cold Moon Blade Technique placed in front of him. He had no intention of switching to blade techniques; he was cultivating the part of the secret manual that focused on cultivating inner power.

After practicing for a while, Xu Zong opened his eyes, his face filled with a smile.

“Cousin, how did it go?”

Teng Qingshan was punching a tree stump one punch at a time. When he saw Xu Zong stop practicing, he quickly walked over, his face full of anticipation.

“Hahaha! Just as you guessed!”

Xu Zong stood up from the ground, rolled up the Cold Moon Blade Technique, and held it in his hand, smiling.

“By cultivating internal martial arts to the master level, all the meridians in my body have been opened up. When I cultivate inner power, I progress by leaps and bounds! In just a short while, I have already reached the sixth level of the Cold Moon Blade Technique. The power of my inner power alone is ten thousand jin. I can be considered a top-notch expert!”

The cultivation method on the Nine Prefectures Continent was to absorb the spiritual energy between heaven and earth into the body, store it in the dantian, and then continuously open up the meridians throughout the body. The more meridians that were opened, the more inner power could be absorbed and used.

Because Xu Zong had reached the master level in internal martial arts, all the meridians in his body were open, and when he cultivated the secret manual of inner power, he naturally made rapid progress. In just a short while, he achieved what others couldn’t achieve in a lifetime!

The combination of Xingyi and Daoist internal power cultivation method was completely feasible!

“Qingshan, next, I plan to go on a journey. Will you come with me?”

After thinking for a moment, Xu Zong asked Teng Qingshan.

“You want to go out?”

Teng Qingshan was surprised at first, then shook his head.

“That’s fine. Your strength has reached the limit of the current stage. It’s indeed better for you to go out and travel. As for me, forget it. Not to mention that the meridians in my face haven’t been completely opened, even the double inner power you taught me hasn’t been successfully cultivated yet!”

“Moreover, one of us should stay behind to take care of Chuang Tzu!”

The Mie Shi Spear Technique had long been taught to Teng Qingshan, and just as Teng Qingshan treated him as a brother, Xu Zong also unquestionably treated Teng Qingshan as a brother. However, others did not have his innate talent, and it was obviously very difficult for Teng Qingshan to cultivate the double inner power.

“Since that’s the case, Qingshan, you keep these manuals! Teach them to the men in the village as you see fit!”

Xu Zong handed over the manuals he obtained from the Iron Mountain Gang and the White Horse Gang to Teng Qingshan. He had already memorized all the contents.

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