Chapter 27 – The First Level of World Annihilation

On the forum of the Limit Home, there were many sections discussing the World Annihilation and the Nine Heavy Thunder Blade. Xu Zong had been reading on it for a long time, and basically had a basic understanding of the power generation methods of the two secret manuals.

The power generation method of the Nine Heavy Thunder Blade was to punch with only seventy percent of the force, and at the same time, make the body exert the exact same second force!

In this way, the fusion of the two forces of seventy percent each is equivalent to punching with fourteen percent of the strength!

Being able to generate two forces represents the entry level of the Nine Heavy Thunder Blade, and mastering the first level of the Nine Heavy Thunder Blade.

The second level requires the ability to generate three forces, and the punch can exert 2.1 times the strength.

The third level requires the ability to generate four forces, and the punch can exert 2.8 times the strength.

The fourth level, the fifth level… and so on.

Until reaching the ninth level, which is the highest realm, one can generate ten forces in one punch, unleashing seven times the strength!

This is the nine levels of the Nine Heavy Thunder Blade, which is also a very popular topic on the Warrior Forum. Although the specific cultivation methods cannot be revealed, the general effects can be explained. If someone can deduce the secret manual based on the effects, that would also be impressive.

“As for the spear technique World Annihilation, it requires even more ingenious ideas. World Annihilation Spear Technique not only requires learning hidden forces, but also requires learning clever forces!”

Xu Zong sat on the sponge pad in the training room, organizing the information he had just read in his mind.

The World Annihilation Spear Technique is divided into six levels.

Similar to the Nine Heavy Thunder Blade, the first level also requires the generation of two forces, and the second level also requires the generation of three forces, until the sixth level, which requires the generation of seven forces!

However, the hidden forces of World Annihilation are not simply the fusion of two forces, but the fusion of clever forces!

For example, in the first level of World Annihilation, at the beginning, the user is required to learn spiral forces, and then learn how to generate the second force. Finally, the two spiral forces are fused together. In this way, the power that can be unleashed is much stronger than simply fusing two normal forces!

The second level teaches the penetration force, and then practices the generation of three forces. The fusion of three clever forces naturally has a stronger power than three normal forces!

According to the test results of the machine:

Mastering the first level of World Annihilation will directly increase the force level to 1.8 times!

Mastering the second level of World Annihilation will increase the force level to 2.7 times!

And so on, it is estimated that when the sixth level is mastered, which is the final realm, the force level will reach 6.3 times!

Although it is still not as strong as the seven times force of the ninth level of the Nine Heavy Thunder Blade, it is still a terrifying force level.

According to Xu Zong’s discovery on the forum, only World Annihilation and the Nine Heavy Thunder Blade on Earth can achieve a force level of six to seven times, while other secret manuals can only reach a maximum of four times! No wonder these two are the ultimate secret manuals!

Moreover, because World Annihilation Spear Technique emphasizes the practice of clever forces, the attacks using these clever forces are even more difficult to defend against. Hong’s ideas in this spear technique are obviously much stronger than Lei Shen’s simple knife technique!

Of course, it is also possible that Hong feels that his force level is ultimately inferior to Lei Shen, so he deliberately put more effort into the practice of clever forces.

“This spear technique is obviously very suitable for me!”

Xu Zong was pleasantly surprised.

“Teng Qingshan’s Xingyi Five Elements Spear is transformed from the five clever forces of Xingyi Quan. I already have a foundation in this area, so I can enter it faster!”

For example, the spiral force of the first level of World Annihilation corresponds to the drilling fist in Xingyi Quan, which also generates a spiral force. It’s just that the drilling spear has not been developed yet.

The two spear techniques complement each other, and his progress will be faster!

Hong is indeed a master of Internal Martial Arts, and his spear technique has many traces of Internal Martial Arts!

“For the spear technique, I will practice according to the first level of World Annihilation. When I can use the spear technique to perform the spiral force, I can consider it half-successful. The other half is the practice of two forces, and these two parts can be practiced simultaneously!”

“As for the body movement, the set of body movement recorded in World Annihilation is called ‘Silent Movement’, which emphasizes being silent and sudden in the moment of attacking! It’s just like an assassin… Oh, Hong is originally a killer of the Internal Martial Arts in the Great Nirvana period. Wait, is Hong’s prototype Teng Qingshan?”

“Finally, there is the Divine Art. The set of Divine Art that comes with World Annihilation is called ‘Great Silent Annihilation’. I have to try its effect first! Let’s see which one is better compared to the Divine Art of the Tiger Form!”

With this thought, Xu Zong immediately prostrated on the ground and started practicing the Divine Art “Great Silent Annihilation”.

By the way, are Hong and Lei Shen so arrogant with their names?

Hong casually named his techniques World Annihilation and Great Silent Annihilation, and Lei Shen was even more incredible, directly naming his Divine Art as Nine Heavy Origin!


Xu Zong did several movements on the ground that were very similar to Internal Martial Arts, gradually smiling with joy.

“Good, this complete set of Great Silent Annihilation is indeed better than the Divine Art of the Tiger Form! It’s worthy of being the Divine Art created by the number one person on Earth! From now on, I will practice this Great Silent Annihilation. With my cultivation speed, even if I practice normally, I’m afraid I will become a War God within three months!”

After all, he can cultivate without bottlenecks. The saturation time for cultivation for others is like it doesn’t exist for him!

From that day on, Xu Zong started his daily intensive practice again.

He shortened the time for practicing the Divine Art to ten hours a day, and spent a lot of other time on practicing the first level of World Annihilation, the Spiral Spear Technique, the two forces, and the Silent Movement, all progressing at the same time.

Just three days later.

“The key to practicing the two forces is to make the muscles burst out with two different forces in an instant.”

Xu Zong in the training room punched the sandbag again and again, not using his full strength, but compressing the force to about seventy percent.

“Use part of the muscles to release the first force, and another part of the muscles to release the second force. The fusion should be… No, this fusion of two forces is only 5+5, not 7+7 at all!”

He was a master of Xingyi Quan, and his control over his muscles was superb. He should be able to comprehend the two forces much faster than others.

Xu Zong had been practicing this step for three days, but only grasped a little bit of the surface, as if pushing the progress bar little by little, with the most crucial step still swaying in front of him, waiting for him to grasp it.


“What sound is that?”

In the process of practicing, the sound of a droplet suddenly broke into Xu Zong’s mind, which was filled with thoughts of the two forces.

“The sound of water droplets? Water, ripples… I understand!”

Naturally, the scene of a water droplet falling on the water surface and the ripples spreading out appeared in his mind, and Xu Zong suddenly brightened up as if he had lifted a veil in front of him!

“It’s not about making the muscles work separately, it’s the opposite! The muscles should work together. In the instant of releasing the first force, the muscles should ripple like waves, and at the same time, brew the second force!”

Realizing the key point, Xu Zong felt as refreshing as drinking a glass of cold water on a hot summer day, a cool feeling swept through his whole body, and the force of his whole body was highly unified, unleashing the most perfect punch in an instant!


The sandbag, which was harder than steel, was directly hit with a sound more powerful than a car accident.

“Let’s test it!”

Xu Zong quickly jumped to the front of the force testing machine and punched with full force!

“Beep beep, your force output is 8121kg!”

8 tons!

This was already the punching force of a junior Warlord Level!

Xu Zong took a step back, took a deep breath, and punched again!

This punch didn’t seem as powerful as the previous one, but it contained the technique of the two forces. When it was punched…


The force testing machine almost reached its limit, swaying back and forth like a tumbler for a while before giving the result.

“Beep beep, your force output is 11352kg!”


Xu Zong immediately raised his fist and cheered.

With 1.4 times the force, he had mastered the second force!

His cultivation didn’t stagnate at all, it was just that he had not touched the crucial point all along. It was like a progress bar that had to reach 90% to give the key for the next stage. As soon as he touched the bottleneck, he broke through on the spot.

“It’s amazing how I heard the sound of water droplets and associated it with ripples in such a highly concentrated practice process. It’s really incredible!”

Recalling the breakthrough process just now, Xu Zong himself found it very unbelievable!

This is what it means to cultivate without bottlenecks? It’s really awesome!

“However, with 1.4 times the force, it is only the completion of the first level of World Annihilation for the Nine Heavy Thunder Blade, but for World Annihilation, it is only a small achievement!”

After a moment of joy, Xu Zong got up from the ground.

“I must learn to superimpose the spiral forces to truly complete the first level of World Annihilation!”

But then he had another thought.

I already know the spiral force of Xingyi Quan, right?

I can’t use it in spear technique, but can’t I already use it in fist technique?

Xu Zong stood in front of the force testing machine again, going through the key points of the two forces in his mind.


He punched, and his fist was like an electric drill, drilling through the air, making a slight “buzz” sound, and violently hitting the testing machine.



The explosive force of this punch was stronger than before, but Xu Zong suddenly frowned.

“The limit of the first level of World Annihilation is the fusion of two spiral forces, unleashing 1.8 times the strength, but I can only reach about 1.5 or 1.6… Although I have learned the two forces, the fusion of the two spiral forces is obviously more difficult than the fusion of two normal forces. I didn’t completely succeed just now. In this aspect, I still need more practice!”

Although that was the case, he had already grasped the key technique, and as long as he continued along this path, it would be easy to complete the first level.

However, to apply this technique to the spear, he had to learn the Spiral Spear Technique first.


Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Are you there? I have learned the Throwing Knife Technique and thought of an amazing setting! @Swallowed Star Xu Zong”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “I have learned it. I’m applying… What do you mean by an amazing setting?”

Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “I suddenly remembered that Teng Qingshan had the ability to make the throwing knife turn in mid-air, and that was because his ‘Divine’ became very strong… Is this the Mind Teacher of Swallowed Star?”

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