Chapter 12

"This is a small room of about a hundred square meters.


The entire room is very spacious, with only a large silver machine placed there, with dozens of holes at the front that look like Gatling machine guns.


"This is a device for testing neural reactions."


Seeing Xu Zong's curiosity, the chief instructor Wu Tong explained and pointed to the center of the floor.


"Do you see that circle? Stand in it. After the test starts, many rubber bullets will be fired. Try to avoid them, but remember, you must not step out of the circle!"




Xu Zong understood.


Then he walked forward and entered a circle with a diameter of three meters and six.




With a command, the machine suddenly moved, and one after another holes mercilessly shot out red light.


The appearance of the red light had no regularity at all, and all the light rays were not parallel. The chaotic light rays were like a scattered thread, making people feel extremely overwhelmed.


"But it's not fast!"


Xu Zong calmed down, making his mind calm and his spirit highly concentrated. His eyes were locked tightly on the muzzle, like a hawk.


In his perception, the speed of each red light was not fast enough for him to react.




He lightly moved his feet, shifted his body to the side, and avoided the first shot aimed at his left waist.


The red light almost grazed his body.




The chief instructor Wu Tong suddenly narrowed his eyes, and his eyebrows unconsciously frowned.


Then came the second shot.


Xu Zong still avoided a red light with a very small gap.


Then came the third and fourth shots!


He narrowly avoided the rubber bullets in the red light with a difference of millimeters.


Wu Tong's eyebrows gradually relaxed, and his expression became more and more astonished.


Looking closely, Xu Zong's evasive movements were very natural, sometimes tilting his head, sometimes moving his steps. The largest movement was just leaning forward or backward. The overall movement was extremely smooth, like flowing water, even giving people a sense of artistic beauty.


Not to mention leaving the circle with a diameter of three meters and six, he hasn't even left a circle with a diameter of half a meter!


"It's actually the 'Intricate' level of body movement!"


Wu Tong's eyes widened gradually, showing a strong sense of disbelief.


The practice of body movement first requires a solid foundation, and then forming a natural sense of evasion through fighting with monsters, making the body movement proficient to the extreme, reaching the level of being able to dodge with the least cost, like a computer. This can be considered as reaching the second realm of body movement, "Intricate"!


Generally speaking, the body movement at the "Intricate" level is something that warlord-level warriors practice. However, in fact, more than half of the warlord-level warriors cannot achieve this level!


What surprised Wu Tong even more was that Xu Zong's body movement was obviously not just ordinary "Intricate". His calm and composed appearance clearly showed that he had already mastered the "Intricate" level of body movement, and had taken a big step forward in this realm!


"Looking at his proficiency, I'm afraid he is not far from reaching the next level of body movement, 'Perfect'."


Wu Tong's wristwatch in front of his chest showed that the president was also paying attention to Xu Zong's test, and his words were full of admiration.


"16 years old! Physical fitness close to a high-level warrior! 'Intricate' level of body movement! Such a genius is undoubtedly world-class. It's impossible to find one among billions of people!"


Wu Tong also admired.


"With his talent, he is fully qualified to enter the elite training camp…but he has not obtained the qualification of a warrior yet!"


The president's tone became very subtle.


In general, martial arts schools recruit real warriors. Such a situation has never been heard of in the decades since the establishment of the school. Sometimes, being too talented can also cause the system to lag behind.


In the arena.


Suddenly, four consecutive red lights gathered together and shot at Xu Zong's limbs!


Xu Zong's face showed no panic at all. He immediately leaned to the side and curled his body in the center of the four red lights. The four red lights passed his body with a difference of millimeters.




But suddenly, another red light shot out from the machine, aiming straight at his torso!


"At this angle, I can't dodge it!"


Xu Zong made a judgment in an instant.


This red light was prepared as if it had anticipated his evasion based on the previous step. Normally, a person would definitely not be able to dodge this attack!


But at the moment when the red light reached his body, Xu Zong's chest suddenly shrank by an inch!


The red light grazed his training suit in front of his chest. He could even feel the friction of the rubber bullet on his sportswear as it passed in front of him!


【Beep, test over!】


After one minute, the machine finally stopped operating.


【Within 60 seconds, not being hit once, according to the test, your neural reaction is perfect for a junior warrior!】


The machine reported Xu Zong's final score.




Xu Zong stood firmly, breathed a sigh of relief, and relaxed his tense nerves.


"What happened in the last two seconds? Why did the difficulty suddenly increase so much? Could it be a mechanical failure?"


The entire one-minute test was normal until the last two seconds. If he didn't have some skills, he would have definitely been hit by the last shot!


"The machine is not the problem, you are."


The chief instructor Wu Tong walked over with a speechless expression, saying that my machine has a problem in front of the president. Isn't that saying that my work is not up to standard?


Forget it, since you don't understand, I won't argue with you.


"This machine is used to test the neural reaction speed of warriors. However, in order to grade the neural reaction speed, different difficulty levels need to be set. Because you were not hit once in the first 58 seconds, the machine deemed it necessary to increase the difficulty to determine your reaction speed level. Do you understand?"


"I see!"


Xu Zong understood.


"Under normal circumstances, only warlord-level warriors may achieve a perfect evaluation in the neural reaction speed assessment for junior warriors! Who would have thought that you, an intermediate warrior, could achieve what warlord-level warriors can do?"


Wu Tong had a look of deep emotion.


In other words, difficulties like the sudden increase in the last two seconds would only occur when warlords were testing beyond their level.


"So, can I consider my assessment as passed?"


"Your physical fitness assessment is considered passed."


Wu Tong came back to his senses and smiled.


"However, the change of status needs to go through a process, so legally, you will be considered a quasi-warrior in seven days…but I heard from Old Lin that you plan to participate in the special channel practical assessment?"




"Well, since you have the strength close to a high-level warrior and the 'Intricate' level of body movement, I won't say much."


Wu Tong paused and showed a slightly teasing expression.


"For someone whose goal is not to become a war god, the risk of the special assessment should only be a small part to overcome!"


If one cannot pass such an assessment, it is impossible to become a presence above the "War God".


"What do you think, President?"


Wu Tong lowered his head and looked at the light screen on his chest.


"There is no problem with this arrangement."


The president was still sitting in front of the desk, his back facing the light, making it impossible to see his face clearly, but vaguely giving people the feeling of a powerful figure.


"I have already asked over there. The next special practical assessment will be in five days, on the morning of the 5th. You can go directly to the headquarters of the city-level martial arts school in my Jiangnan base city, and I will personally take you to participate!"


Wu Tong glanced at the figure on the light screen in surprise when he heard this.


Take him there personally?


"But before that, I have one more thing to ask you."


The president straightened his body slightly, and his expression became very serious.


Thanks to this, Xu Zong also adjusted his attitude.


"Xiao Xu, I have looked at your information, especially your family background. You come from a military family, and the military history of your ancestors can be traced back to the Korean War. Your parents and little uncle were also soldiers, but your parents passed away early, and now you only have one relative, your little uncle, who currently serves as a platoon leader in the Southwest Military Region!"


"I respect the military history of your family. Any soldier who sacrifices for the country deserves respect. So, I can help you handle everything before and after the warrior assessment, but I also need to ask clearly, what do you plan to do in the future?"


The president's voice was very serious.


"Usually, people from families like yours have a strong military complex and are likely to follow the footsteps of their elders and decide to join the military. What about you?"


"After becoming a warrior, do you plan to join the military or join a martial arts school for further training?"


That's right.


The Xu family in this Swallowed Star world that Xu Zong crossed into is actually a military family. Xu Zong's great-grandfather was a soldier during the Korean War, personally crossing the Yalu River and facing off against the Americans.


Later, when the country was peaceful for a while, the Great Nirvana came. Xu Zong's grandfather followed in his great-grandfather's footsteps and joined the military, picking up a gun to fight against monsters. This tradition continued to Xu Zong's parents' generation and remained unchanged.


However, Xu Zong's parents died many years ago, and only his uncle is left in the family.


Xu Zong's aspirations have become a debatable question.


"I choose to join the martial arts school."


But Xu Zong's answer was very decisive.


He had already thought about this question many times after considering various reasons and possibilities. This decision was made after careful consideration.

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