Chapter 10 – Tiger-Shaped Divine Art

“Cousin, you really don’t know what politeness means,” Teng Qingshan said, feeling speechless.

“You can’t say that. Cousin, you always wanted to travel, right? When you are out, it is natural for me to protect Chuang Tzu. The stronger I am, the more you can trust me, right?” Xu Zong cleared his throat and tried to persuade his cousin from a different angle.

Teng Qingshan had told him a long time ago that he wanted to travel in the future. A small village like Teng Family Village could not contain his potential. However, he was still in the process of improving his strength, so he had not planned to leave yet. But he would leave eventually, so Teng Qingshan was working hard to train him, so that he could leave without worries.

Now, Teng Qingshan had already reached the level of 100,000 jin of strength, and he was considered a master in the Nine Prefectures. At least within a radius of 200 kilometers around Yicheng, he could not find an opponent.

Whether Teng Qingshan would teach him more in the future depended on his own thoughts. Some things, even between brothers, could not necessarily be passed down. If he really refused, Xu Zong could do nothing about it.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely teach you,” Teng Qingshan said without hesitation.

“But this is the last thing I can teach you,” he added. He had thought about this problem for a long time. As Xu Zong became stronger and stronger, he knew he would eventually face this problem. His answer was simple: to continue teaching.

This was not only to protect Chuang Tzu but also an experiment for Teng Qingshan himself. It was an experiment to promote the internal martial arts throughout the Nine Prefectures. He wanted to know whether the internal martial arts were suitable for this world and whether they could be promoted here.

Teaching Xu Zong the internal martial arts from scratch was the first step of his experiment.

“Cousin, watch carefully. This is the highest secret technique of our Xingyi School, the ‘Tiger Form Divine Art,’ which only a master can practice.” Teng Qingshan lay on the ground like a tiger, breathing in a fixed rhythm, causing his skin, muscles, and bones to tremble with each breath.

Xu Zong widened his eyes, trying to memorize all the breathing rhythms. With his vision, it was clear that the frequency and coincidence of the tremors of the skin, muscles, and bones throughout the body following the breathing were the key to this secret technique.”This secret technique may seem similar to Tiger Fist, but the effect is vastly different.”

After demonstrating it once, Teng Qingshan stood up and explained the key points to Xu Zong.

The breakthrough from Inner Power to Grandmaster in Internal Martial Arts is a completely different change!

The biggest change is that Grandmasters can skillfully control every muscle and bone in their body, allowing them to exert more power than the peak of Inner Power. They can also use more precise methods to control their Inner Power to stimulate their body and organs, further enhancing their physical ability and surpassing their limits!

The Tiger Form Divine Art is such a method, and only Grandmasters can practice it because it requires more precise control.

Once the Tiger Form Divine Art is successfully practiced-

“According to my estimate, your strength should be able to increase by another thirty to forty thousand jin, and your ultimate limit should be the power of fourteen thousand jin in both arms!”

While explaining, Teng Qingshan predicted Xu Zong’s limit.

“Is it that accurate?”

Xu Zong looked at Teng Qingshan with a suggestive expression.

“Cousin, in our Xingyi School, only you can be the teacher, right?”

Teng Qingshan raised his eyebrows and looked at him with a deep meaning.

“If there’s no problem, let’s practice the Tiger Form Divine Art here, and I’ll supervise you!”

He didn’t answer Xu Zong’s question directly, but urged him to continue practicing.

Between the two of them, they seemed to understand each other without speaking.

Xu Zong knelt down and began practicing the Tiger Form Divine Art, while Teng Qingshan stood by and occasionally pointed out his mistakes.

As he watched his cousin’s practice progress, Teng Qingshan also fell into deep thought.

Unfortunately, his cousin couldn’t practice the Tiger Form Divine Art at the best age like he did. He started practicing it when he was ten years old and had already reached the Grandmaster realm of his past life. He had been practicing it for four years now.

He predicted that his own limit would be around 180,000 jin.

Humans start rapid development around the age of ten, which is the best time to practice the Tiger Form Divine Art. Unfortunately, his cousin’s realm was not enough before, and his future achievements are probably doomed to be inferior to his own.

This practice continued until evening.

They ended today’s practice and left the open space to rush towards Teng Family Village at the foot of the mountain.

“Oh, by the way, Qingshan, how is your Five Element Spear practice going?”

Even while rushing at a speed that left afterimages, Xu Zong still had enough breath to talk to Teng Qingshan.”Still the same, the Bursting Fist and the Horizontal Fist have both been successfully transformed. I am currently working hard to transform the Drilling Fist into Gunmanship. I have some ideas already, but I haven’t started researching the Chopping Fist. Not to mention the most difficult Cannon Fist.”

As soon as this topic was brought up, Teng Qingshan’s mood became anxious.

“How about this, starting tomorrow, in addition to my daily practice of the Tiger Form Divine Art, I will also take on the responsibility of researching ‘Chopping and Gunmanship’?” Xu Zong proposed after thinking for a moment.

“That would be great!” Teng Qingshan’s eyes lit up.

Nowadays, his realm was catching up to his cousin’s, and he was no longer inferior to him. They could work together on researching gunmanship, and with his help, the project of “transforming the Five Element Fist into the Five Element Gun” could definitely be completed faster!

“Then can you teach me the ‘Mixed Yuan Qi’ gunmanship that you transformed from the Horizontal Fist? It will definitely be helpful for me to work on transforming the Chopping Fist!”


Teng Qingshan was momentarily speechless.

His cousin was good in every aspect, but his only flaw was that he was too shameless!

“Qinghu, are you guiding our Qingshan’s cultivation again! You always make things difficult for him. I’m sorry about that. Come to our house for dinner tonight!”

After returning to the Zhuang’s house, the two of them ran into Xu Zong’s aunt, who was Teng Qingshan’s mother, Yuan Lan, in this life. She eagerly pulled Xu Zong back to their house.

Teng Qingshan stood by, speechless.


Xu Zong couldn’t help but laugh.

As an assassin in his past life, Teng Qingshan liked to keep a backup plan and was very averse to taking the spotlight, so he attributed the credit for creating the Tiger Form Fist to Xu Zong and often snuck out to practice martial arts under the guise of “cousin’s guidance.”

No one knew that the truth was completely the opposite!

“Qinghu, have you heard about the Iron Mountain Gang?”

During dinner at Teng Qingshan’s house, Teng Yongfan, his uncle, asked Xu Zong with a serious expression.

“The Iron Mountain Gang? Which gang is that?” Xu Zong looked up, surprised.

Teng Qingshan next to him also pricked up his ears.

“The Iron Mountain Gang is a new group of bandits within the Yi City region. They are trying to quickly expand their gang and compete with the established White Horse Gang. They have been recruiting people from various villages at the foot of the Dayan Mountain these days, and their methods are extremely bloody! If they encounter any resistance, they will wipe out the entire village! The Li family village to the north of us was completely massacred just for rebelling a little!”

As Teng Yongfan spoke about the massacre, his expression became extremely frightening!

The current world was extremely chaotic!

Bandits were rampant, warlords were everywhere!

There were cannibalistic places everywhere!

In such a world, being able to live a peaceful life was considered fortunate.Even a large village like Teng Family Village, with a population of up to two thousand people, would not be surprising if it was slaughtered one day!

“Qingshan, let’s practice in the village these few days.”

“Alright, so we won’t be caught off guard and have no chance to regret.”

Xu Zong and Teng Qingshan whispered to each other for a while and decided to postpone their practice.

“Qinghu, don’t blame your uncle for being nosy. You are the number one hero in the village, capable of lifting a ten-thousand-pound stone. You will definitely inherit the position of the Lord in the future. You should pay more attention to the village’s livelihood and put aside your practice for now…”

“Ah, yes, yes, yes…”


With the powerful talent of “no bottleneck in cultivation,” Xu Zong of The Nine Cauldrons learned the Tiger-shaped Divine Art and the Mixed Yuan One Qi Spear Technique as if he had divine assistance.

In just two days, Xu Zong of The Nine Cauldrons learned these two techniques under Teng Qingshan’s incredulous gaze, and his skill bar also added the “Tiger-shaped Divine Art” and “Xingyi Five Elements Spear: Mixed Yuan One Qi.”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong quickly learned these two skills.

His mood was very beautiful!

“By sharing the Xingyi Quan skills of The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong, I am already a master in terms of knowledge and experience. I can give up the Twelve Forms and directly practice the Tiger-shaped Divine Art!”

With experience and talent.

Swallowed Star Xu Zong learned the Tiger-shaped Divine Art in just half an hour after getting his hands on it.

As a guiding technique, the effect of the Tiger-shaped Divine Art was several times stronger than the Twelve Forms!

Swallowed Star World.

A few days passed in a flash, and the date soon arrived on February 1st.

On this day, Xu Zong got up early, ate the breakfast prepared by Auntie Liu, and left the villa wearing a tracksuit. He bypassed the park and arrived at the neighboring Mingyue Community.

“Hello, I am here for the warrior assessment.”

He showed the advanced student card issued by the Guangling District Martial Arts School to the soldiers stationed at the entrance. After carefully verifying it with a computer and confirming its authenticity, they let him in.

That’s right, Mingyue Community, as a residential area for warriors and their families, even had soldiers stationed there. There were even several pitch-black machine guns at the entrance, which were extremely terrifying!

Of course, this strict entry and exit system and serious security level were all for the protection of the warriors’ families!

In this way, the warriors would have no worries when fighting outside and could devote themselves wholeheartedly to fighting bravely against the enemy!

The one who established this system was none other than the Lord of the Extreme Martial Arts School, the world’s number one person “Hong,” who was truly admirable!

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