Chapter 75 – Behind the scenes secrets

After three days and three nights.

In the luxurious suite on the top floor of the restaurant, a table of sumptuous banquet has been set up, with various delicacies. Yu Lingzhou, who is radiant and charming, is enjoying the feast with great delight. Qing Muling and Qi Yalan are sitting opposite each other.

“…It’s been many years since I had such a hearty drink!”

Putting down the white jade wine bowl in her hand, Yu Lingzhou satisfiedly exhales a breath, “I’ve been like a living dead in the secret realm of the cave heaven, unable to go out for a few days of mountain and water trips. I’m really tired of that feeling!”

At this moment, the maidservants on the left and right have already left, and the shielding formation has been activated, so the three of them can easily discuss some more private matters.

Qi Yalan asked, “I wonder how much Elder Yu’s injuries have recovered? Can you take action in the future?”

Yu Lingzhou narrowed her beautiful eyes, “It has recovered about thirty percent. My lifespan has increased by nearly a thousand years. It shouldn’t be a big problem to go all out six or seven times. More importantly, I can leave the sect and travel outside. After certain ‘old friends’ learn about it, I’m sure they won’t be in a good mood.”

In the past, due to her severe injuries and inability to recover, she could only cultivate and sleep in the secret realm of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace all year round to ensure the continuation of her vitality. Only when the sect faced a life-threatening crisis could she go all out once and perish together with a high-level expert of the same level.

As for the cost, it is the complete annihilation of her own divine soul, completely falling into extinction, and there is no chance of reincarnation and rebirth.

Qing Muling pondered, “May I ask, are there still many elders in the sect who have a similar situation as you? And there should be quite a few of them, right?”

Yu Lingzhou calmly said, “There is nothing to hide about this. After the end of the great battle ten thousand years ago, many severely injured elders did not immediately perish, but fell into a deep sleep in the secret realm of the cave heaven, hoping that one day in the future, the sect could find rare resources that could heal their injuries.”

“In these many years, some familiar senior sisters and junior sisters have already dissipated their cultivation due to more severe conditions. My situation is actually not the worst, so I had the opportunity to wait until today. Otherwise, if it were delayed for another hundred or eighty years, I probably wouldn’t be able to hold on.”

Qing Muling fell silent. For elders of the Dao Lineage with their cultivation realm, if they are not injured, it’s fine. Once they are injured, it will definitely be extremely troublesome. The difficulty of recovering to their original state is much more exaggerated than the difficulty of ordinary people cultivating into immortals.

In fact, in the Supreme Dao Lineages in the Great Void, there is no lack of suitable divine medicine resources that can heal the injuries of these elders. However, they will never sell them to the outside world, even between so-called allied sects.

For any sect or power, elders of the Dao Lineage are truly high-end strategic forces. At certain critical moments, one person can determine the overall situation. Therefore, any resources that are beneficial to them must be strictly controlled and not leaked to the outside world. At most, they will sell some low-quality goods at high prices, usually with a lot of harsh conditions attached.

Qing Muling is not unfamiliar with this kind of trick. He has seen it a lot in his previous life. It can be seen that in certain aspects, the laws followed by different time and space worlds are the same.

Qi Yalan whispered, “It seems that the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace was not completely wiped out by those few mortal enemies back then. Besides the constraints of the surrounding forces, who don’t want to see them become too powerful, the main reason is probably because of the deterrence of these elders?”

Yu Lingzhou glanced at her, “What else do you think it could be? Even if they are like living dead, when they are forced to the limit and fight desperately, they can still take many high-level experts of the same level with them. That’s why the higher-ups of the armillary sphere Star Palace gave up the extermination method, so as not to lose too much of their own strategic forces and let other Dao Lineages take advantage of it.”

“The strategy they are adopting now is to slowly consume us until all these elders of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace are completely extinguished, and there are not enough newly promoted elders to make up for the power vacuum. At that time, they can take action without any worries and completely swallow our last foundation.”

The more powerful a Dao Lineage force is, the deeper its heritage is. If a frontal war breaks out, the war can last for hundreds or thousands of years, which is common. It is almost impossible to have a quick and decisive battle and annihilate the other party overnight.

It can be imagined that if Qing Muling had not appeared, the future of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace would be quite difficult. Even if several heavy weapons were repaired to suppress the qi, there would be no fundamental change. At most, it would be delayed for several thousand years. In the end, it would still be unable to escape the fate of being divided and annexed by the surrounding forces.

Qing Muling sighed. Some of the internal situations of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace are even more severe than he had estimated in advance. It is also understandable. Losing such a large territory all at once, many rare resource-producing areas have fallen into the hands of hostile forces. Coupled with the terrifying consumption of the great battle, in the case of depleted inventory, the higher-ups can hardly allocate many resources to help these elders recover. Moreover, ordinary resources cannot help them.

Fortunately, in two more days, the other nineteen elders will also come out of seclusion. Their injuries and lifespan should be able to recover to some extent. It is believed that this is good news for the sect.

After thinking for a moment, Qing Muling asked, “How many elders in the sect still need help? If my senior sisters and I can obtain more divine medicine resources, or even heavenly medicine, can we save all of them?”

Yu Lingzhou stared at him deeply and said in a low voice, “The specific number is not convenient to disclose at the moment, but if you can really obtain enough divine medicine resources, then you will be the number one contributor to the revival of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. I and the others will jointly recommend you as the successor of the Dao Lineage, and the position of Sect Master in the future will never fall into the hands of others!”For any Dao Lineage power, the amount of high-end strategic force is the key factor determining its rise and fall, survival or extinction.

In front of a supreme elder at the Quasi Holy Emperor Realm, even thousands of core disciples could be wiped out with a flip of the hand, there is no room for luck!

Qing Muling cautiously said, “I can only promise to do my best, I dare not guarantee anything. But there is one thing I don’t understand, what kind of world is this Misty Illusion Secret Realm? Why can’t most of the resources inside be taken out?”

Yu Lingzhou smiled, “This question is a bit complicated. The mainstream view in The Great Void is that it is a part of the legendary Heavenly Realm that fell down. But the power controlling it behind the scenes is not simple, capable of arbitrarily modifying the laws of heaven and earth here. Perhaps only the legendary Supreme Harmony Saint could do it?”

“Unfortunately, we can’t investigate the truth. In this Misty Illusion Secret Realm, only cultivators at the peak of Ascending to Immortality are allowed to enter to seek opportunities. Cultivators above this realm will be noticed by the powerful remnants of the Heavenly Human Clan as soon as they enter, and all their actions are under their surveillance. Any transgression will be obliterated.”

“In the early years, some powerful beings in The Great Void didn’t believe in this and sneaked in to loot and conduct some experiments that were not to be told to outsiders, trying to take away the resources here. But soon they were attacked by mysterious forces and almost completely wiped out.”

“Is that so…”

Qing Muling pondered, he had also noticed that there were indeed too many natural array restrictions in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, with overly strict limitations. Many places were even inaccessible to cultivators above the True Person Realm. One could enter, but they must seal part of their cultivation and could not exert power beyond the True Person Realm, otherwise, they would certainly be obliterated.

This was why the high-ranking cultivators in The Great Void, including the Dao Protectors, were reluctant to enter the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. No matter how high your cultivation was, once you entered, you had to behave and could only move around with the power of Ascending to Immortality, and you couldn’t do as you pleased.

“If you want to take a large amount of resources out of this secret realm…”

Yu Lingzhou looked up and down at Qing Muling, “It seems there really isn’t a suitable way, unless you can get a Space Bracelet of the innate Harmony Supreme Treasure level. Only such a divine object evolved from chaos, a supreme treasure born from the laws of the Dao, can perfectly avoid the rules of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm.”

Qi Yalan sighed, this was easier said than done. Even the Calamity Fate Palace, with the longest and oldest history, wouldn’t be able to find such a treasure in its secret vault, right? Unless they returned to the prosperous age of the ancient times, there might be a slight chance.

“Alright, I understand.”

Qing Muling said calmly, but he began to ponder in his heart. The innate Harmony Spirit Seed in his sea of consciousness should meet the criteria, but there was no storage space inside it. He wondered if it could evolve one later, perhaps he could try?

Moreover, if he could really find enough divine medicines, or even Heavenly Medicines, wouldn’t he be able to heal all the injured and sleeping elders in the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace? That would mean that the high-end strategic force of the sect had recovered most of its strength, truly laying the foundation for a comprehensive revival!

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