Chapter 73 – Quota

In the cave.

Mu Yinghua sat on the cloud bed, and the twenty precious jade tokens floated by her side, shining brightly within a radius of ten zhang.

Qing Muling and Qi Yalan sat below, carefully recounting their experiences in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm.

Due to the vastness of the world in the secret realm, several senior sisters and protectors have not yet met with Qing Muling. This made Mu Yinghua somewhat worried.

Fortunately, before their return this time, Qi Yalan had already left a message for the senior sisters through long-distance communication formation in Longyuan City. Due to the difference in the flow of time between the two worlds, they might have already arrived when they entered the secret realm again.

The advantage of having more people is obvious. Not only can they protect each other, but they can also search for opportunities in high-risk areas. It is much safer than going alone. The most important thing is that the relationship between the senior sisters and Qing Muling is close, so they can trust each other.

“…So, you really gave the Yanling Ji a hard time?”

Mu Yinghua’s voice was filled with satisfaction. “The Armillary Sphere Star Palace is a great enemy of our Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. It is advantageous for us to make them suffer once. You two have made great contributions this time.”

Qing Muling said, “I’m afraid their Sect Master can’t afford to lose and might cause trouble outside, causing trouble for the sect.”

Mu Yinghua shook her head. “You don’t need to worry about this. The sect has long been prepared for this. Since the end of the great war ten thousand years ago, we have never given up our plan for revenge. Moreover, the surrounding forces have become increasingly vigilant of the influence of the Armillary Sphere Star Palace. They dare not act recklessly for now.”

Qing Muling felt relieved as long as the Sect Master had a plan in mind. When he carefully calculated, he realized that he and the third senior sister had killed quite a few people in the secret realm this time. However, except for the Armillary Sphere Star Palace, the other Dao Lineage forces were not worth mentioning.

“The twenty spots will be distributed as soon as possible,” Mu Yinghua continued, “The elders will give corresponding rewards for the resources you obtained in the secret realm. They will not take advantage of you for nothing.”

Qing Muling didn’t mind this. With the Sect Master present, no one in the sect would dare to take advantage of him, even the Supreme Elders had to follow the rules. They wouldn’t stoop so low as to snatch something from a junior.

Mu Yinghua looked at Qing Muling, pondered for a while, and finally said, “Since you have broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm in the secret realm, stay outside for two days before entering again. After all, your physical body needs to adapt to the new realm and power. Also, your senior sisters are on the verge of a breakthrough. Why not… take this opportunity to help them overcome their tribulations?”

The gap in strength between the Nascent Soul Realm and the Feather Transformation Realm was not small. The senior sisters were originally at the same level, but Qi Yalan had already crossed the tribulation first. With the many gains in the secret realm and Qing Muling’s assistance, they had made rapid progress and were now on the threshold of ascending to immortality.

Therefore, Mu Yinghua was somewhat uneasy. In the short term, it was fine, but if it lasted too long, conflicts might arise among the direct disciples. It was necessary to treat everyone equally and not show favoritism.

“Teacher’s words are excellent, disciple has no objections.”

Qing Muling agreed. The cultivation level of the senior sisters had improved, which was naturally beneficial to him. He could enjoy a better life without any worries.

Qi Yalan glanced at him, hesitated for a moment, and finally gathered the courage to say, “Teacher, disciple wants to go to the scripture hall in the secret realm. Please grant permission.”

During the opening of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, for the sake of secrecy, all participating disciples and elders were not allowed to contact the outside world, not even their close companions. Going out was even more impossible unless they obtained permission from the Supreme Sect Master.

Mu Yinghua’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Oh? What are you going to do in the scripture hall?”

Qi Yalan blushed slightly and looked at Qing Muling’s handsome appearance. She made up her mind, “Disciple wants to find a suitable… technique and comprehend it together with Junior Brother.”

As a woman, she still had some reservations and didn’t say those two words. But as long as the Sect Master’s eyes were not blind, she would naturally understand her intentions.

The cave suddenly fell silent, and even Qing Muling, who had the lowest cultivation level, felt a sense of danger.

He felt somewhat speechless. It was clearly the senior sister who wanted the technique herself, so why did she have to drag him into it?


In a short while, Mu Yinghua’s clear and pleasant voice, like the collision of ice cubes, echoed in the cave. The volume was not high, but it carried an unquestionable decisiveness.

“But, Teacher…”

Qi Yalan’s expression stiffened, and she wanted to argue a bit. However, Mu Yinghua had already left with a flick of her sleeve, disappearing from the spot.

Qing Muling sighed. “Senior sister, forget it.”


Qi Yalan turned her head, her dark and beautiful eyes staring at him unhappily.

“Just think about it yourself!”

Qing Muling didn’t want to say much. Regardless of the Sect Master’s considerations, as long as she didn’t agree, Qi Yalan and the other senior sisters would not get what they wanted. Moreover, there was no room for negotiation in this matter. No one could change the decision.Qi Yalan’s face darkened, her mind in turmoil. She didn’t know what to say. Could it be that her master had other plans? But that shouldn’t be the case. She was the master’s direct disciple. If Junior Brother didn’t give it to her, would he give it to those vixens outside?

A moment later, Mu Yinghua returned.

With her were twenty stunningly beautiful women of various types, from young girls to mature women. Among the female cultivators, there were hardly any who were not attractive, let alone the women of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, renowned for their unparalleled beauty in The Great Void.

These were the supreme elders invited by Mu Yinghua. They seemed fine, but each had their own hidden issues. Some had old wounds that hadn’t healed, some needed to break through their cultivation level, and some were running out of lifespan. They needed certain resources from the Misty Illusion Secret Realm.

The reason these supreme elders couldn’t enter the Misty Illusion Secret Realm themselves was not only due to the limited quota but also because the sect needed enough strategic power to guard its territory and not give enemies an opportunity.

If most of a sect’s high-end forces went to the Misty Illusion Secret Realm to seek opportunities, and enemies seized the chance to attack, wouldn’t the sect be annihilated if reinforcements couldn’t arrive in time? No power would make such a basic mistake.

Furthermore, the realm was vast. Finding the right resources would not only be time-consuming but also risky. Many secret places and forbidden areas within had various law restrictions, and higher cultivation didn’t necessarily mean an advantage.

In the eyes of the higher-ups, supreme elders were hard to come by, and the loss of even one was a severe blow. But the younger generation of disciples was relatively expendable. Apart from a few exceptionally talented individuals, most were replaceable.

After weighing all factors, it was deemed most appropriate to let these younger disciples enter the secret realm to seek opportunities. Once they found something useful for the supreme elders, the elders would offer a suitable price and then go in to trade, fulfilling both parties’ needs.

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