Chapter 64 – Oolong incident

With the experience of two lifetimes, Qing Muling, even if his mind was slow, could guess what his third senior sister wanted to do.

It had to be admitted that even though their relationship in the past was indeed quite close, and they both had a considerable degree of affection for each other, it was still a bit too hasty to reach this point.

Neither she nor Qing Muling himself were fully prepared yet.

Of course, Qing Muling could understand Qi Yalan’s thoughts. It was not intentional on her part. It was just that there were too many competitors outside, and there were many foxy women who were eyeing him. If they were not careful, they might be stolen or taken advantage of by others.

Even if she could restrain herself from taking action, the eldest senior sister Xuebing Xuan and the fourth junior sister Luo Wanqing were not easy opponents. They might have been secretly planning for a long time, and now that they finally had the opportunity to be alone with Junior Brother, there was no reason to waste it.

In such matters, it was always the quick ones who succeeded, and once it was missed, there was no regret medicine that could be taken, even for the esteemed Harmony.

“Sister Lan, wait, let me explain…”

Seeing that the situation was about to get out of control, Qing Muling quickly said, but before he could finish speaking, Qi Yalan interrupted him domineeringly, “It’s useless to say anything. Do you still want to deceive your way through today? Let me tell you, don’t even think about it!”

As she spoke, she raised her hand and an invisible airflow lifted Qing Muling, pressing him onto the bed. Then, her warm and plump body with astonishing elasticity pressed heavily on him.

Qing Muling sighed helplessly. The third senior sister was straddling him, her stunning beauty captivating the world, slowly approaching with her fragrant breath, her long eyelashes trembling slightly, her face flushed, her breathing rapid. Obviously, she was also nervous. After all, it was their first time.

After a few breaths, her tender and smooth lips finally touched Junior Brother’s lips, and their lips met. The indescribable sensation of ecstasy instantly ignited like a heavenly thunder igniting a fire, leaving Qing Muling’s mind blank.

Qi Yalan’s body also stiffened for a moment, and it took several breaths for her to recover, continuing to awkwardly maintain her dominance. Her seductive and glossy lips kissed Junior Brother’s lips again, passionately entwining with him.

After the initial shyness and embarrassment, she gradually let go. Her jade arms tightly wrapped around Qing Muling’s body. Since this day would come sooner or later, now that it had started, there was absolutely no reason to stop halfway.

Biting her cherry lips, Qi Yalan straightened her body slightly, her jade hand reaching towards Qing Muling’s waist, exerting force to undo his belt.

Qing Muling sighed, “Can you let go of my hand? I can do it myself.”


Qi Yalan firmly refused, her soft jade hand covering his mouth, her slender jade finger gently probing into his mouth, emitting a faint fragrance. “What if you run away? Just lie down obediently and don’t think about useless things. Today, even if you scream your throat out, no one will come to save you.”

Qing Muling could only cry and laugh. The difference in their cultivation levels was like heaven and earth. How could he possibly escape from her?

Regardless of what he thought, Qi Yalan’s tender jade fingers unfastened the hidden buckle of his waistband, and like a snow skirt slipping off her round and white fragrant shoulders, it revealed the exquisitely embroidered inner garment and the plump and alluring bosom, which was tantalizingly hidden.

As the last bright red embroidered bellyband left her body, when the two were about to be completely exposed to each other, a sudden sentence from Qing Muling froze Qi Yalan’s movements.

“What about the cultivation technique?”


Qi Yalan was stunned for a few moments before she reacted, stuttering, “Ah? Wh-what cultivation technique?”

Qing Muling looked at her speechlessly, “Don’t you need a dual cultivation technique? Are you planning to give away your first time like this? Don’t you want the perfect and flawless Immortal Dao fruit?”

Qi Yalan finally realized. With Junior Brother’s rare Dao physique, if they combined and had a suitable dual cultivation technique, it was possible for their cultivation to directly advance to the level of perfect completion in the Feather Ascension Immortal Realm. Moreover, they would also receive unparalleled luck, making their future path smooth sailing without any bottlenecks.

If she simply took away Junior Brother’s first time like this, the effect would undoubtedly be greatly reduced, wasting this unique and heaven-defying opportunity for nothing.

“Why… why didn’t you say it earlier?”

There was a hint of panic and regret in Qi Yalan’s voice.

Qing Muling helplessly said, “Your cultivation level is so much higher than mine. I thought you had already made arrangements. I didn’t expect it to be like this!”

He really didn’t expect that his third senior sister would cause such a misunderstanding. Since she had coveted him for a long time, she should have prepared a suitable dual cultivation technique. Now that it had come to this, he didn’t know how to reason with her.

Qi Yalan quickly calmed down and narrowed her beautiful eyes. “Indeed, I didn’t consider it thoroughly, but we still have to…”

Qing Muling sighed again, “If the eldest senior sister and the others find out about your reckless behavior, they will probably join forces to tear you apart. It won’t be easy to explain to the Sect Master either.”Qi Yalan’s expression finally dimmed. Even though her master had tacitly allowed her to be one of Qing Muling’s Dao companion candidates, if he found out afterwards that she had treated Junior Brother so recklessly, it was easy to imagine his reaction. Severe punishment would be inevitable.

She waved her hand to remove the restriction on Qing Muling’s body and silently began to redress.

Just as she turned around, a pair of arms stretched out from behind her, tightly embracing her enchanting, stunningly beautiful body.

“Although we can’t really cross the line, we can still try to play some borderline games.”

Qing Muling whispered in her delicate ear, “Sister Lan, since you are interested, I will definitely marry you as my destined Dao companion in the future.”

Qi Yalan’s beautiful face turned red, her eyes shimmering, silently allowing Junior Brother’s presumptuous actions.


A moment later.

A shy voice sounded from behind the curtain:

“…Junior Brother, how are you so skilled?”

“Uh, I learned it from books.”

“What kind of books?”

“Well, it’s hard to explain right now, you’ll know in the future.”


The curtain fell silent again.

A day and a night passed before the two of them, neatly dressed, stepped out of the room again.

“Let’s check out of the room and go to the Eastern Land’s Extreme, the Ocean of Returning Ruins to harvest some opportunities.”

Qi Yalan spoke softly. The romantic game of the previous night had added a touch of glamour to her moist and tender face, making her look even more stunning and breathtaking.

Qing Muling nodded, “Alright, but we should let Senior Sister know first, so they won’t worry.”

“Yes, that’s right. We should also contact your Dao protectors as soon as possible. Once they arrive, our chances of success will be much greater.”

A quarter of an hour later.

After paying a hefty price, the two finally stepped onto the city’s cross-domain Formation Array and disappeared into the distance.

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